Gwen and Aisling – When Lovers Match

Alexis rummaged through her potion cabinet looking for the ingredients she needed. What was usually a well-organised cabinet looked like a mess. She made an annoyed noise as she took out a bag of dried chickweed placed next to some pumpkin seeds. “What is this doing in the seed shelf?” she grunted, as she replaced it in the right section. This was extremely annoying, and she knew who to blame. Gwen knew perfectly well that each ingredient should be shelved according to category, and that they should be placed in alphabetical order. It was not that difficult!
“Oh, frog spawn!! Where’s the fireweed?” She continued going through her potion ingredients, reorganising, until she came up with a list of missing ingredients. She then went outside where she found her apprentice working in the garden.

“Gwen, you’re in big trouble!” She raised her voice as she approached the younger woman. She came to a holt in front of her, folding her arms.


Gwen was sitting on her knees in the herb garden, wearing a wide brimmed sun hat. She turned around and looked up at her mentor. She squinted her eyes as her hat fell off, holding up her arm to cover her eyes from the sun. “What do you mean? I’m doing my chores like you told me.”

“You know you’re supposed to let me know if you notice we’re running short on ingredients.”

“Oh… yes.” Gwen scratched her nose nervously, smudging her nose with dirt. “I forgot to tell you. We’re out of bindweed, hemlock, mandrake and chicory.”

“Yes! And fireweed, and curly dock! We’re missing a lot of ingredients, and you know mandrakes have to be picked at full moon.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” Gwen excused herself. “But it’s full moon tonight, we can get the mandrake then.”

“Well, I can’t tonight,” Alexis said, annoyed. “The order is having an important council meeting. The conflict with some of the vampire clans have become critical, and Kendra Onbush is not being helpful! I’m starting to think she doesn’t want peace.” She shook her head disapprovingly, thinking about her fellow order member. “I’ll just have to borrow some ingredients from Andromeda, which means I have to go earlier than I had originally planned.”

Gwen got up, brushed her hands off on her shorts and gave her mentor a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry, Alexis, I can collect some tonight. I know where to…”

“Absolutely not!” Alexis cut her off, and her worried expression suddenly looked really stern. “You will do no such thing. Not by yourself at full moon.”

“But… come on, I’ll be perfectly safe,” Gwen argued, a bit taken aback by her mentors reaction.

“I said no, Gwen. Did you not just hear what I said? The situation with the vampires has become critical, and you know werewolves head for the forest during full moon.”

Gwen sighed. She hated when Alexis babied her like this. She was thirty-one-years-old, and Alexis had promised her that she was almost done with her apprenticeship. She should loosen up on the restrictions.

“I can ask Leda if she can go with me,” she suggested, knowing that her Alexis would feel better about it if she knew Leda was there to protect her.

“She’s busy tonight. She has a guest from the North.”

“From the North? As in THE North?”

“Yes, you’ll get to meet her one of these days, but she just arrived this morning, and so Leda will not be able to go with you. It’ll just have to wait.”


“Gwen…” Alexis’s tone was dangerously low. “I will not repeat myself…”

Gwen sighed.  “Fine.”


Later that evening, Alexis stood in the entrance hall all dressed up for a formal meeting. She wore her black cloak, her new, pointy hat, and leather boots she had made Gwen polish for her as punishment. She was looking very smart, indeed. She straightened her hat in front of the mirror and grabbed her trusty old broom that was leaning up against the wall.

“Alright, I think I am ready to go. Finish your chores, and don’t stay up too late. I don’t know when I will be back. I might spend the night somewhere else.”

“Spending the night where?”

“Just… just somewhere,” Alexis said, blushing. Actually blushing! “You know, just in case it gets really late and I need a bed for the night.”

“Would this bed come with a wizard?”

“Gwen!” Alexis gave her apprentice a quick smack to the backside.

“Ow! Okay, okay, I won’t pry,” Gwen said, grinning as she rubbed the sting out of her bottom.

“I will be off now.” Alexis pulled Gwen close and gave her a kiss on the forehead. “Be good, and don’t go anywhere. It’ll get dark soon, and you’re not going out on your own.”

“No, of course not, because I’m just a child,” Gwen said sarcastically.

“It has nothing to do with being a child, missy. I know you are getting older, and you’re almost done with your apprenticeship, but these are scary times. I want you to be safe.”

Being over 200-years-old, Alexis might be a little overprotective towards her 31-year-old apprentice. It wasn’t that she didn’t think Gwen capable, it was just that she was so young. She was a skilled witch, but she was a bit brash, and she lacked the wisdom that came with age and experience. Gwen had always been very spontaneous, and it had been hard work teaching her that not everything can be done on a whim. Sometimes, the younger woman needed to be protected from herself! She pulled Gwen into a long hug.

“Promise to be safe, Gwen.”

“I promise,” Gwen promised. She freed herself from her mentors embrace. “Now, you get going so I can get started on all my mischief.”

“Very funny, missy.”

Alexis blew her a kiss before she opened the front-door and stepped outside. Gwen followed her and watched as her mentor mounted her broom and kicked off from the ground. She watched her for a while as she gradually became a small, black dot in the distance. Then she went back inside and stood in the hallway, not sure what to do now that she was all on her own.

“Now what?” she mumbled to herself. Her eyes landed on her on her own broom in the corner of the room, and her herb-picking basket. She looked out the window and saw that it was still light out, if only for a short while.

She had promised Alexis to stay safe, and she intended to keep that promise, but Alexis had said she was worried about vampires and werewolves, and they only came out when it was dark. It was still light out. She could gather some of the ingredients that did not have to be picked at a certain time. It was only the mandrake that needed to be picked under the light of the full moon.

“Gwen, what are you doing?” she reprimanded herself, as her hand was moving towards her broomstick. “She said not to leave the house.” She pulled her hand back, trying to resist, but eventually she lost her inner battle and grabbed it anyway.
“She said to be safe,” she reminded herself. “And I will be perfectly safe as long as I leave the forest before dark,” she concluded. “Even if I don’t I will be able to defend myself.”

She got her broom and hurried out the door before she could change her mind. She kicked off the ground, and flew towards the forest, waving at their neighbour as she passed her in the air. Damn, she thought. I hope she doesn’t mention seeing me to Alexis.


Fifteen minutes later, Gwen landed gently on the forest floor. The last light of the day came through the branches, making the leaves look golden. In the distance, she saw two men. One of them was a tall and muscular man with dark hair cut short on the sides.  The other was slight and delicate. His features were more feminine, and his golden blond hair, was braided on one side of his head and pulled back in a ponytail. From their lack of magical energy, she immediately knew that they were mortals, and as she got closer to them, she recognised the taller of the two.

“Christophe, what are you doing in the forest this late?”

“Looking for a woman who wants to have a good time,” Christophe said, winking at Gwen.

“Sure, you were,” she said, knowing full well that Christophe was far from interested in the ladies. She raised her eyebrow, looking up at the tall, handsome youth, who in return grinned, looking down at her. Why was it so hard to boss taller people around? Alexis would have no problem. Had she been there, no doubt she could have grabbed Christophe’s ear and dragged him out of the forest, and he would have listened to her. He didn’t even take Gwen seriously, and she was older than him. She was older, and she had more power. His physique was nothing against her magic, and if she wasn’t safe in the forest at night, Christophe certainly was not. She looked to his partner, who responded with stepping a little behind Christophe’s tall frame. He, she was sure, would be easier to boss around.

“Look… I’m not going to comment on what you guys are up to in here, what you do is up to you, but it is not safe for mortals to be in the forest this late. Trust me.”

Christophe put his big arms around his partner and winked at her.

“Oh don’t worry, Gwennie, Eric will be perfectly safe with me, I’ll protect him from any monsters,” he said confidently. He was obviously not taking her seriously, nor was Eric, who laughed.

“Christophe, if you think you can protect him, or yourself, from a vampire or a werewolf, you’re even stupider than I thought.” She pointed to the village. “Get yourself out of here, before the vampires wake up tonight. They’re out of control lately. And it is full moon, you might meet a werewolf, and I am too busy to protect you.”

“Maybe we should listen to her,” Eric agreed, his voice small and frightened.

“Oh… alright.” Christophe kissed him deeply. He looked up at Gwen. “We’ll get out of here soon, witch girl, but we still have a little time left before it gets dark, and you can’t be here. I don’t perform well under a woman’s scrutiny.”

“Urgh…” Gwen grunted, disgusted. “Fine, but get out of here before it gets dark.”  She got on her broom and flew towards another part of the forest, where she knew she’d be able to find hemlock, and where she was not at risk of overhearing the male lovers.


As the darkness was setting, Gwen’s basket was getting full. She was quite happy with her findings, but she wasn’t sure how she would explain it to Alexis. Showing Alexis her harvested plants, would be admitting to leaving the house when she was told not to. She could hide them, she supposed, until she had prepared them for potion use. She would need to dry some of the plants. Then once they were ready for use she could say something like, “How strange! Alexis, look what I found hidden in the back of the cupboard!” That could work as long as she didn’t suddenly “find” all the missing ingredients she wasn’t supposed to have harvested by herself.
But there was another problem, their neighbour, Mrs. Finch  had flown by Gwen in the air as she was heading towards the forest. She couldn’t do anything but greet her like she normally would, she just hoped that Mrs. Finch didn’t mention it to Alexis. But then again, why would she? They met each other often enough, it wouldn’t be that out of the ordinary.

Gwen looked up at the sky above her where the full moon shimmered in the darkness. If she didn’t pick mandrake tonight, she would have to wait a whole month for another chance. “I’m not too far from the cliff,” she muttered to herself. “I could just pick them really quickly and then get on my broom and be on my way.”



Alexis came inside, and placed her broom up against the wall. She really should have put it in the broom shed outside, but she always forgot. She shut the door rather forcefully.

“Gwen? Hello?”

She called for her apprentice again, annoyed. She told herself not to take her mood out on Gwen, it wasn’t her fault she was annoyed. She was annoyed with the order, more specifically with Kendra Onbush. The idiotic woman had cancelled the meeting, and somehow managed to tell everyone but Alexis. Part of her suspected it was on purpose. Alexis had showed up to an empty hall. Only the caretaker was there to inform her the meeting had been cancelled days ago. Days ago! How could she not have been informed?

“Gwen? I’m back, the meeting was cancelled. That featherbrain, Kendra, notified everyone except me.”

She frowned and stood still for a while, listening for Gwen. The house was completely silent. That was odd. There was no way Gwen would have gone to bed this early.


Alexis reached out with both of her hands and searched the house for the magical presence of another witch, but she didn’t feel anything. Gwen was definitely not in the house. She suddenly felt a panic in her stomach, mixed with anger.

“That little…”

She felt herself breathing a little too quickly, and took a deep breath, trying to prevent herself from having a panic attack. She tried to cast a communication spell, but it failed. That meant that Gwen was too far away for her to get in touch with her magically. Had she been with Leda, she would have been able to reach her. Her suspicions seemed very likely at this point, and if Gwen had done what she thought she had done, she could be in a lot of danger.

Alexis grabbed her broom and ran out of the house. She was about to kick off from the ground when she spotted her neighbour, Mrs. Finch.

“Alice, have you seen Gwen? I can’t find her, ” she asked, hoping for good news.

“We flew by each other a little over an hour ago. She was heading towards the forest.”

Alexis swore.

“Is something wrong?”

“She wanted to harvest some herbs, but I told her to stay put. The order has had some trouble with the vampire clans lately,” she explained. “And it is full moon, so the werewolves will be out.”

“Oh dear, I didn’t know about that,” Mrs. Finch, replied looking worried. “And she was all by herself.”

“I’ll summon some help and go look for her. Will you keep an eye out for her here, in case she comes back?”

“Of course.”

“Thank you, Alice.”

She closed her eyes, and tried to focus as she cast another communication spell. This time her target was Leda. A glowing ball of smoke formed in front of her and Leda’s outline appeared in the middle.



“Gwen is not home. I need help finding her.”

“What?!” Leda sounded shocked.

“Mrs. Finch said she saw her flying towards the forest.”

“Is she mad? What about the vampires? And werewolves! It’s full moon!”

“That is exactly why I told her she was not allowed to go out. She’s probably going to the cliff to pick mandrakes under the full moon. You’re closer to the forest than me, will you and Aisling please hurry to the cliff and look for her?”

“Yes, of course, right away.”

“Thank you.” Alexis felt her voice break. “I’ll be there as soon as I can. I just hope… I mean… the forest is not safe right now…”

“Alexis, we’ll find her. I’m leaving now.”

“Yes, go.”

She cancelled her spell, mounted her broom, and kicked off the ground. Flying as fast as her broom would allow, she whispered, “Please, Gwen, please be alright.”


Meanwhile, near the cliff, Gwen had found plenty of mandrakes. The conditions for harvesting were perfect, and they would be optimal for potion brewing. She was really glad she decided to risk getting them. Content with her findings, she was on all four, carefully cutting the mandrakes so she got as much of the stem as possible. She didn’t really notice the shadow of a person on the ground before her, until she heard the crack of a twig behind her. She turned her head and saw two feet on the ground nearby, and she felt a chill running down her spine.
Looking up she saw a male vampire, teeth fully extended. His glowing red eyes told her that he killed his victims.

“Eh… hi…” she said, nervously. She hoped he had fed enough, but his hungry look gave her a weird feeling. “How are you doing?”

“Thuuuper,” he said, lisping around his teeth. “I’m vewy thiwsty.”

How very undignified. What self-respecting vampire would have a fang-lisp? His maker clearly hadn’t taught him vampire etiquette.

Gwen quickly got up and faced the vampire, glaring.

“If you’re thirsty, you’ve come to the wrong place,” she said, sharply. “I’m not letting you drink from me.”

“I wasn’t athking permithion, girly.”

Before she could react he leapt towards her, his right hand gripping her upper arm, tight, while his left hand pulled her hair, so her neck bent, exposing it to him. Gwen, panicking, tried to cast a spell, but it fizzled out almost at once. Realising she might not be able to use her magic against him, she screamed and tried to shove him away. It felt like pushing a big rock. It was true that witches were, theoretically, much more powerful than any vampire, but that was only true if she used her powers against him. Physically, a vampire was a lot stronger and faster, and Gwen’s magic seemed to fail her in this panicked state.

“Let go!” she yelled, which was probably the least productive thing she had thought of so far. At this point, hoping that the vampire had any qualms about feeding from an unwilling victim was silly. Even if this creature had any sense of right and wrong, being this close, and having taken in her scent, he would probably be acting on instinct by now.

She screamed again as she kneed him in the crotch. The vampire shrieked and burst into flames. Standing back, Gwen looked at him in shock. How the hell did she do that?

“Are you okay?”

Gwen turned around and saw a witch standing near by, holding a broom stick. She was very tall, with blue eyes and long blond hair.

“Did you do that?”

“Yes,” she said, giving Gwen a smile. “Unfortunately, a kick to the balls is not going to cause a vampire to burst into flames.”

Gwen blushed.

“I know… I just… I didn’t see you before.”

The blonde came closer to her, her eyes scanning Gwen, looking for injuries.

“Are you sure you are alright? Did he manage to bite you at all?”

“No, but it was a close one.” Gwen’s hand rubbed over her neck, the knowledge of what could have happened sinking in. “Thanks… eh… I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name.”


“Aisling,” Gwen repeated, smiling a little. She found herself lost in her beautiful blue eyes.

“And you’re Gwen, right?”

“What?” Gwen asked, freeing herself from the beautiful woman’s spell. “I mean… How do you know my name?”

“Alexis, you mentor, asked Leda and I to help looking for you.”

“Alexis sent you? But… but I thought she was at a meeting.”

“It got cancelled.”

“So she knows I left the house?”

“I’m afraid so.”

“Oh no…”Gwen said, horrified. “She’ll kill me.”

Aisling raised her eyebrow sternly. “At this point, I think you should be glad the vampire didn’t kill you! Alexis won’t kill you, but sitting might be uncomfortable in near future. What were you thinking doing something so irresponsible as this?”

Gwen looked down ashamed.

“I… I thought….” she fiddled with her hands. “I didn’t think any creature would dare attack a witch.”

“Well, that was foolish of you, and naive too!” Aisling shook her head. “A witch’s arrogance can be her downfall.”

“I really messed up,” Gwen mumbled, feeling very sorry for herself.

“Yes, you did.”

“And now, Alexis will be mad at me.”

“Can you blame her?” Aisling asked.

Gwen shook her head, looking depressed, and taking pity on her, Aisling reached for her hand.

“Come on, let’s get your out of here.”

At her touch, Gwen felt a peculiar sensation running through her fingers. It went up her arm and spread to the rest of her body . It was like a shock, but it wasn’t unpleasant. It was a warm energy that went through her. She looked up at Aisling surprised, and she could tell from the other woman’s expression that she had felt something too. Looking puzzled, she was about to say something, but just in that moment they heard someone shouting something above them. They looked up at the night sky and saw two glowing lights coming nearer. Alexis and Leda, both flying on a broom each came soaring towards them.

“Uh oh…”

Alexis almost crash-landed to the ground, dropped her broom, and hurried over to Gwen and put her arms around her.

“Thank, goodness, you’re alright.”

Leda stood next to Aisling, looking at her with disapproval. “Gwen, you little idiot,” she said, crossly. “When will you grow up and be responsible? Something could have happened.”

“Something did happen,” Aisling added, pointing to the smoking remains of the vampire.

“Aisling saved me,” Gwen said into Alexis’s cloak. She managed to release herself from her mentor’s, bone crushing embrace. “I’m sorry, Alexis. You were right.” She looked down, ashamed. “I wasn’t safe on my own, and I wasn’t able to protect myself when I got in danger. If Aisling hadn’t come…” She shuddered.

“Gwen…” Alexis’s voice sounded low and dangerous. “You promised me.”

“I know…”

“You promised you would be safe. You promised you wouldn’t leave the house.”

Gwen’s heart sunk at the disappointment in her voice.

“I was only going to gather some of the herbs before the sun went down completely, I hadn’t planned to come out here… not really…”

“Yet here we are!” Alexis’s scolding tone made Gwen flinch. The older woman folded her arms and gave her apprentice a look that told her she was in very big trouble. “Why do you think I told you to stay put, Gwen? I knew once you got to the forest, you would be tempted to stay on after it got dark, your arrogance and naivety would make sure of that.”

Gwen felt tears pressing. She nodded sadly.

“Honestly, girl, sometimes I suspect you think that witches are indestructible. Just because we can live for a very long time doesn’t mean that it is guaranteed. We can die Gwen, you are not immortal.”

“I know,” Gwen said,  her voice breaking. Tears started to run down her cheek. She always pretended like Alexis’s anger was what she was afraid of, but it wasn’t. Disappointing her was what she hated the most, and Alexis was very disappointed in her.

“Do you? Do you really?”

Gwen nodded. “I’m sorry.”

“Oh, you will be, my girl. You will be. ” Alexis pulled up the sleeves of her cloak. “I almost lost you today, Gwen. And for what? Some stupid potion ingredients?” She grabbed Gwen’s arm, hard. “You will learn to obey me, young lady. How can I let you finish your apprenticeship when you’re still putting yourself at risk like this?”

She dragged Gwen over to a fallen log and sat down.

“What are you doing,” Gwen asked, hoping the answer wouldn’t be what she thought.

“You are getting a spanking, young lady.”

Before Gwen could react, Alexis hauled the younger witch over her lap.

“Not here. Not now.”

“I decided when and where, missy, and right here and right now suits me fine.”

“But… but…”

“The only butt you need to worry about is your own, young lady:”

Gwen looked up, and when her eyes met with Aisling’s blue, she quickly looked down in shame. Great, Gwen thought, I just got rescued by the sexiest woman alive, and Alexis is going to spank me in front of her!
    If it had just been Leda, she would have been okay. Well, she still would have tried to get out of it, but it wouldn’t have been that humiliating. Leda had seen her get spanked before, in fact, Leda had even spanked her herself! But Aisling? Gwen had only known her for ten minutes,  but when she touched her it was like fireworks went off inside her, and she wanted to get to know her a little better. Now that would all be ruined. Talk about a bad first impression!

“Alexis,” Gwen pleaded. “Can’t we do this at home?”

Alexis responded by giving her a sharp smack to the backside.

“Ouch…. ouch…” She bit her teeth together.

Who was she kidding anyway? Why would Aisling be interested in a brat like her? Even if she wasn’t about to get her backside roasted properly in front of her, would she even have a chance? Probably not. The beautiful blonde was way out of her league.

“I am very upset with you, young lady,” Alexis said, taking a deep breath. “I’m surprised that I am calm enough to deal with you right now. I should be screaming my head off at your stupidity.”

“Why aren’t you?”

“Because I am so relieved to find you alive.”


“Yes, oh.” She gave Gwen’s backside another smack, causing her to wince. “But you have crossed the line. Crossed it by miles, in fact. You broke your promise to me,  you betrayed my trust, and you put yourself in serious danger.”

“I’m sorry. I really am.”

“Yes, I know you are, but that is not enough. You really did it this time, missy. You need a lesson.”

She pulled down Gwen’s shorts, revealing her cotton panties which she pulled down to her mid-thigh before she started spanking her in earnest. She was firm from the start determined to teach her apprentice a lesson. It was important that Gwen pulled herself together. Her apprenticeship was coming to an end, and although Alexis was determined to keep an eye on her for years to come, it was almost time to loosen up on the rules. She had to, but how could she do that when Gwen was still so wilful at times? Alexis worried for her, knowing that once Gwen’s apprenticeship was over she wouldn’t be considered a witchling anymore, and she would be expected to act responsibly.

Gwen winced and whimpered with the crisp spanks from her mentor’s unforgiving hand. When Alexis had pulled her over her lap, all she could think of was what Aisling would think seeing her corrected in this way, but Alexis’s repeated swats to her rear quickly distracted her from that thought. Now she was squirming over her mentors lap and her cotton panties were sliding down her thighs. Every now and then she’d look up at Leda, but the older witch, who was almost like Gwen’s older sister, kept her arms folded, watching with a stern expression. Apparently, Alexis was not the only one disappointed with her.

“I just can’t believe you would do this,” Alexis scolded, emphasising each word with an extra hard swat.

“I just wanted to replace the ingredients,” Gwen excused herself, trying to cover her bottom with her hand. Alexis grabbed it and pinned it behind her back. “If I didn’t get the mandrakes today, we would have to wait a whole month for another chance.”

“And some stupid mandrakes are more important than your safety? I told you, Gwen, I could borrow some of Andromeda. Why would you risk your life like this?”

“I thought I would be fine. I didn’t think anyone would try to attack a witch.”

“But I told you that these are special times. There is a conflict going on, and there are vampires out there that would attack you because they knew you were a witch.”

“But I thought I could protect myself,” Gwen whined.

“Well, you couldn’t, could you? You’ve never been real danger before, Gwen, you had no way of knowing how you would react.” Alexis gave her two swats causing Gwen to whimper. “Well, now you know. Some witches, you included, completely lose their heads when they panic, and they and are unable to cast powerful spells.”

Alexis took a break and rubbed Gwen’s now red bottom for a bit.

“You’re old enough to know that when I say no, it is not because I enjoy it.”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

“I worry for you. I care so much about you it hurts to even imagine the world without you. I love you, Gwendolyn.”

“Thanks,” Gwen sniffed. “So… if you love me, does that the spanking is over?”

Alexis slapped Gwen’s bottom, hard. “Not a chance. You have not yet learned your lesson.”

“My butt hurts.”

“Love hurts.”

Alexis gently tapped Gwen’s bottom.

“Get up,” she ordered.

Confused, Gwen stood up. Intentionally ignoring Aisling and Leda, whom had been watching the entire time, she rubbed her bottom while giving her mentor the puppy-dog eyes.

“Don’t give me the eyes, honey, you know I’m immune.” She put her hand into the pocket of her cloak and pulled out a silver knife she usually used for gathering herbs.

“What… what are you doing?” Gwen asked, nervously.

Alexis took hold of the blade and held out the knife to Gwen.

“You’re going to cut yourself switch. It seemed fitting seeing as we’re in the forest.”

“No… no…” Gwen shook her head, horrified. She had been switched before, but it had been a long time. “Alexis, please… not in front of…”

Not in front of Aisling, she wanted to say. Leda had seen her switched before. Andromeda, Leda’s former mentor, had taken a switch to her after Gwen had pushed Leda into a pond. It was over ten years ago, but Gwen still felt Leda had it coming. Andromeda had not been of that opinion, and she had placed one foot on a tree stump and hauled Gwen over her knee for a thorough walloping. Alexis, who, like always, had agreed with Andromeda, had sent her straight to bed when she came home that night.

“Now, Gwen.” Alexis pointed at a tree near by. She was losing her patience.

Gwen finally did as she was told, conscious of Leda and Aisling’s eyes following her. She knew that Alexis would make her get another if she didn’t get a good enough switch. She cut a long, flexible rod, and as soon as it was cut, it flew towards Alexis. She caught in her outstretched hand. Looking at Gwen, she pointed at the log she had been sitting on.

“Bend over,” she ordered.

Pouting, Gwen did as she was told. She then rested the switch on Gwen’s already stinging bottom. It was just the right length for it to cover both of Gwen’s cheeks. She raised the switch and brought it down with medium strength, starting out carefully, monitoring Gwen’s reaction to the implement. Twack!


Gwen, let out a little whimper and squirmed a little, but Alexis knew that she could use a little bit more force.

Twack! Twack! Twack!

“Ah…. I’m sorry…. I’m sorry,” she pleaded.

Gwen wiggled her bottom as if trying to shake out the pain. Alexis could see red welts forming where the switch had hit, but she wasn’t quite done yet.

“You should be,” Alexis lectured sternly. “‘I’ve told you time and time again that my rules are for your safety and well-being. It has nothing to do with treating you like child. I will have no more of this nonsense from you, do you hear me?”


“Ow! Yes, I’ll be good.”

Alexis gave her apprentice another dozen licks with the switch, before she threw it on the ground. She traced her fingers over the marks on Gwen’s bottom. They were red, but they weren’t too bad.

“Have you learned your lesson, little witch?”

“Yes, I really have,” Gwen promised, still bent over, waiting for permission to get up.

“Get up,” Alexis said, giving her bottom a gentle pat. “Come here.”

She opened her arms and Gwen met her embraced.

“Never do anything like this again!” Alexis said, holding her apprentice tight.

“Never,” Gwen mumbled into her shoulder. “I promise.”

“We should get going.” Leda stepped forward. She still looked disapproving at Gwen. “It’s getting late.”

“Alexis… could we… emh…” Gwen looked at her mentor frowning.

“What, honey?”

“Could we walk home? I don’t feel like sitting on a broom.”

There was a snort from Aisling, and Gwen glared at her.

“Well… I suppose, since we’re four grown witches, that would be safe.”

“She should be made to sit on her broom home,” Leda pointed out, raising her eyebrow. “It’s her own fault for being so stupid!”

“I’m the mentor here, Leda, not you,” Alexis pointed out. “Gwen has received her punishment, but that switch still has a few licks left in it if you would like to discuss this further.” She gave the younger witch a warning look. Leda might not be an apprentice anymore, but Alexis had known her since she was just a witchling, and Leda knew very well that Alexis would follow through on her threat if she didn’t watch out.

Taken aback, Leda could only try to stutter out a reply.  “I… I… that’s…” She sighed heavily.  “No, we’ll walk,” she mumbled.

“Good.” Alexis smiled. “Let’s get going.”


As they walked through the forest, Leda took the lead wanting to get home as soon as possible. Alexis walked in the back looking out for any possible threats. Aisling walked next to Gwen. In the beginning they didn’t say anything. Gwen was embarrassed, and Aisling wanted to give her some time; however, after a while, she decided Gwen had had enough time to regain her pride.

“How are you doing?” she asked her, giving Gwen a smile.

Keeping her eyes locked on the ground before her, Gwen asked, “You still want to talk to me after…”

“After what…” Aisling required, with a mischievous smirk.

Gwen gave her a look. Aisling knew perfectly well what she meant.

“Oh, you mean after you got walloped?”

“I’m so embarrassed,” Gwen said, quietly.

“Don’t be.” Aisling winked at her. “I wanted to talk to you about…” she began to say, but just then they heard a blood-curling shriek from Leda.

“Come quick!” She called for them and pointed at something on the ground in front of her.

“Is that…” Gwen started, not able to finish her sentence.

“I think it’s a body,” Aisling said, horrified.

Gwen hurried over to the figure of a man, lying on the ground. Eric, the beautiful, blond youth, Christophe had brought with him to the forest, lay still on the ground, his pale lifeless face was lit up by the moon light.

“Oh no!” Gwen gasped as she got nearer. “He’s dead.” She felt sick as she saw the body on the ground before her. His abdomen was ripped open, and entrails were handing out. “I told them to get out,” she said quietly.

“You know him?” Alexis asked, placing her arm around her apprentice’s waist.

“No. Well, he’s Christophe’s boyfriend. I told them the forest wasn’t safe for mortals at night. I told them to leave before it got dark.” She suddenly felt her stomach dropped as realisation hit her. “Christophe… where…. where is he?”

She looked around for any trace of the other man, when they heard a weak noise near by. About ten meters away, behind a large tree trunk, they found him lying on the ground, bloody and injured. His eyes were wide open, and he was wheezing, not able to produce proper sound. Blood was dribbling from his mouth, and he too had an opened gut.

“Definitely the work of a werewolf,” Aisling said, quietly so the man on the ground wouldn’t hear.

“You mean, he’ll come back as a werewolf?” Gwen asked, hoping he would. If she came back as a wolf, he would at least be alive, and then they could figure out how to control him during full moon.

“Not a chance,” Leda shot in. “He’ll die, just like his friend.”

Gwen whimpered. She looked helplessly at her mentor, her eyes pleading. Alexis shook her head at her, looking serious.

“Honey, this is beyond the healing powers of a witch. We can’t save him.”


“Had he been one of us, maybe, but he’s mortal, Gwen. His body is beyond repair.”

Gwen gave a sob, and the tears that had been pressing suddenly all came out. Alexis put her arms around her and held her tight.

“It might not be too late,” said a voice behind them.

They all turned to see who the newcomer was. A woman came out of the darkness of the forest. Her skin was white as snow, her hair was platinum blond, and her blue eyes glowed in the darkness. She was truly, the most formidable vampire Gwen had ever seen.

“Hello, Gaia,” Alexis greeted, nodding at the vampire. She did not feel threatened. Gaia was leader of one of the more peaceful clans in the area. The vampire was immensely old, and had known many conflicts. She had been through too much to be dragged into what she considered to be a trivial conflict.

“I can save him.”

“You think it is a good idea to create another child right now, with everything that is going on.”

“He could be part of the solution. I sense leadership in him,” the vampire said calmly. “I will of course not make him my son without his permission.” She approached the dying man, who fought just to breathe. “What say you, mortal, do you want to live forever?”

Everyone looked at Christophe, who could not nothing but slowly give a nod in reply.

“There you have it,” Gaia said, smiling at the others. “Now, you must leave us. The creation of a child is very private. I need to drain him and give him some of my own blood. Then I will lay him to rest in my crypt and he will rise from the dead in three days.”

Gwen shivered at the thought, glad she did not have to witness it. She took one last look at Christophe, hoping the transition would work and that the next time she saw him he wouldn’t be too different.

“Leave now,” Gaia said, pointing to the edge of the forest. “We don’t have much time.”

“Let’s go,” Alexis ordered, and together they hurried out of the forest. Once they were out, Leda and Aisling said their goodbyes and got on their brooms, and Alexis and Gwen continued on foot back to their cottage.


The next morning Gwen came into the kitchen and found Aisling by the kitchen table drinking tea.

“Eh… hi,” Gwen said, surprised to see her this early in the morning.

“Good morning,” Aisling said smiling. “Alexis invited us over for breakfast.

“Oh.” Gwen looked down at her bare legs. She wore only a short nightgown. “Where is she?”

“She’s showing Leda something in the yard.”

“About last night,” Gwen began.

“You mean when your mentor whooped you…”

“No!” Gwen said, sharply, cutting her off. She gave Aisling a glare, but she smiled a little, letting her know she was forgiven. “What I meant was… last night, before Leda and Alexis came. There was a moment, when you touched my hand.” Gwen held up her hand, examining her fingers. “I felt something. It was warm and it shot trough my fingers… and…”

“And spread through your entire body?” Aisling got up from the table and approached Gwen. She put her hands around her waist and pulled her closer.

“Yes,” Gwen confessed, shyly.

“I felt it too,” Aisling said, gently.

“What does it mean? I’ve never heard of anything like it.”

“I have,” Aisling whispered into her ear. “It’s really rare.”

“Tell me,” Gwen demanded.

“It’s a magical connection. It means we are meant to be together. Forever.”


“I’m sure you have heard of love at first sight,” Aisling said. She came closer, kissing her neck.

“Uh huh.” Gwen closed her eyes at the sensation. She could feel Aisling’s breath on her neck, and she could smell the sweet scent of tea.

“It’s sort of like that. Sometimes, when two magical beings that are a perfect match for each other touch for the first time, their magical energy reaches out for each other and fuses for a brief moment, bonding them forever.”

“You make it sound like we are married.”

Aisling kissed Gwen’s lips softly.

“We sort of are,” she said, smiling at her. “Perhaps not legally, but we are bonded for life. Your magic sort of mated with mine.”

Aisling drew back and studied Gwen closely.

“Do you mind? I don’t think I have ever heard of anyone who have been unhappy with this connection before. That’s kind of the point. It’s a perfect match.”

Gwen shook her head.

“I don’t. I… well, this is going to sound crazy,” Gwen hesitated. “But… I think… I think I love you. I know it’s a little… well… it’s a little early. I just met you last night, but I feel it.” She touched her heart. “I feel it in here, and I just know I care for you. I think I felt it before we even touched.”

“Me too” Aisling said, kissing her again.

“Good, because I really thought that Alexis ruined my chances with you.”

Aisling chuckled.

“I can’t believe she spanked me in front of you,” Gwen said, blushing. “I’m so embarrassed.”

“Don’t be,” Aisling said, giving her a smile. “You have a very cute bottom.”


“Well… a woman wants to see the goods before she commits herself. Though it is true we were bonded before that happened.”

Gwen gave her a playful shove.

“She was pretty mad.”

“Yes,” Aisling said, giving her a serious look. “But even worse than that, she was really scared. Terrified even.”

“I know… I shouldn’t have broken my promise. I guess, I kind of deserved some kind of consequence.”

“You needed a consequence. You know that, don’t you?”

Gwen blushed, embarrassed. There was something about Aisling that made her want to better herself.

Aisling gently held Gwen’s chin between her thumb and her index finger, and then she pushed her chin up so her eyes met with hers.

“Something tells me that you need someone to keep you in line sometimes.”


“If I hadn’t just met you, I would tan you backside myself.”


“Gwen, you put yourself in serious danger. You’re much too important to do that. Don’t you know that?”

Aisling bent down and kissed Gwen softly on her lips.

“Gwen… I…” she hesitated. “I want to be that person for you,” she whispered into her ear. “I think you need someone to keep you in line once in a while, and I have always pictured myself… you know… being more dominant in a relationship.”

Gwen found this conversation oddly titillating. Why did she feel a tingling sensation down below when Aisling talked about keeping her in line?

“Have you been dominant in previous relationships?”

“I haven’t really been in relationships. Not really. I’m not going to lie and say I have never been with other women, because I have, but it wasn’t true love-making. It was just pleasure.”

“I understand,” Gwen said, smiling at her. Of course, someone as beautiful as Aisling had been with other women. Who wouldn’t want her for pleasure?!

“I have spanked quite a few women too. Sometime they needed discipline, sometimes they wanted it for pleasure.”

Gwen eyes widened.

“P—puh…pleasure?” she stammered.

“Sure.” Aisling smiled. “It’s not just bad girls who get spanked, sometimes good girls want it too,” she teased. “Sometimes really good girls want to be treated like really bad girls, and I am happy to provide. You don’t have to break the rules to get my attention.” She leaned closer and whispered into Gwen’s ear. “I’ll call you my naughty girl whenever you want.”

Gwen swallowed nervously. She saw tiny little sparks come out of her fingertips as she lost control over her excitement. Aisling noticed and took Gwen’s hands in hers, intertwining fingers. The little sparks turned into a golden glow around their hands.

“I can tell you want this from me. We’re a perfect match.  Can you honestly tell me that you don’t crave that from me?”

“Aisling, I need you. I want you.”

“Even for discipline?”

Gwen felt Aisling’s lips brush against her cheek. She nodded.

“Ye… yes.” She looked deeply into Aisling’s blue eyes.  “But… right now, given recent events, I’m not so curious about that.”

Aisling chuckled.

“I think maybe you need to teach me about spanking for pleasure.”

“Do I?” Aisling raised her eye-brow, smiling seductively.

“Yes, please.”

“Well, that is a promise, darling,” she said, giving Gwen yet another soft kiss on the lips. She patted her gently on the bottom. “But I think, perhaps, you bottom needs to cool off a little first.”

“Probably a good idea,” Gwen said, rubbing her stinging rear.

“What is a good idea?” Alexis came into the room, looking suspicious.

“Eh…. nothing!”

“Uh huh…” Alexis raised her eyebrow suspiciously. “Don’t you get any ideas, miss. You’re going to be on your best behaviour from now on. I am still very cross with you.”

“I know, I’ll be good.” Gwen hugged her. “We were just talking about something…emh… something that happened before you arrived last night.”

“What?” Alexis looked from Gwen to Aisling. “What happened?”

“Out magic connected.”


“Aisling grabbed my hand and I felt this shock, but it was nice. Like a warm energy that went through my fingers and spread through my body.”

“I felt the same thing,” Aisling added.

“You’re… you mean… you and my little witchling matched? As in you’re a love match? Connected for life?”

“Alexis…” Gwen sighed. “Don’t make a scene.”

Aisling looked nervous. “I didn’t mean to… it just happened.”

Alexis studied the two of them for a while, keeping them in suspense.

“Are you okay?” Gwen asked her, looking worried.

“Yes, I’m just…” Alexis smiled at her. “I’m just happy.”

Aisling let out a breath of relief.

“I’ve never heard of it before,” Gwen said. “Are you two sure it means what you think it means?”

Alexis and Aisling both nodded.

“What is going on in here?” Leda came into the room, no doubt feeling lonely in the kitchen by herself. “Anybody want to let me in on the conversation?”

“Their magic bonded,” Alexis said, wiping a tear from the corner of her eye.

“Really?” Leda’s eyes widened. “That’s great,” she said, smiling at Alexis. “Now you don’t have to worry about her anymore.”

Alexis stepped forward and embraced Gwen in a bone-crushing hug. She sobbed a little into her shoulder. Gwen looked thoroughly confused.

“What is this? Why would you be worried?”

“Because,” Alexis said, blowing her nose into a handkerchief. “Now I know that when you finish your apprenticeship, you’ll have someone to look after you.”

Leda nodded.

“And keep her in line!”


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It’s out! Get your copy of Twelve Seconds today! :D

The anthology, Twelve Seconds, is out today. It’s available in Kindle format on Amazon. Get it here! As I mentioned in my previous post, I have participated with my own story Too Many Second Chances, and in addition to my story, there are eleven other stories for you to enjoy. Great stories with lots of spanking! ❤  Enjoy. 😉



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Twelve Seconds – Available November 30th.



November 30th, the anthology, Twelve Seconds, will be released, and yours truly has participated. The anthology contains twelve F/f spanking stories by twelve different authors, and the money will be donated to charity. You can buy it as an e-book, or you can get it in print.
My story is called Too Many Second Chances, which takes place in the 1950’s in the United States. Effie, a reckless and young English-woman, has moved in with her Uncle Chip and his wife Darlene in the “Deep South”. She tries to find her place, but struggles to get along with their conservative neighbour.


Darlene Redford had just parked her blue 1955 Chevrolet outside her home when she heard someone calling her name.
With a sigh, she got out of the car, straightened her white polka-dotted dress, and continued on to get her groceries out of the trunk as she saw her neighbor, Mrs. Bishop hurrying from her driveway.  Knowing she had little choice, she then stood still, waiting with her brown paper-bag of groceries in her arms for the inevitable.
“Carol-Ann, is anything wrong?” Darlene replied, wondering what on earth Mrs. Bishop wanted that would make her run like an excited ostrich over to her house. She normally took her time. She especially liked to take her time when others were in a hurry, and she often resembled, in Darlene’s opinion, an overgrown sloth.

Mrs. Bishop came to a halt in front of Darlene. Her eyes were wide, her hair was slightly ruffled as if she had left the house without even looking in the mirror to check if she was presentable, and she was breathing heavily, obviously winded from the overexertion of running. She seemed very distraught.
“That… that… European hussy is sunbathing topless in your yard…”


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The Sting of a Lollypop

Disclaimer: This story contains spanking and sex. 


Sophie was sitting in her office going through some scans from a Medieval French corpus. Next to her she had a magnifying glass, a writing pad and pencil. Her long auburn hair was tied lovely in a bun on the back of her head. She tugged at the collar of her crisp white shirt and picked up her pencil and stuck it her mouth, thinking. The rational part of her brain told her she should ask a colleague for input, but the stubborn part of her wanted to work it out on her own. She had just thrown her pencil back on the desk, rather forcefully before she heard a knock on the door frame. The door had been open.

“Having trouble?” Miriam, who’s office was right down the hall, winked at her.

“How can you tell?” she asked, giving her colleague a smile.

“There’s a group of us from the faculty who want to go out to lunch together. Do you want to join us? We’re leaving in five.”

“Sure, I need a break from this to clear my mind.”

“You absolutely do, and I think Benjamin is coming too, he might be able to help.”

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking that I should ask him. I’m just being stubborn.” She got up from her chair and grabbed her blazer. “I’ll be right out.”

Fifteen minutes later Sophie was sat in a restaurant with her colleagues, everyone chatting about work, of course. They always said that they should use their breaks to talk about something else, but then academics can never seem to leave their work in the office. Miriam and the others were in a deep discussion about Russian formalism that Sophie didn’t much fancy to join. She smiled at the older woman sitting across from her, Lucila Ortega, a professor specialising in colonial Spanish literature. They didn’t have that much to do with one another at work as Sophie’s specialised in Medieval French literature, but they had gotten to know each other through a social group for queer staff members at the university. Sophie and Lucila knew more about each other’s private lives than most at work did.

“So, how is she?” she asked, giving Sophie a look that expected her to know of whom she was talking about.

“Sorry? Who?”

“Ari, of course,” Lucila said, referring to Sophie’s girlfriend.

“Oh, she’s fine,” Sophie said smiling.

“Is she?” The woman from across the table raised an eyebrow. She looked stern.

“Eh… should she not be?” Sophie asked, confused.

“She’s sick, is she not? She asked me for an extension on her paper due to terrible illness.”

There was an uncomfortable silence as Sophie realised she might have stepped into a trap. A trap, not meant for her, but for her undergrad girlfriend who also happened to be one of Lucila’s students. Shit.

“Eh… oh yeah,” she said, a bit embarrassed. She didn’t want to lie, but she couldn’t help it.

“She’s not sick, is she?”


“Sophie, you would not lie to me, would you?”

“Oh, well…” She sighed. “Alright, I don’t know anything about this terrible illness.”

“Which is strange as you live together. I asked for a doctors note, but she said she was too ill to get out of bed and that is was probably just a tummy bug.”

“Lucila, please don’t fail her,” Sophie pleaded to the older woman. ” I’ll handle it. She’ll work hard. I promise.”

“She has until the end of the week,” Lucila said sternly.

“Thank you!”

“And you can send her to my office on Thursday for some extra motivation, I’m sure you agree she has earned it.”

“Oh, yes, ma’am. She’ll be there,” Sophie agreed. “And I am so sorry for… I mean, I didn’t want to lie. I didn’t even know and I just panicked. I just want her to do well.”

“I understand. You care about her. But you do realise, don’t you, that if it had been another student I would have given them an F? Her special treatment comes with special consequences.”

“Well, you’re not the only one who is going to give her some special consequences.”

“Good. Glad to hear it.”


At home, in the apartment, Ari was very busy procrastinating. She had tried to write this paper for weeks, and she kept doing just about everything else. The worst part was pretending to working hard so that her girlfriend wouldn’t notice how bad it was. Now she had lied to a professor because she failed to hand in her paper on time. She was ridden with guilt. To calm herself down, she took a long warm shower. She then put on clean cotton pyjamas and blowdried her hair. She heard the door to the bedroom slam shut. Was that Sophie home early?

“Ari?” Sophie called from the bedroom.


“How are you honey? Are you feeling well?”

Ari came out of the bathroom brushing her long blond hair. “I’m fi… eh… wow… what… what are you wearing?” She swallows nervously, looking at her sexy partner standing in front of her in a tight, short, white dress that had a very low cleavage showing the redhead’s generous chest. She was also wearing nice, lace stockings held up by garters. She stood in the middle of the room with one hand on her hip, holding out her stethoscope in the other, and her legs slightly spread as if she was posing in a dirty photo shoot.

“What am I wearing? A nurse’s outfit, of course. I’m here to nurse my baby back to health.”

“Ah…” Ari struggled to find words. She had to concentrate not to drool.

“I met Professor Ortega while out for lunch today.” Sophie raised an eyebrow.

“Oh really? How is she?”

“Concerned,” Sophie replied. “Apparently you were terribly ill. So ill, in fact, that you couldn’t hand in your paper on time.”

“Uh oh…”

“Yes, uh oh, indeed.” Sophie approached her girlfriend, and pushed her chin upward so that she met her eyes. “I’ve been very lenient with you lately. I’ve done most of the chores, I have walked the dog every day, and I have even made dinner every day.” Her voice was very calm, but dangerous. “I have taken on both of our responsibilities.”

“I know,” Ari squeaked.

“I have done this, so you can focus on your paper, so that you could meet your deadline.”

Ari nodded.

“And now… I have to find out from your professor that you are sick?”

Both of Ari’s eyebrows rose. That was not what she had expected.

“Umh… well…”

“Shhhhh,” Sophie held two of her fingers to Ari’s lips. “My poor, baby. I’ll have to take care of you now, don’t I?”

Ari nodded.

She noticed a flat, round and colourful item sticking out of, Sophie’s pocket.

“What’s that?”

Sophie gave her a mischievous smile. “It’s a lollypop.”


“No, no, little girl. Before I can give you the lollypop, I’m going to have to check how ill you are.”

“You do?”

“Oh yes, it’s going to have to be a thorough physical.” She smiled at Ari as she grabbed her upper arm. “Let’s get you over to the bed.”

Sophie pushed Ari down on the bed and placed her hand on her forehead. She asked Ari questions about her health while checking her pulse. Then she asked Ari to open up whilst she looked into her throat with a tiny flashlight. Ari was playing along, though they both knew that Sophie had no idea what she was doing. Sophie was intelligent alright, but her specialty was French literature, not medicine. This was clearly a role play, hence the costume, but Ari wasn’t sure if she was in trouble for faking her illness. After having Ari bare her chest so Sophie could use her pink stethoscope to listen to her heart beat and lungs, the play-pretend nurse turned around and got something else from her little pink medical bag. She turned around holding something that looked like a white plastic stick that narrowed on one side.

“Time to take your temperature,” she said, grinning. “Now, why don’t you be a darling and pull down your pants and turn around.”

“Wha… eh… what do you mean?”

“I need to check if you have a fever.”

“But you already felt my forehead.”

“Yes, but I need to know for sure. Turn around please…”


“Be a good girl and turn around.”

“Sophie… what….”

“Fine, if you’re going to be difficult.” Sophie sat down next Ari and hauled her over her lap.

“Sophie! What are you… that’s not how you take a person’s temperature!”

“Oh, yes it is. I’m following the instructions that came with the costume,” Sophie argued as-a-matter-of-factly.

“You’re supposed to take the temperature in my mouth or under my arm or in my ear. They even have laser thermometers now.”

“Sorry, it’s not that kind of termometer.” She pulled down the younger woman’s pyjama bottoms and panties. “Be a good girl, keep still,” she said as she spread her girlfriend’s cheeks. “Hmmm… let’s use a little bit of vaseline on this. Now… lie still, and it’ll be over before you know it.”

“But…Soph… oh…” Ari gasped.

“Good girl, now keep it in.”

“Sophie, come on! I think we both know that I don’t have a fever,” Ari complained. “You’re just trying to torture me.”

“But honey, if you’re really ill I need to know. I have to take care of you.”

“But I’m not ill…”

“But you told Professor Ortega that…”

“I lied,” Ari said, exasperated, just a little beep came from the termometer.

“What? You lied? No way!” Sophie said in a false dramatic voice. She pulled out the termometer. “Ninety-eight point six. Perfectly normal.”

“Like you knew it would be,” Ari mumbled. “Can I get up now?”

“You mean you don’t want your lollypop?” Sophie pulled the colourful item out of her pocket and handed it to Ari who was still lying bare-bottomed over her lap. The younger woman grabbed it at once.

“But… this isn’t a lollypop! It’s fake,” Ari complained, feeling cheated. The item Sophie handed to her was made out of wood. The top was round, about a third of an inch thick, painted with pretty colour swirls, and the lower part, that looked like the lollypop stick, was slightly thicker than it should be.

“Isn’t it lovely? It’s a lollypop paddle. The taste of this is not so sweet, though. It has a wicked sting.”

“A paddle?”

“Yes, for naughty girls who pretend to be sick.”

Ari groaned. “Of course, it is.”

“Well, you didn’t think I would reward you for telling lies to your professor, would you?” Sophie swatted the bottom over her lap. “Bad girl! And what about me? You let me think you were doing okay with your paper, but you’ve clearly had some trouble seeing as you couldn’t hand it in in time. You told me you knew what to write.”

“I did. I do.”

“Then why haven’t you?”

“Because… I… procrastinated.” It was hard to admit, but it was the truth.

“So I’ve been taking on all your chores for no reason?”

There was an uncomfortable silence.


“I… I guess,” Ari admitted. She didn’t want to, but it was the truth. “But I meant to work.”

“But you didn’t,” Sophie said. “And you could have told me.” She gave Ari’s bare bottom another sharp smack.


“If you had told me, I would have made sure you wrote something.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You will be, young lady. Because I’m going to paddle your behind.”

Ari sighed.

“Oh… and Lucila said to tell you that you have until the end of the week to finish your paper.”

“Really?” Ari turn to look at Sophie, smiling.

“Yes, but she wants you to come and see her in her office on Thursday. No doubt she’ll want to dole out some punishment too.”

Ari’s smile turned into a frown. “For reals? She spanks students?”

“Well, only a selected few. You should take it as a compliment. It means she likes you.” Sophie gently rubbed her partner’s bottom. “Though I’m not so sure you’ll like her ruler very much.”

“But… can she do that?”

“Ari, if you had been anyone else in her class, she would have given you an F. She has given you an extra week to write the paper, which you don’t even deserve because you lied to her. Do you want to be treated like everyone else? Or will you accept some old fashioned discipline and get another chance?”

“I’ll take the punishment,” Ari mumbled, feeling guilty.

“Good. Now, let’s get started on your punishment from me.”

“But… if I am getting punished by Professor Ortega, why should I get punished now?”

“Because, brat, you get in trouble at school, you get in trouble with me. Besides, you lied to me by making me believe you were actually working on this, when you just wasted your time doing other unimportant stuff.”

“Fine,” Ari sighed. “But is it going to be a real punishment or are we just playing, because, baby, that costume is confusing me. How can you dressing like that be a punishment?”

Sophie grinned.

“Let’s just say, if you behave yourself, and you take your punishment like a good girl, then we might be able to play a little later. I do think that I should do a proper physical, but then you’ll have to take all your clothes off.”

“Or we can do that now.”

“Oh, no, young lady. Punishment first, rewards second.”

Sophie shifted Ari a little over her lap, making sure her bottom was positioned nicely. Her right knee was levelled slightly higher than the left, so her bottom was lifted up.

“You may hold on to the lollypop paddle for a while. I need to give you a warm up with my hand before I properly roast your behind with it.”

An unhappy whimper came from her girlfriend, lying prone over her lap. Sophie rested one arm on Ari’s back while she lifted her right arm. She brought it back down sharply on Ari’s left cheek, causing the brat to let out a little squeak. Then she repeated the action landing a smarting swat to her left cheek. She admired the two red marks blooming on her girl’s bottom, promising to herself that she would kiss it all better once she had painted it properly red. She peppered Ari’s bottom with swats, gradually increasing the force. She made sure to properly cover the sit-spots. Ari had started to squirm over her knee which told Sophie that the brat was learning her lesson.

“I’m starting to think that this is what you needed, missy,” she said, stopping a while to rub the bright pink bottom over her knee. “Do you think you would have worked harder if you knew you’d get spanked for slacking off?”

“Probably,” Ari sniffed. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”

“Yes, I’m sorry too, honey. Sorry that you actually managed to make me believe that you were doing something for these past couple of weeks!” She gave Ari a sharp smack right on the middle of her bottom. “I think, in the future, I should make you report to me every night before a deadline to make sure you are making some progress.”

“I think that is a good idea,” Ari agreed. “Can I please get up now?”

“Oh, not darling. I still want to use my lollypop paddle.”

Ari groaned, but picked up the paddle and gave it to her girlfriend.

“Thank you, darling.” Sophie smiled and gave Ari a gentle pat on her bottom. “I think I want you standing for this one. Get up, bend over and touch the bed.”

Ari got up begrudgingly.

“You know I hate to bend over like that,” she complained. “It’s so embarrassing.”

“I like it when you bend over for me, it is such a submissive pose. And what do you mean you don’t like to bend over? You don’t seem to mind when I fuck you.”

“That is different. Bending over for a spanking is embarrassing.”

“Well, mindset is half the punishment.” Sophie turned Ari so she face the bed, and placed her self behind her lover. “Now, naughty girl,” she whispered softly into her ear. “Bend over and offer your bottom for punishment.”

“You so owe me a nice nurse treat after this,” Ari said as she bent over, toughing the mattress in front of her.

“I’ll remove these,” Sophie said, bending down and pulling off Ari’s pajama bottoms and panties.

“Spread you legs a little, and stick out your butt a bit more,” Sophie instructed. “That’s it, baby.”

She gently tapped the lollypop paddle against Ari’s red cheeks a couple of times before she raised her arm, and brought it down again with force.

“Yiouch! That thing stings!” Ari shot up and rubbed her bottom furiously.

“Get back into position, girl,” Sophie said sternly. “I’m not done with you.”

She guided the brat back into position, and started paddling her in a steady rhythm, alternating between right and left cheeks. She paddled her hard, but not as hard as the first swat. She had to save the harder swats until last if she wanted her girl to get through the paddling. Ari’s bottom was a dark pink, and she had a deeper red shade on her sit spots where Sophie was now focusing her attention. The brat didn’t get up again, but she would occasionally shake her bottom as if that would get rid of the sting, but unfortunately, that wouldn’t help at this point. The sting in Ari’s bottom would last for a while.

“I’m going to give you ten more, and these will be a little harder. You’re going to count them for me and say that you will not lie to your professor. Understood?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Smack! “One, I will not lie to my professor.”

SMACK! “Owww….. two, I will not lie to my professor.”

Sophie kept delivering hard but not full-force swats, and saved the hardest for the tenth.

SMACK! “Ouch! Oww…. ten, I will not lie to my professor.”

“Good girl,” Sophie praised as she rubbed the younger woman’s bottom gently. She bent down and kissed her sore cheeks softly.

“Does this mean I get a reward now?” Ari begged.

“What do you want, baby?”

Ari got up, rubbing her bottom with a pout. She studied Sophie carefully, looking her up and down, and her pout was gradually exchanged with a grin. She carefully reached out to Sophie’s cleavage, cupping her hands around her breasts on the outside of her tight nurse’s uniform.

“Mmmhh… this dress definitely highlights your assets.”

Ari buried her face in Sophie’s chest and kissed the top of her breasts softly. She then pulled the dress aside, and released one of them, putting a nipple in her mouth. Sophie felt chills down her back, and moaned. Ari pushed her down on the bed and got on top of her. She pulled off her own pajama top so that she was sat naked on top of her lover, and she put her hand up under Sophie dress.

“Oh, naughty nurse, you don’t have panties on. Are you sure, I’m the only one who deserve spankings ?”

“Don’t push, brat,” Sophie reminded her, raising her eyebrow.  “Any insolence and I will put you back over my knee, and I don’t think your bottom can take any….”

Ari shut her up by kissing her hard. She gave Sophie a hungry look, while she thrust her fingers into her. Sophie moaned and Ari thrust her fingers in and out, pinching the nipple Ari had released from the confinements of the dress.

“Oh, yes! Mmmm…. you just wait until it’s your turn, brat.”

Ari pulled Sophie’s dress up over her hips and spread her legs more before she put her mouth on her pleasure button, kissing and licking it.

“Tell me what you want to do to me?”

“I’m going to get my strap-on, and then I’m going to fuck you senseless.”

She moaned loudly, as Ari took her to a spasming climax, leaving her panting on the mattress. While she waited for her lover to “recover” from her orgasm, Ari took her other nipple in her mouth. She played with it, sucking it and circling her tongue around it, while looking up at her lover, giving her a naughty grin. She then gently used her teeth to tease Sophie.

“Oh, well, now you’re just asking for it,” Sophie declared, pushing Ari to the side and disappearing into their closet.

She came back naked, wearing her strap-on.

“Get on all fours now,” she commanded as she approached her lover, who was waiting in anticipation.

Ari immediately turned around on all fours, presenting Sophie with a full view of her red, sore bottom. Sophie grabbed her ass, squeezing her cheeks and spread them gently. She could see that Ari was more than ready for her. She teased her brat by rubbing the tip of her dildo over her wet slit without entering her.

“Mmm…” Ari gave an impatient moan, trying to push herself back onto the phallic form pressing against her.

Sophie pulled back and smacked her ass.

“Patience, young lady. I’m the one fucking you.”

“Then fuck me already! I’m bursting.” Ari spread her legs even more, and arched her back so her bottom was sticking out, presenting her wet slit to Sophie. “Please?”

Sophie chuckled. She slowly pushed the dildo into Ari, who moaned in pleasure. She started slowly pulling out and slowly pushing it in, knowing that Ari wanted her to do more.

“Sophie, you fucking tease! Come on! Be rough with me!”

SMACK! “You want it rough?” Sophie asked, smacking her lover’s already sore behind.

“Yes, please,” Ari begged.

With her hands firmly planted on Ari’s hips, Sophie then started thrusting the dildo in and out, hard, causing her brat to make primal sounds of pleasure.

“Oh, god, yes!”

Ari reached between her legs, rubbing her clit, until she came hard and loud, and with Sophie thrusting in and out of her, she rode the wave of pleasure until her knees buckled and she laid prone on the bed, breathing heavily.
Sophie laid down over her, kissing her neck and whispering into her ear,

“I love you.”



“Ow, you really lit up my ass, you know that?”

Ari was studying her bottom in the mirror. “I hope Professor Ortega will be more lenient.”

Sophie gave a chuckle. “That is not likely, darling. Oh, but that reminds me, I got you something.”

She quickly left the room and returned with a shopping bag. “This was actually the reason why I went to the sex-shop in the first place, but then I saw the nurse’s outfit and I thought it was perfect for me.”  She opened the bag and pulled out an outfit.

“What is that?” Ari exclaimed with wide-eyes.

“This?” Sophie asked, holding up a school girl uniform. “Oh, this is just the outfit you’ll be wearing when you go see Professor Ortega on Thursday. Isn’t it cute?”









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Book recommendation

I don’t usually do this, but those who know me know that I was obsessed with the book Reining in Riley by Claire Britain that came out in 2015. I swear, I have read it many times. I just really enjoyed it! I loved the story and I really connected with the characters. Because of this, I was really excited to find out that Claire was working on a sequel, and I have been really patiently waiting for that to come out. Well, now it has and I have just finished Riley’s Reckoning. I was not disappointed. I highly recommend it. It is available now on Amazon.

Riley’s Reckoning continues the story about the slightly wild and free-spirited, Riley Carrington and her romantic relationship to her boss Joanna Armstrong, who firmly believes that she can tame Riley with some good old fashioned discipline (and by that I mean spanking!). In addition to it being full of delicious spanking and love scenes (it gets hot, you guys!), the storyline in itself is really great. Riley again finds herself in some trouble, but this time there is a shady character lurking in the shadows, and Riley gets reckless trying to catch him and bring him to justice. Joanna, however, is not too happy with Riley risking her safety! We also get to meet other characters again, like Helen Klein, Riley’s other boss and the woman of my dreams. Whew! I dunno, you guys, there is something about Helen that makes me go weak at the knees. *blushing*

If you haven’t read Reining in Riley, you will probably still enjoy Riley’s Reckoning, but I really would recommend reading both. There are so many good, relatable and lovable characters. Some are new, and some we know from the prequel. It’s a really good read, and I personally couldn’t put it down. I found myself reading late into the night to finish it, even though I had something important the next morning! I wonder what Joanna or Helen would say about that…



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Annabelle (part 31)

Reader discretion: This chapter is a little steamy.

“Annabelle? Wakey-wakey.”

Annabelle felt someone gently nudging her while she slept, however she didn’t feel like she was done sleeping yet, so instead of opening her eyes, she grunted, “Go away.”

“It’s time to get up, my sweet,” Lydia’s sexy but dangerous voice whispered in her ear.

“I’m sweeter when I get to sleep.”

Lydia landed a healthy swat to Annabelle’s backside. “We need to get moving. Come on, get up,” she said dropping the sugary sweet tone she used to stir Annabelle awake.

“Ow…” Annabelle mumbled as she slowly opened an eye and saw Lydia turned with her back to her, getting a fire ready. She stuck out her tongue at her.

“Are you trying to catch flies with that tongue?” Lydia said chuckling as she put a tiny frying pan over the fire.

Annabelle closed her mouth and spluttered. “What? How did…”

“I saw your reflection, genius,” Lydia said, pointing at small mirror laying next to her sleeping bag.

“You put that there on purpose,” Annabelle accused as she got out of her sleeping bag.

Lydia gave a snort as she started scrambling eggs while bits of bread where floating in the air, toasting over a flame.

Annabelle sat up rubbing her eyes. It was after noon, but they had walked all night, taking advantage of the darkness. The previous night they had walked for hours in the dark, trying to get as far away as possible from the school. They had set up a tent in a clearing and Lydia had cast several protective enchantments around it, to make sure that they were hidden from others.

The tent was pretty amazing. It was round and tall, and it had a place in the centre that was meant for a cooking fire. This was where Lydia was now seated, making them breakfast whilst Annabelle dragged herself out of bed.

She still couldn’t believe that Octavia Sprytt had been her saviour the previous night. The woman who had shouted at the students, punished them if they had spoken up against her propaganda history lessons; how could she be working with Alexis? She had played her part well.

“Shouldn’t we wait until it gets dark before we move?” she asked, crossing her fingers that it made enough sense for Lydia to let her lay back down.

“Actually, after we’ve eaten, I am going to teach you how to make a new potion.”

“What potion?” Annabelle asked, somewhat interested.

“A camouflage potion, often referred to as the chameleon potion. It will allow the drinker to blend in with the surrounding environment for an hour.”

“That sounds pretty awesome,” Annabelle admitted.

“It is,” Lydia said, smiling. “Now come over here and eat.”

Annabelle sat down next to her.

“Gwen would never have taught me a potion that cool. I bet she doesn’t even know fun potions like that exist!”

She took the plate Lydia handed to her, and they sat in silence and ate for a while. Annabelle was still a little tired and so not very chatty. Lydia broke the silence.

“We should probably try to find some food, though. I didn’t bring that much, and it’s no good increasing it with magic. It doesn’t have as much nutrition.”

“I can do that, Aisling taught me how to survive in nature,” Annabelle said, taking another bite.


“Uh huh.”

“So… she taught you how to survive in nature, but she didn’t teach you how to find North?”

Annabelle shrugged.

“Must’ve slipped her mind.”

Lydia chuckled.

“I can hunt,” Annabelle said, grinning proudly.  “Or maybe if we can find water, we can catch fish. I find it is easier to kill fish, I don’t feel so bad after wards.

“There was a small lake on the map. If we find it, we can take a swim too.”

Annabelle nodded.

“As long as we’re careful not to be seen.”


After their meal Lydia helped Annabelle brew the chameleon potion, and they each took a sip so they could blend in with the nature around them as they made their way towards the lake.

It took them about three hours of walking to get to the lake, and the sun was setting as they approached. The potion was wearing off, but as it was getting darker they decided to save the rest for the next they. They would probably need more eventually, but they had already decided to use their potion ingredients sparingly. They could restock some of their potion ingredients themselves, but they did not have access to all of them in the forest.

The lake was in the middle of the forest and of medium size, and the water was really clear with a blue tint to it. It almost looked like the water was shining in the sunset. It was so beautiful it was breathtaking.

“Wow…” Annabelle said when she saw it. “I had no idea it was this beautiful. I just thought it was like any old lake.”

“Me too,” Lydia said, mesmerised. “It’s so… romantic.” She winked at Annabelle who blushed. Lydia grabbed Annabelle’s hand and led her to a secluded area by the edge of the water where they hid their belongings, took off their clothes and got into the water, naked.

“Finally,” Annabelle said, “fully emerging herself in the cool water. This bath will be the highlight of my day!”

“Will it now?” Lydia whispered into her ear as she got closer and wrapped her arms around Annabelle’s naked waist.

Annabelle felt a tickling sensation on many different parts of her body, which made her nervous. The truth was that Annabelle really had no idea what to expect from her intimacy with Lydia. Apart from the kisses they had shared, she didn’t really have any experience and she didn’t really know much about “the other stuff”. In her old world, women and men got married, and she knew, of course, what husbands wanted of their wives; but she wasn’t sure what she could do that would please Lydia.

What she knew from romantic relationships between women came from Gwen and Aisling, and although they did not hide their love and affection for each other, what went on between closed bedroom doors, Annabelle had no idea. She only knew that they often came out of said bedroom, looking very happy.

“Well… umh… what else did you have in mind?” she asked, trying not to sound too excited.

“Oh, I don’t know, I’m simply pointing out that a simple bath doesn’t necessarily have to be the highlight of your day?” She traced her hands up and down Annabelle’s back, softly. Then she placed both of her hands on her buttocks and squeezed gently.

“Oh… well, I supposed I’ll have to admit I have been a little unimaginative.”

“I think you have been.”

“Lydia,” Annabelle said a little embarrassed. “I don’t… I mean… I’ve never… umh…” She felt herself blushing even more as she tried to confide in her girlfriend.

“You’ve never been with a woman before?” Lydia asked her, her tone understanding.

“No,” Annabelle admitted shyly as she turned around to look into Lydia’s eyes.  “I don’t know what to do.”

“Then I suppose I’ll have to be your teacher again.” Lydia raised her eyebrow, and smiled at her.

“This is a different subject though,” Annabelle said grinning slightly.

Lydia kissed her passionately. It was a long, hard kiss, that left Annabelle completely speechless.

“There are so many things I can teach you,” she whispered into Annabelle’s ear. Lydia licked her earlobe and Annabelle moaned.

Then they heard voices near by. Male voices.  Lydia quickly let go of Annabelle and they both sunk down low in the water. Lydia motioned to a fallen tree that lay with the top half in the water, and they quickly, but silently, made their way towards it so they could hide. Being caught naked was the least of their problems, they had no way of knowing if these men were wizards from the order, or spies working for them.

Lydia held Annabelle close to her as they hid under the branches from the tree. She held up a hand slightly above the water and closed her eyes. It looked as if she was feeling the air.

“They’re not wizards,” she whispered as she opened her eyes, looking relieved.

“Oh, good. So they are no match for us?”

“No, but we still don’t know if they work for people in the order. We don’t want anyone to know which direction we’re going.”

Luckily the mortals did not stick around, but Annabelle and Lydia stayed hidden for a while after they couldn’t hear their voices anymore. When Lydia finally said it was safe to get up, it was dark and Annabelle was freezing. She stood chattering teeth. Lydia muttered a spell and Annabelle felt a warm breeze on her body, and she could see steam coming from her body.

“Wow, that’s impressive,” she said, complementing the older woman. “Can you teach me that?”

“Not now. I’m afraid you’re not skilled enough just yet.” Lydia winked at her. “It can burn and blister your skin if you mess it up.”


“Yeah, very ouch.”

They got dressed and made a small fire. Annabelle was just about plan how to catch a fish when Lydia waved her hand and a fish came soaring out of the water.

“What? Aisling didn’t teach me that!” She looked at Lydia.

“Well, I figured we lost so much time hiding, that I better just get it.”

“Wait a minute, you were going to let me catch it without magic and not tell me you could do that?”

Lydia giggled, actually giggled!

“You looked so cute when you were talking about the different ways to catch fish,” she said, grinning. “I wanted to see you in action.”

“When I see Aisling next, I will be giving her a piece of my mind,” Annabelle muttered. “I mean what is the point of being able to do all these things without magic?”

“Well, it might come in handy one day if you have to pretend not to be a witch,” Lydia said. “Actually, that is not a bad idea if we meet mortals on our way.”

“Pretend to be mortal?”

“Yes. We can’t do that with witches or wizards, of course, they will sense our magic, but mortals have no sensitivity to magical energy, and so they can be fooled.” She smiled at Annabelle. “We have to be able to make them believe we’re mortal, of course. Think we’ll be able to?”

Annabelle laughed.

“I’ll have no problem convincing anyone I’m a mortal,” she said, not telling Lydia she had lived as a mortal for the first twenty years of her life. She wasn’t ready for that yet. “The question is, can you?”

“I… well, of course, I can,” Lydia said, looking a little insecure.

“Good, because we have to pass a village soon, and I’d rather not go around it.”

“We can go through, we just have to plan our journey a little more carefully that day.”

“Can a witch or wizard sense each individual magical person, or can they only tell that there is a magical presence?”

“Both,” Lydia said, opening her bag and finding her spices for cooking. “We can usually only tell if there is a magical presence, but if we’re really close we can tell if a person is magical; however, there can’t be other magicians near by. In a room full of magicians, I would have to touch someone to be able to tell if they are magical too, unless the person was purposely releasing lots of raw magic, and only show-offs to that.”


“They want to show people their power. It is like a mortal flexing his muscles to show people how big they are.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s weird,” Annabelle agreed.

“Yes, well, enough about show-offs, why don’t you study the chapter I showed you about transfiguration while I prepare our meal.”

Annabelle sighed.

“Ya know… when I imagined you and I together on this journey, I didn’t really think studying would be part of it.”

“Tough,” Lydia said sternly as she started to prepare the fish. “You will be a lot safer once you learn to transfigure yourself.”



Once their stomachs were full, they decided to walked for another couple of hours before they set camp. Annabelle was a little disappointed that what they started in the lake didn’t continue after their meal, but she knew they had to get going. After they had set up their tent and Lydia had cast their usual protections, Annabelle managed to convince Lydia that she could collect firewood by herself.

“It doesn’t make sense that we both go. We’ll be much more efficient if we each do a chore.”

“You’re right, but promise not to walk too far.”

“I won’t.”

“I want to be able to sense your magical presence Annabelle, or I swear, I will take a switch to your behind. There are plenty of them in here, ya know.”

“Lydia, relax a little.”


“I promise I’ll stay around the tent.”

She kept her promise and quickly collected the firewood they needed, while Lydia was still inside the tent. Then she quietly put them down outside and picked up a small stick and grinned. She had read about a trick in her transfiguration book, and she really wanted to try it out. She only felt slightly sorry for Lydia who had no idea what was going on.
Annabelle silently muttered a spell and watched as her stick turned into a snake. It was not dangerous, but it looked very realistic. She opened the tent and threw it in. She heard it land with a little thunk, and then she heard a blood-curdling shriek. She opened the flap to the tent just as the snake turned back into a stick. Lydia looked up at her with murder in her eyes.


Annabelle grinned.

“I thought you wanted me to learn transfiguration,” she said innocently.

“Oh, very funny. Get in here!”

It was only now that Annabelle started thinking that maybe pranking Lydia this way might not be a good idea. She hesitated.

“Brat, get in here,” Lydia commanded and pointed at the floor next to her.

Annabelle winced as she realised she might actually be in trouble. She knew she couldn’t run away from Lydia, so she sighed and slowly crawled into the tent. Lydia grabbed her ear with one hand, and retried a hairbrush from her own bag with the other.

“Ow! No… no…” Annabelle pleaded. “It was just a joke!”

Lydia ignored her and hauled her over her lap, pulled down her trousers and underwear and immediately started to spank her with the hairbrush.

“Ow ow… I’m sorry. I didn’t know you would be that upset.”

“I am terrified of snakes!” Lydia argued. “And you knew you would get some reaction, so how’s this?”

“Painful,” Annabelle said, wincing as the brush came down on her bottom again.

“I think all this walking and hiding has made you crave some of my attention.”

Lydia put down her brush, and started rubbing Annabelle’s stinging bottom.

“I am, but I’d much rather get the attention you gave me in the lake earlier.”

“Oh, you would like a treat, would you?” Lydia asked, raising her hand and bringing it down sharply on the middle of Annabelle’s bottom.  “Did you think I would be giving you hugs and kisses for throwing a snake at me?”

“No…” Annabelle admitted.

“No, young lady, I don’t reward that kind of behaviour. That kind of behaviour gets you spanked!”

“But… but… it was a fake snake! I wouldn’t have thrown a real one at you.”

Lydia ignored that comment and continued spanking Annabelle with her hand.

The spanking wasn’t that painful. It hurt, but Annabelle also felt like it wasn’t as harsh as the spanking Lydia had given her before. There was also something about Lydia’s tone that made Annabelle think that she was a little amused now that she had gotten over the shock of the prank. She did not spank as hard, and she also rubbed her a lot. Previous punishment spankings had been much more painful and intense, which led Annabelle to think that maybe this wasn’t a full on punishment spanking.

“Hmmm… your bottom cheeks are all red and hot,” Lydia commented as she rubbed mentioned cheeks softly. There was a hunger in her voice that told Annabelle she could try to get her back into the mood she was in at the lake.

“Do you like that?” she asked, daringly.

“Do I like your bottom red?” Lydia said, smacking Annabelle’s right cheek, but this time slightly less hard, her hand lingering on her bottom, feeling the warmth from the skin.

“Yes,” Annabelle replied, slightly raising her bottom up.

“Miss Annabelle, are you flirting with me?” Another smack, slightly harder this time.


“I thought I told you I don’t reward bad behaviour.”

“But if we do something you like then I can reward you,” Annabelle said, feeling lust deep in her body. She wanted Lydia so bad, but she also needed Lydia to instruct her.

“You did say that you wanted to teach me? Tell me what we can do together,” she said, trying to rouse Lydia.

The older woman traced her fingers slowly over Annabelle’s bottom. “Well that depends on what we want, the possibilities are endless.”

“What do you want?” Annabelle asked, getting more and more turned on by Lydia’s touch. Lydia’s hand went further down and Annabelle instinctively spread her legs a little.

“Well, I think I know what you want,” Lydia whispered as she stroked two fingers between Annabelle’s legs.

Annabelle stiffened with the sensation. It felt good, very good.

“Do you like it when I touch you here?”

“Uh huh,” she moaned.

“I figured you would,” Lydia said softly. “Naughty, naughty Annabelle.”

Annabelle felt Lydia pushing a finger into her and rubbing her on the inside, then she pulled it out and gently pushed her feet further apart. She then touched a spot further to the front that gave Annabelle shivers.

“Do you know what this spot is for?” She asked as she carefully rubbed the area with three of her fingers.

“N… no… oh.” Annabelle moaned and lifted her hips, making it easier for Lydia to access.

“It is for pleasure. Just that. It’s just a pleasure button. We can rub it, or we can lick it, and it will feel really good.” She put her fingers inside Annabelle again and rubbed. “And this is another pleasure spot.”

“We have two?”

“There are many,  my love. It depends on each person and what they like.”

“How do you know these things? Should I be jealous?”

Lydia laughed.

“I’m not going to lie and say I have never been with another woman, I am a little older than you, you know.”

“I know.”

“I also learned a lot from books. My cousin Arthur had a lot questionable books and illustrations when I was a teenager, I used to borrow them when he wasn’t looking.”

Annabelle giggled.


Lydia pulled her finger out and smacked her backside sharply.

“Me? Never.”

They both laughed.

“Now, why don’t you take off all of your clothes, and then you can lie down on your back for me.”

“Do you want me to do something to you?” Annabelle asked, as she got up. She pulled hurried taking off her clothes, craving more.

“I think right now we can focus on you,” Lydia said. “I think it will be helpful for you to know what it feels like when I pleasure you before you do it to me. I remember being very nervous about pleasuring another person for the first time, I want you to be comfortable. Take you time.”

“Okay, but can you get naked with me?” Annabelle gave her a naughty grin.

“Of course, that is also important.” Lydia started undressing. “It is not just about the touching, there are many different factors that will make lovemaking special.”

“Lovemaking? That is not what Eylion calls it, she calls it fu….”

“Yes, I’m sure she does,” Lydia said, cutting her off. “I am more romantic… well… unless I am bursting, in which case I might use crude language.”

They were both completely naked. Annabelle was staring at Lydia’s breasts.

“Eylion says it’s called dirty language.”

“Are you going to talk about Eylion or are you going to lie down so I can fuck you?” Lydia said, impatient.

Annabelle giggled, but laid down.

Lydia laid down next to her, touching her, kissing her, and licking her all over her body. At one point she put one of Annabelle’s nipples in her mouth.

“I want to do that to you later,” Annabelle said, craving it.

Lydia chuckled.

“I knew you were staring at my breasts.”

“I can’t help it. They’re big and soft-looking. They want me to touch them, I know they do.”

“I think maybe you’re ready to come soon.”


Lydia moved further South, she put her mouth on “the pleasure button” and kissed and licked it.

“Oh my!”

“Let me know when you’re about to come, I want to look into your eyes when you do.”

“But I don’t know what that means.”

“You will…” Lydia said mystically.

She sucked the button, then circled her tongue around it. Annabelle squirmed at the sensation. How could she not know it was possibly to feel this kind of pleasure? This was much better than she thought it would be. Then she felt it, her muscles started to spasm.

“Now!” she gasped.

Lydia quickly got up. She put two fingers inside Annabelle, rubbing her inside, at the same time as she used her thumb to rub her pleasure button. She sensation got stronger and her entire body stiffened. She bit her lip.

“Look at me,” Lydia said, working her hands, keeping the climax going. “Don’t be afraid to make a noise, hon. I know you want to. You like that, yes?”

“Yes! Yes! Oh my…” Annabelle put a finger in her mouth and bit down on it, hard, while she moaned loudly, her entire body spasming. She kept eye-contact with Lydia for as long as she could, however, after a while she threw back her head and closed her eyes, feeling like she was about to black out from this jolt of sexual energy.

Afterwards she lay naked, panting, whilst her lover spooned her and kissed her neck. After a while, after Annabelle had relaxed a little, and she was just laying there, enjoying Lydia’s caresses, she finally opened her mouth to speak.

“That was crazy. I’ve never experienced anything like that… you know… that feeling at the end.”

“It’s a little different, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but a good different. Like… at first it felt super odd, but I didn’t want it to stop, and then it was just a wave of pleasure.”

“The first time I had an orgasm, I wasn’t even sure if I liked it,” Lydia mused, “but then I got used to it.”

“Is that what it’s called? Well… I thought it was great!”

“Of course you did, darling, and you’ll have many more. Just don’t focus too much on it, or it might ruin it for you. If you keep worrying about getting the big climax, you might not enjoy the part that is leading up to it.”

“I enjoyed all of it,” Annabelle said. She turned around and kissed her lover.

“Good, baby. Then we should do it again soon. I have so much to teach you.” Lydia kissed the tip of Annabelle’s nose softly.

Annabelle gave her a mischievous grin.

“Well… you know I’m an eager student; therefore, to further my education, I think I should study the female anatomy and conduct some experiments.”



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Annabelle (part 30)

As Annabelle sat it the darkness she tried to think of ways to get out of this situation. Well, at first she thought of all the different ways she could hurt the head bitch. She imagined running towards her and punching her stupid face, no magic but just pure muscle power; however, she’d probably hurt her hand, that is, if she even made it that far, which was very unlikely as the headmistress should create a magic shield against attacks. Then, once she got the violent thoughts out-of-the-way, she started more productive thinking, but that didn’t get her anywhere either. She had tried casting spells at the door, but it would not budge. She had tried using the spell that would let her stick her hand through wood, but that didn’t work either. It seemed like the door was warded against most kinds of spells. It was probably not unbreakable, but the spellwork required was probably too complicated for Annabelle to have even read about it yet.  She didn’t even know if anyone could hear her on the other side of the door, for all she knew, the door could have been sound proof. They certainly could not hear her in the castle above her.

Eventually Annabelle fell asleep on the floor, where she had bundled up her cloak as a pillow, now that fireballs were keeping her warm. She slept uncomfortably. She didn’t know a spell that would turn the stone floor soft, even if she had once done that. She woke up in the morning by the sound of someone opening the door.

“Let me out!” Annabelle shouted angrily, as Octavia Sprytt walked into her cell. Behind her Annabelle could see one of the women who pushed her into it the night before.

“Be quiet, girl,” Miss Sprytt said, using her magic to force Annabelle down. “I warned you to behave yourself.”

“I haven’t done anything,” Annabelle replied, her eyes welling up with tears. She hated knowing her enemies could see her cracking. She didn’t want them to see her cry.

“You know what you did,” Miss Sprytt said coldly, waving her hand so that a tray of food appeared in front of Annabelle.

“Here are some things that will make your stay more…. comfortable” she said, tossing a bag at Annabelle, before turning around and leaving her. Annabelle threw a glass from the tray after her, but it missed.

Miss Sprytt turned, used her magic to repair the glass and smiled at Annabelle.

“Remember, Miss Brown, good behaviour is rewarded”

She turned on her heels and left the room, and the minion outside glowered at Annabelle as she slammed the door shut.

“You can shove your good behaviour up your ass!” Annabelle shouted at the closed door, banging her fist against it.


After throwing a tantrum and screaming curses at all the members of staff she hated, Annabelle sat down and started eating the food on her tray. She was rather hungry. She wondered if Eylion and Lydia had guessed where she was, and if they were planning to rescue her. It seemed as if the headmistress had no plans of killing her yet as she had been given a decent meal. She then remembered the bag Miss Sprytt had given her. She had said it would make her stay in the cell more comfortable.

She opened the bag, which had been enchanted so it was bigger on the inside. She found a change of clothes, a blanket, a sort of thin mattress that she supposed she was supposed to put on the floor, a glass bottle of some drink, some nibbles, and a book. Annabelle opened the book and a piece of paper fell out. She quickly picked up the piece of paper and read it.

Tonight after dinner. Be ready.

That was all it said. So Eylion and Lydia knew where she was, but how on earth had they been able to get the note into the book in the bag without Miss Sprytt noticing it. She supposed that Lydia would be able to open the door, maybe even Eylion. She knew that they couldn’t get her out now, not until they were ready to leave. They had to pretend they didn’t know where she was until they were ready to execute the plan, otherwise they would risk the security being strengthened. All she had to do now was wait, and trust that Eylion and Lydia knew what they were doing.


Waiting for dinner time drove her out of her mind. Sitting alone in a dark, windowless cell was really boring, and the book she had been brought really wasn’t that interesting. Annabelle had gone through every page to make sure there weren’t any other hidden messages, but there were none. She spent the day trying to rest on the mattress she had been given, as she hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before, and she probably would need to be well-rested for her trip with Lydia. They would probably have to walk most of the night to get as far away from the castle as possible.

When she couldn’t rest anymore she would get up and walk around in her cell just for something to do and so she could stretch her body. When she was feeling extra ungrateful, she thought that Eylion and Lydia could have tried to sneak some form of entertainment into the bag as well!  Not having anything to do was driving her crazy and at times she’d find herself counting to sixty, making rips into her piece of paper for each minute. She had no idea how many hours she had been there or how many hours were left until dinner. It felt like she had been there for ages, and it made her even more angry knowing that the headmistress would probably leave her in there for even longer.


Then, just as Annabelle had laid back down on her mattress to rest som more, she heard a noise outside. Was it Eylion or Lydia coming to save her? Or was it the minions coming with her dinner? Annabelle got up grabbing her cloak, ready to leave if she was being rescued. The door opened with no trouble and Octavia Sprytt walked in. Annabelle felt a sinking disappointment when she saw her.

“Bring your cloak and come with me,” she said to Annabelle who had sat back down on the floor.

Annabelle looked up at her in surprise, her mouth open.

“Come on, girl. Hurry.”

Annabelle got up, not sure how she should react.

“What time is it?” she asked, confused. Was she getting out? Where was she taking her? To another cell? How would Eylion and Lydia be able to rescue her if they moved her?

“It is after the dinner, didn’t you get the note?” Miss Sprytt asked, still holding the door open. “Will you hurry up, girl! We don’t have that much time.”

“It was you? But…”

“Lydia is waiting for you upstairs. Now, move.”

Annabelle hurried out of the cell, and then she followed Miss Sprytt up the stairs and out of the dungeon. She wanted to ask questions, but she didn’t know what to say. Should she trust her? Would Lydia really be waiting for her?

The answer was waiting for her at the top of the stairs. Lydia stood there waiting for her, holding the satchel Alexis had sent her. She hugged Annabelle tightly.

“I don’t understand,” Annabelle said looking confused.

“No time to explain,” Lydia said, letting go of her.

“Annabelle!” Eylion came running down the corridor. She hugged her best friend.

“Well?” Miss Sprytt gave Eylion a demanding look.

“It’s done. They’ve been frogs for two minutes exactly, and they should remain so for at least forty-five minutes.”

“And the guards outside?”

“Anna, Tilly and Mina went to serve them dinner, they gave the signal. It should be all clear.”

“And I created the tunnel. Then we should get going,” Miss Sprytt said and nodded at Lydia.

Eylion hugged Annabelle one last time.

“I’m going to miss you so much. I hope we see each other really soon.”

Annabelle was lost for words and she felt herself starting to cry.

“Take care, Annabelle,” Eylion said before letting her go.

Then Annabelle felt herself change. She was shrinking, her entire body felt strange. She suddenly looked up at the three witches in front of her. They were all really tall. She looked at herself and saw that her hands were little, pink paws. Everything felt strange. Her vision was different, she suddenly had a wider sight and things looked lighter, and it was as if she could suddenly smell and hear everything. She felt like a super human, except she was in feline form.

“Meow,” she said, realising she had lost her ability to speak with her new form.

“Now, we will change,” Lydia informed her. “Annabelle, you will follow Octavia to the tunnel, I will come behind you. Then when we get to the tunnel, we will go through and you will follow me until I stop. Understand?”


“Well then, we’ll be off.”

The two older witches changed. Miss Sprytt became a big tabby like Eylion once had been, and Lydia was completly black with green eyes. Annabelle noticed that the two cats were bigger than her. She compared size and realised she was kitten size! Not new-born, but definately a kitten.


They hurried up the stairs and Eylion followed them. When they got to the entrance hall there were frogs everywhere. There were a few students who hadn’t turned into frogs, probably because they were late for dinner. Annabelle had to fight hard against the instinct to play with the frogs. She really wanted to pounce at them.

“Dang! Someone must have opened the door,” Eylion said as she came up behind them. She ran over to the front door and opened it.

“Take care!” she called after them as they ran out the front door and into the park area outside.

Annabelle followed the big tabby cat between tree trunks, that were so much more visible to her with night vision. They headed towards the big stone wall that surrounded the school. Once they got to the wall the tabby stopped next to a hole in the ground, Annabelle stopped too and turned to see Lydia coming after them.

“Meow,” Lydia said, reaching out a paw and swatting it towards Annabelle’s hindquarters. She guessed that meant “Go on!”

Annabelle jumped into the hole which was more than big enough for a kitten to get though, and went through the tunnel, appearing on the other side of the wall. She was quickly followed by Lydia who had to crawl through. They had done it!

“Meow,” Lydia said, signalling for Annabelle to follow her. There was no time to stop now, they had to get far away from the school while the staff were still frogs. Hopefully nobody would realise that they had gone for a while after they returned to human form.


They kept traveling as cats for over an hour before Lydia finally stopped in the middle of a thick forest and transformed them back to human form. It was pitch dark for a human, and for a moment Annabelle felt like she was going blind, until Lydia cast a small, blue, light globe. It gave them light, but it wouldn’t draw too much attention if anyone happened to fly over them on a broomstick.

“Finally,” Annabelle said as she stretched her legs and cracked her neck, adjusting to her new form. “I’ve been waiting for ages for answers. What the hell happened back there?”

Lydia smiled at her and pulled her into an embrace.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered into her ear. “There was no time for explanations.”

She kissed Annabelle softly on the lips.

“We knew they had taken you when you weren’t in your room, but we couldn’t just storm into the dungeon and rescue you, not if we wanted to escape the way we did. I hated leaving you in there.”

“But Miss Sprytt?”

“Alexis’s inside spy.”

“You’re joking!”

“Nope,” Lydia said grinning. “You’ve got to give it to her, she’s a brilliant actress.”

Annabelle couldn’t believe it. How? Octavia Sprytt had been unpleasant from the beginning, she had punished students in her history class for trying to correct her lies, everyone hated her.

“But she was a total cow before we even knew we had to go to school! She was rude to Alexis. She punished the students in her class for telling the truth, she…”

“She kept up appearances, Annabelle. She did what she had to do in order to make Kendra Onbush believe she is one of her closest allies. I hope nobody suspects her of helping us today. We need a spy like her in there.”

“Did you know she was a spy?”

“Me? No, not until last night when we couldn’t find you. We were in your room when Octavia came to find you. She believed you were in danger and she wanted to check on you, but she was too late.”

“And then she just told you that she was a spy?”

Lydia laughed and shook her head.

“No, but I guessed. She seemed as shocked as we were to find you gone, and when she said something about you probably having been taken to the dungeon, I realised she was on your side. I could see the worry in her eyes.”

“Octavia Sprytt was worried about me?” Annabelle asked sceptically.

Lydia nodded.

“And then we told her of our plans and we decided to included your other friends to help us.”

“This is crazy,” Annabelle said, sitting down on a log. “So many secrets. I almost feel like pawn in some sick game.”

Lydia sat down next to her and put her arm over her shoulder.

“I know how you feel. I have been a pawn in my great grandmother’s game for too long.”

“But not anymore,” Annabelle said.

“No, not anymore,” Lydia said smiling. “And you know what? It feels great! I can’t believe I am away from her and other members of my family, it feels like I have been rid of something toxic poisoning my life.”

“Yeah, and now we just have to find Andromeda,” Annabelle reminded her. “Ain’t that gonna be a hoot?”

Lydia laughed.

“It is so far!” Annabelle complained.

“We’ve been locked in that castle for ages, and you complain that you have to walk freely in the open?” Lydia pulled her closer. “Just you and me, under the stars, nobody else…”

Annabelle blushed.

“Alright, that does sound nice,” she admitted. “But we’re still on the run, and we should keep going on a bit. While it is still dark, I mean.”

“Yes, but first we need a bite to eat,” Lydia said opening her bag. “You open your satchel, I can’t access anything in that, remember. You need to check the map the vampire gave you.”

Annabelle opened her satchel and retrieved the scroll of parchment that was the map. She tapped it twice with her finger and ink started flowing on the parchment, forming a map. She could see the red dot on the map which pointed to where she was, but the purple dot was on the side of the parchment and not on the map, which meant that they still had a really long way to go.

“We’ve still got a long way,” she said showing Lydia the map. She dragged her finger from the red dot to the purple like Christophe had shown her, and the map changed showing a larger area. “We have to go North-West.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Lydia said and handed Annabelle a sandwich.

“Lydia?” Annabelle said sounding worried.

“Yes, Annabelle?”

“How do we tell which way is North-West?”

Lydia chuckled.

“Oh, Annabelle, what would you do without me here?”

They both sat in silence for a while, eating their sandwich and enjoying the view of the starry sky. It was so beautiful, and Annabelle felt so lucky to sit there next to Lydia alone. Suddenly she felt like maybe this journey to find Andromeda wouldn’t be so bad; after all, she would be with Lydia. She imagined the many nights in the future when she would be lying next to her on the ground, under a blanket, enjoying the starry night sky. No, that didn’t sound bad at all, she was actually looking forward to it.







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