Annabelle (Part 34)

A/N: This chapter contains the disciplinary spanking of an adult.  


“Okay… but tell me this…”


“Who am I?”


“Excuse me?” Leda looked a little taken aback.

“You heard me,” Annabelle said. “Who am I? Why do some people react when they see me? Alexis reacted to me when we first met. Lucas Storm thought I looked like someone he knew. And why did you give me the locket knowing it was special? I want answers.”

“Annabelle…” Leda hesitated. “I… I can’t answer that.”

“Yes, you can! You know, Leda. I know you do.”

“It’s complicated…”

“But you must tell me!” Annabelle said this last part a bit loudly.

“Do not take that tone with me, missy!” Leda scolded.

“I will use whatever tone I want. I am sick of being bossed around and never given any information. You expect me to just do what you say, go to Andromeda, when you can’t even be honest with me? Forget it!”

Leda raised an eyebrow. Annabelle kept challenging her, looking firm.

“Young lady, I am not above taking you over my knee.”

“Why? For asking questions?” Annabelle asked, she could feel her blood rising. The look Leda gave her scared her a little, but she didn’t break eye contact.

“For being disrespectful. All of the instructions given to you are for your own safety…”

“Well, you can take your instructions and shove them up your….”

Leda cut Annabelle off and grabbed her arm. The moment Annabelle had said it, she knew she had gone too far. She should have known before she said it, that that comment wouldn’t go down well with Leda. The older woman swiftly pulled Annabelle over her lap.

“I can see that you need a little disciplinary attention before you’re ready talk.”

“No! I don’t need…”

Leda slapped Annabelle’s bottom, hard. 

“Ow! Leda, let me up, dammit! You’re not my mentor!” 

“You know very well that I am allowed to spank you if I feel that you need it, young lady. Just like your mentors can spank Eylion if they see fit.”


“This is what it’s like to be part of the coven. You should be grateful you’re a part of one.”

Annabelle squirmed over the older woman’s lap, trying to get up, but Leda held her securely. She gave Annabelle a dozen swats on the outside of her shorts, before she pulled them down, along with her panties.

“Hmm… I can see someone has recently been spanked by someone else,” Leda commented. “Did Lydia punish you earlier today?”

“I… no! It wasn’t like that.” Annabelle could feel herself blushing, remembering the sexual encounter with Lydia previously. She had also never been spanked by Leda before.

“Ah, I see. Christophe did mention the two of you seemed close,” Leda said. She rubbed her hand over a mark on Annabelle’s bottom. “Well, I can promise you this is not going to be that kind of spanking!”

And with that, she brought her hand down sharply on Annabelle’s already reddened backside. 

“Owww! I just want answers!”

“That is no excuse to speak to me the way you did, missy!” Leda said, peppering Annabelle’s bottom with stinging swats. “I will not tolerate such disrespect. I am your elder, and in our little coven, I am almost up there with Alexis in the hierarchy.” 

“Fuck your stupid hierarchy!” Annabelle blurted out, kicking with her legs and trying to squirm loose from Leda’s hard grip. 

There was a dangerous silence, and Annabelle immediately knew she had crossed a line. She had already crossed the line, which was why she was over Leda’s lap to begin with, but now she had crossed another. Leda was silent for a long time, giving Annabelle time to really appreciate just how much trouble she had gotten herself in.

“You’re not really doing yourself any favors, are you, my dear? I think perhaps my hand won’t teach you a proper lesson this time. I can see that you have changed since we last saw each other. You are less timid, which can be a good thing, but the old Annabelle would have known better than to show such disrespect.” 

She grabbed Annabelle around the waste and stood up. Annabelle’s shorts and panties fell off as she dangled from Leda’s strong grip. Leda dropped Annabelle on her bed.

“Lay down,” she commanded. “I need to find an implement.”

“Nooo….” Annabelle whined. 

“Yes, I think so, my dear,” Leda said. “You will learn never to speak to me like that again, and I can only warn you not to speak to Andromeda like that. I wouldn’t even have dared to try.” 

Annabelle was about to argue, but Leda had just turned and was leaving the room. She closed the door behind her, no doubt to go to her own room to retrieve something. For a short second Annabelle had the idea of putting on her shorts and try to escape out the window, but then she realized that she would eventually have to face Leda, and who knew what kind of trouble that would lead to! 


Outside the door, Leda met Lydia in the hallway. 

“Are you done talking already?”

“No, but I am afraid Annabelle has decided to be difficult. I am getting my hairbrush.” 

“Really? What happened?” 

“Let’s see… when I told her she needed to follow the instructions given to her,  she told me I could shove my instructions up my you-know-where…”

Lydia winced, but she didn’t say anything. She had never heard Annabelle say anything like that before.

“Then,” Leda continued, “When I reminded her of our coven’s hierarchy and that she had to respect her elders… well… let’s just say she dropped a massive F-bomb.” 


“So your girlfriend is in big trouble.” She raised an eyebrow at Lydia. “Are you going to try to convince me not to spank her?”

“No,” Lydia shook her head. “It sounds like she has earned herself a punishment. But…”

“But what?”

“But… you should know that she has recently been spanked a little bit, so…”

“I have seen the marks you left, young lady, but I don’t think they were from a punishment.”

“Well… it… I didn’t… eh…”

“You didn’t spank her as soundly as you would have if she were in trouble? I know. I know about… those kinds of spankings too.” She gave Lydia a reassuring smile. “I am an experienced disciplinarian, Lydia, don’t worry. I would never harm her.”

“Good. I mean… not that I thought you would.” 

There was a silence between the two. Then Lydia said, “So… about this journey…”

“We’re leaving in the morning,” Leda replied.

“All of us?” Lydia asked. 

“Yes. The three of us will depart from Dragonsdale together, and Lucas is going to accompany Annabelle all the way to Andromeda. It will be safer, and it will look less suspicious.” She looked into Lydia’s eyes and put her hand on her shoulder. “I know you care for her.”

“I do,” Lydia replied, nodding. 

“But you know how this journey has to end, don’t you?”

“I think so…” Lydia said, looking into Leda’s eyes. “You want me to go back with you.”

“Yes,” Leda nodded. “And Annabelle won’t be happy. In fact, given the temper tantrum she just threw, she will probably be furious once she finds out.”

 “But… I’m the one with the insider information,” Lydia reasoned. She knew this, she had known for a while that hiding at Andromeda’s was probably not for her. She just wanted to see Annabelle there safely. She hadn’t been able to tell Annabelle any of this, she knew she wouldn’t take it well. She would have insisted that she’d go with Lydia, but that could not happen. Everyone wanted Annabelle safe, and that was not with her mentors right now.

“You’ve worked close to Kendra,”  Leda said. “You’re her family, you know things.”

“Annabelle is going to hate me for this,” Lydia said, looking sad. 

“She won’t hate you,” Leda said, patting Lydia’s cheek. She gave her a smile. “She will be mad, really mad. But once she has calmed down, Andromeda will be able to make her see sense. She will understand why we need you.” 

Seeing the sad look on Lydia’s face, Leda pulled the younger woman into a hug. She held her there for a while, stroking her back. She could feel her relax a little in her embrace. Leda instinctively knew Lydia needed this reassurance. She knew this was hard for her. She knew Lydia had had a rough life, that she had never had the support she needed from her own family. It was strange, she thought, how Lydia, who had never received proper love from her own family, could find it in her heart to love Annabelle the way she did. Maybe that was why she was so good at loving Annabelle, because she gave her the attention she had wanted herself. Leda made a mental note to take Lydia under her wing. 

 “It’s best if we don’t tell her,” Leda said softly into her ear.

“Another lie?”

“Honey, do you think we will be able to get her from this inn if we tell her the truth?”

“Not a chance,” Lydia admitted, defeated. She sighed. “Fine, we’ll do it your way.” 

“Good girl.”

Leda entered Annabelle’s room again, finding the brat where she left her. She laid prone on her stomach, her red bottom on display and her head buried in her arms. It looked like she had calmed down. 

“Done with your little tantrum now?” Leda asked, folding her arms. 

Annabelle sniffed and looked up at her with innocent eyes. 

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said those thing.” 

“No, you shouldn’t have. And don’t think those puppy-dog eyes will get you out of a paddling.” She raised an eyebrow. 

“I just wanna know stuff… it’s stuff about me. I deserve to know things about myself.”

 “Annabelle, I know you feel like we are keeping too many secrets, I know you are getting frustrated and angry, but that does not mean that I will give into you.” 

Annabelle looked sad. 

“I’m tired of all the secrets, Leda.”

“I know.”

“I just want to know what you know.”

“But you can’t.”


“There are a lot of things you are better off not knowing. We are in a situation where knowledge can be dangerous.” 

“But I just want to know who I am. Is that dangerous?”

Leda took a moment to think. 

“Yes,” she finally replied. “Right now, the less you know the better.” 

Annabelle opened her mout to speak, looking defiant, but Leda cut her off. 

“Enough of this, Annabelle.”

“But…” Annabelle started breathing faster through her nose. Leda could tell she was getting angry again.

“Don’t. Be a good girl,” she warned. Then she ducked as Annabelle threw a pillow, hard.


“Oh boy,” Leda said, toughing the bridge of her nose with her finger and thumb. “Here we go again.” She gripped the hairbrush firmly in her hand, approaching the younger woman.

To be continued….

Jars of kink

So…. my friend, Emma, over on Emma’s Story Corner, made a post called “Jars of Spanko Kinks” and I used the blank templet she provided to do the same. Emma has seen this done with other kinks, and she made her own spanko version.

It was hard because I’m not sure, but I think I did a good job of representing my interests in various spanking activities. So without further ado, these are my jars of spanko kinks.

Mila Gets Two Tops (Mila and Blake)

Hello, my darlings. These are some new characters that I am working on. 😉 It started as a daydream I had and it developed from there.  I really hope you enjoy my new characters. However, just a warning, there is a tiny teeny bit of Japanese in the story.  But don’t worry, I’ve written in in “romaji” (roman letters), and it’s nothing complicated. So… just a quick Japanese lesson before the story:
* Hai = yes
* Sensei = teacher
* Gomenasai = sorry
* Shouganai = It can’t be helped   (It is expresses a situation that one has little control over. Very similar to the French – “C’est la vie”. However, in our story the characters incorrectly uses it to excuse something that can be helped!)
* Osoi yo  = You’re late


I don’t know exactly when I fell for Blake. We met each other through the amateur theatre, both brought there kicking and screaming by aspiring actor friends, too scared to join on their own. I only remember thinking that she was absolutely gorgeous, but I quickly pushed that thought out of the way. The tall, beautiful blonde was probably not gay anyway, and so why bother obsessing about someone that I couldn’t have? Blake had joined with her roommate, Kate, and I became friends with both of them on the first day, which is probably why I decided to come back. Hannah, my aspiring actor friend, decided that perhaps acting wasn’t her thing after a slightly embarrassing drama class in which we had to participate in some silly improvisation game. But I stayed, because I actually quite enjoyed acting, and I also quite enjoyed Blake and Kate’s company.

It wasn’t that long after I met Blake that things got interesting. We were putting on an all-female production of Twelfth Night. I had secured the part of Viola which was great because I got to cross-dress as the boy, Cesario, for most of the play. Blake was playing Olivia, the slightly older countess that would mistake me for a guy and fall in love with me. If you had told me a couple of months before that I would be doing an amateur production of Shakespeare, I would not have believed you, but there I was practicing my lines day after day, preparing for the opening night; and I had the time of my life.

I suppose my adventure with Blake started one night after rehearsals. I had to hurry because I had a Japanese lesson, and I was already running late. I walked into the dressing room to pick up my coat when I heard some chat from the bathroom. The door was open so I decided to go in and say goodbye to the others before I left. I just got thought the door, lifting my arm sort of in a half-wave at Kate as Blake stood with her back to me. I smiled and was about to open my mouth and speak when I suddenly heard Blake say, “I think I’d like her to be a little bit younger. Like Mila, she has a great ass, doesn’t she?”  I raised my eyebrows, and Kate’s eyes widened. She kind of shook her head a little in my direction, trying to warn Blake that I was behind her, but Blake  didn’t seem to notice.

“I’d love to spank her,” she finished. “Her tight, naughty ass could use some spanking.”

Then she looked up at Kate and realised that something was wrong. She turned around and saw me. She gasped, her face turning beet red. I pressed my lips firmly together trying not to laugh, but I probably wasn’t very discreet. My eyes were involuntarily crinkling at the corners.  Blake found her voice and said, “Don’t you dare laugh.” But she had just finished her warning when I completely failed and burst out laughing. I laughed so hard my eyes were watering, and it must have been contagious because now Kate was laughing too.

“Sorry,” I chuckled, heaving for a breath and wiping tears from my eyes. “Sorry, I can’t help it.”

“It’s not funny, guys,” Blake complained, hiding her face behind her hands. She was obviously embarrassed, but I think she was also relieved that I wasn’t angry with her, because I could see her mouth smiling slightly. I suppose she was scared of my reaction, but I really did not mind her talking about my ass; in fact, it felt like my prayers had been answered. I knew I had been attracted to her from start, but I hadn’t allowed myself the possibility that she could be interested in me. It would only be too typical if a woman that fine were straight, and even if not, I wouldn’t have thought her single. I remember the relief I felt when I learned that Kate had a boyfriend, because that meant she wasn’t going out with Blake.

“Really, Blake. Don’t worry about it,” I comforted her, winking.

Then I remembered that I had somewhere to be. “Oh, shoot! I’ll be late for class. I have to go.” I gave Blake a smile. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh, but it’s funny. You have to admit.” I didn’t want to just leave it like that, but I had to or I’d be even more late for my class, and Noriko-sensei would not be happy. She had already called me out on being late last time. I had gotten her in a better mood by incorrectly, and cheekily, using the Japanese phrase “shouganai”, “it can’t be helped”, which, although a commonly used phrase in Japan, probably shouldn’t be used to excuse tardiness. She jokingly warned me that next time she’d give me lines, and one can never be too careful. If my sensei gave me lines, I certainly would not be obliged to do it as she didn’t have that kind of authority, but I probably would out of respect for her.

“Are you coming tonight,” Kate asked, as I put on my coat and zipped it up, preparing myself mentally to step out into the cold winter air. I was going to miss my bus for sure.

“Yes, most definitely,” I said, straightening my coat and smiling at her.

“Good,” she said, giving me a smile back. “Dinner is at eight. Be on time.”

“I will,” I called as I hurried out of the room. “If I’m late, I’m sure Blake will be happy to spank me,” I teased, and I could hear Blake protesting and Kate laughing as I ran out the door.


“Sensei, gomenasai.” I bowed my head in respect, apologising as Noriko-sensei opened the door to let me in to the class room. Of course, the door would be locked. It had never been locked during class before, but I suspected that Noriko-sensei had locked it when she realised I would be late for class again, forcing me to knock.

“Mila-san, you’re late. Osoi yo!” Sensei chided.

“Hai. Gomenasai,” I said quietly, but my lips gave away a little smirk.

Sensei shook her head, but I could see her eyes smiling at me behind her black-rimmed glasses. The other students were sniggering at me in the background, but they were a nice gang, I knew it was kind-hearted.

“Mila, I would like to see you after class,” Noriko-Sensei said quietly so only I could hear. I nodded at once, wondering if she really was going to give me lines. “Take you seat, Mila-san,” she said a little louder so the others could hear. She returned to the  desk at the front of the classroom and sat down. I dropped my bag at the only available seat at the back of the class. “Turn to page forty-three in the workbook,” Noriko-Sensei instructed to the class. “Let’s go through your homework for today.”

“Shit,” I mumbled quietly to myself as I pulled my workbook out of my bag. I had forgotten to do my homework.


Noriko-sensei was a very interesting woman. Half Japanese, half English, and full on awesome. She was intelligent and witty. She liked me, I knew she did. However, our close relationship meant that she would often expect more of me than others in her class. She wouldn’t tolerate tardiness from anybody, and as it was an advanced class she expected people to do their homework. Because of our relationship, I often felt she pushed me more. Whilst some of the others could get away with speaking English to her in class, she would always demand that I try Japanese first, and then use English if I couldn’t express what I wanted to say adequately. She knew I was less shy, and I wasn’t likely to fall apart at her criticism. She believed in me and my abilities. And, although an incredibly attractive woman, I knew our relationship was a platonic one, if not quite conventional. She was probably twenty years older than me, and she was married. Learning this had at first been disappointing, but I had learned to live with it. I liked her, but I think it was more the authoritative attention that she provided which I found attractive, and that could be found in somebody else.

“So,” Noriko-sensei said after class, leaning against the teacher’s desk at front of the classroom while I sat obediently in my seat.  “Late again, eh?”

“Sorry, Sensei. I got caught up at the theatre,” I excused myself. “We’re putting on a production of Twelfth Night.

“I thought rehearsals ended at four o’clock. Did it go on longer this afternoon?”

“No,” I said quietly, cursing her good memory.

“So you can’t really blame your obligations at the theatre, can you?”

“But I talked to some of the cast members after,” I tried to explain, knowing that Sensei would find a way to dig the truth out of me if she wanted.

“And was that conversation so important that it could not wait?” she asked me, raising an eyebrow at me.

I shook my head, feeling guilty. I had stayed behind gossiping with some of the others until I was running late, and then I had stopped to talk to Blake and Kate, making me even later.

“Do you remember what I threatened to do if you were late again, Mila?”

I looked up from studying my fingers nails, surprised. “You mean… eh… make me write lines?”

“That’s it,” Sensei said, nodding. “Of course, you didn’t only show up late to class, did you? You also forgot to do any of your homework. What do you think I should do about that?”

“Spank me?” I joked, grinning. It came out before I could stop myself. I had been thinking about Blake’s comment earlier that afternoon. “Eh… I mean… sorry, Sensei, that was inappropriate.” I leaned my head down on the desk, hiding my face in my arms, embarrassed.

After a while I could feel Sensei’s hand on my shoulder. Then I felt her rub my back. “That is not a bad idea, young lady. Not a bad idea at all.”

I looked up at her, gaping. “Eh… what?”

“Perhaps I should dole out some real punishment.” She raised an eyebrow at me, smiling slightly. “Perhaps I should spank you.”

My eyes widened. “Eh… do you… I mean… are you being serious?” It was such a strange situation that I didn’t quite know how to interpret it.

“Yes, I am,” she said, patting me on the shoulder. “However, it is entirely up to you.” She sat down by the desk next to me, and gave me a serious look. “Why did you suggest I spank you, Mila? Was it just a joke? Or did you mean it?”

I could feel my face turning red, and I took a minute to think, looking deeply into Noriko-sensei’s beautiful brown eyes. “I… well, I suppose it came out as a joke,” I started, hesitantly. “But… there was something that triggered it, I suppose.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

I took a deep breath. “Well, see… the reason why I was late… well, I mean… I would probably have been late anyway,” I gave her a little smile. “But the reason why I was even later was because I walked in on someone talking about me. Her name is Blake, she plays Olivia in the play, and I kinda like her… like… a lot.”

“What did she say?”

“Well, she was standing with her back to me, and then she told our friend Kate that I have a great ass and that she’d like to spank me. That… eh… my tight, naughty ass could use some spanking.” I blushed even harder.

Noriko-sensei laughed out loud. I giggled.

“Anyway, that is why it was on my mind, I suppose.”

“I see.” Noriko-sensei studied me for a while. “And do you want her to spank you?”

I nodded shyly. “I think so. I mean… I kinda teased her about it.”

“Of course, you did.”

“She was so embarrassed when she saw that I had heard, but I couldn’t help but laugh. However, I think… I mean… I am really attracted to her, and I think her dominant personality is part of that.”

“You think?” Noriko-sensei chuckled.

“Sensei, do you think that I should ask her if she has feelings for me?”

“Yes, I think you should,” Sensei said, nodding.

I smiled at her. “Thanks, Sensei. I guess I should get going.”  I got up to leave.

“Hold on, young lady. We’re not done yet.”

“We’re not?”

“No, we are most certainly not.” She stood up and folded her arms. “Do you accept my spanking or don’t you?”

“Oh… that… eh…” I scratched my neck. “What do you suggest? I mean… do you want to spanke me?”

“Mila, if I didn’t want to spank you, I wouldn’t have offered, would I? Now, I think we both know that our relationship is not a romantic one.”

“Yes, I know.” I nodded.

“But that doesn’t mean that I am not willing to give you a spanking when you need it, or when you want it. There are different types of spankings, and I would be happy to give you punishment spankings, but also not so serious spankings if you should want that.”

“Really?” I asked, my mouth half open in shock. I could not believe the conversation I was having with my teacher, yet I automatically knew that I wanted this from her. 

“Yes, but I think if this thing with Blake works out, you should be open with her about that. I will be here for you and for your needs, but I advice you to be honest with a potential lover.”

I nodded, seriously.

“Now, seeing as you have been late to several classes and you have forgotten to do your homework, if you agree to be spanked by me now, you can consider it an actual punishment.” She walked over to her desk, and opened a drawer. She pulled out a long wooden ruler. “I’ll tell you what. You can choose between 200 lines and spanking, or 500 lines.”

“500?” I asked, gaping.

“Yes,” she said, smirking. She walked over to the blackboard. “I want you to write “I am really sorry. In the future, I will not come late to my Japanese class” either two-hundred or five-hundred times.” She wrote the words on the blackboard.



“I don’t want to write it five-hundred times,” I said, trying to pout without smirking. I really craved a spanking from Sensei. 

Noriko-sensei smiled and pattet the wooden desk with her hand. I walked over to her and bent over, placing my elbows and palms on the desk. I suddenly became very conscious of the fact that I was wearing a checkered, pleated skirt, almost as if I subconsciously knew I was going to get spanked by my teacher. How’s that for a school-girl fantasy!

“Good girl,” Sensei said, as she placed herself on my left and placed her left hand on the small of my back. “I will spank you a little with my hard first, I think. Then your backside will be nice and warm for my ruler.”

“How long will you spank me?”

“I’m not sure yet, I will need to pay attention to your reaction to it, and to the colour of your backside.”

“You… eh… you will pull up my skirt?” I asked, nervous.

“Oh, yes. You will feel my ruler directly on your bare bottom.”

“Awe,” I whined. “That is embarrassing.”

“That is part of the punishment,” Sensei reminded me. “I will start the spanking on top of your skirt though, gradually warming you up.” She placed her right hand on my bottom, rubbing it slightly in a circular motion. “Are you ready?”

“Emh… I suppose,” I said, letting out a little whimper.

I felt Sensei raise her hand and I closed my eyes knowing what would shortly follow. Her hand came down sharply on my bottom. It stung a little bit, but it wasn’t unbearable; Sensei didn’t use full force. She kept swatting my skirt-covered behind slowly, with firm swats that gradually built up a sting in my behind, and little by little she increased force and pace. After a while I let out small whimpers, and shortly after Sensei stopped spanking me and rubbed my bottom for a bit.

“Are you doing okay?” she asked me, patting my bottom lightly.

“Yes, Sensei,” I said truthfully. My bottom felt stingy, but it wasn’t that bad. I knew that it would get worse, especially once Sensei used the ruler on my bare bottom!

“Now, remind me, missy, why am I spanking you?”

“Because I was late, Sensei.”


“And… and… emh…” I hesitated, thinking.

“You homework?”

“Oh, yes, that.” I giggled nervously. “I forgot to do my homework.”

“That’s right,” Sensei said, giving me a sharp swat to my bottom, harder than any of the previous ones. I gave a little whimper. “You know I don’t appreciate tardiness, don’t you?”


“Do any of the others come late?”

I thought for a moment. “Well, it is possible Sensei. Just because they come before me, doesn’t mean that they are not late.”

Sensei gave me another hard swat, causing me to wince.  “Don’t be cheeky, young lady. You are in enough trouble already.” She patted by bottom lightly. “I think it is time I lift your skirt now,” she said, moving her hand slowly over my bottom, her hand following the curve of my cheeks down to my thighs before she lifted my skirt, revealing my cotton panties with little cupcakes on them. I heard Sensei chuckle and I could imagine her eyes crinkling into a smile as she saw them. I had a nervous feeling that there might be a wet patch on my panties, but if Sensei noticed she didn’t say anything, she just fastened my skirt in the waistband.

“These are cute,” she said, patting my cupcake panties, “but I think these better come down too.”

I responded with a complaining whimper as I felt her fingers under the waistband, slowly tugging them down, leaving them mid-thigh.

“My, my, your bottom is looking slightly rosy,” she commented, feeling my warm cheeks with her hand. “But I don’t think I am quite happy with the colour yet. I will have to spank you some more with my hand before I let you taste my ruler.” 

Noriko-sensei started spanking me again, her hand moving faster and harder than before. Her swats fell in a steady rhythm and the burning feeling in my bottom was building up. It made it harder to stand still. 


“Maybe someone will come on time next week, hmm?” Noriko-sensei said and she tightened the grip she had on me with her left arm and started focusing her swats on my sit-spot. 

“Yes, Sensei.”

“Are you going to be a good girl?”

“Yes, Sensei.”

“You will do your homework, and finish your lines for me?”

“Owwwiee… ow… yes, Sensei. I’ll be good!” 

Noriko-sensei slowed down. She was still spanking me, but her swats were not quite as hard. 

“I want you to spend extra attention to your lines. I do not want to see sloppy kanji, or you will do it again.” 

She stopped spanking me and rubbed my bottom. My backside was burning, and she hadn’t even spanked me with the ruler yet. Then a thought struck me.



“Are we alone in the building? What if someone is outside the door?”

Noriko-sense chuckled. “Oh, don’t worry about that. We should be the last ones here, but even so these classrooms are pretty soundproof.”

“How do you know? Have you spanked any other students in here?” I asked, feeling slightly jealous.

“Is that a tone of jealousy?” She said, and I could feel her smile.

“Maybe…” I muttered.

Noriko-sensei chuckled. “Relax. Believe it or not, but I don’t make a habit of spanking my students. But I do have a wife, you know.” She patted my bottom slightly. “Now… are you ready for my ruler?”

I whimpered. My bottom was burning, but I was a bit curious about her ruler. I would never admit it to Noriko-sensei, but I had fantasised about her bending me over a desk and spanking me. And in my daydreams, she did not let me off with only a hand spanking. 


“Ye… yes, Sensei.” 

“Good.” Sensei picked up her ruler from the desk. It was a bit ruler. It was long and flat, and about two inches wide. “I happen to know this ruler is perfect for spanking.” 

She stood behind me and patted my bottom lightly. “Stick out your bottom, girl. You will present me with your bottom for punishment, and you will keep your position, do you understand?”

“Yes, Sensei.”

“I will give you twenty swats with my ruler.”


“Ten for being late, and ten for not doing your homework.”

“But I already got spanked with your hand,” I argued, looking back at Noriko-sensei who stood behind me with the ruler, ready to wallop my behind.

“Well, yes,” she said, smirking. “I always give a hand spanking first.” She rubbed her hand over my red bottom. “I like to redden a naughty girl’s bottom cheeks with my hand first. Give her a proper warm up, you know.” 

“You are really enjoying this, aren’t you?” I asked, rolling my eyes.

“Immensely,” she said, giving a chuckle, or maybe it was more like a cackle. 

Noriko-sensei lined up the ruler across my bottom. I could feel the cold wood in the middle of my bottom, covering both of my bottom cheeks. She pulled back and swung down, and the ruler landed on my bottom again with a CRACK! 

“Owww!” I howled slightly, shaking the pain out of my bottom. It wasn’t the worst pain. Noriko-sensei had probably not given me a very hard one, but it did have a bite.

“That is one. Maybe I should make you count in Japanese.” 

“Nooo!” I argued. “I don’t want to count.”

“Oh fine,” she said, lining up the ruler again. “Spoilsport.”


She kept bringing the ruler down on my bottom, keeping the fire in my bottom going. When we were half way through the strokes with the ruler, she stopped and rubbed my bottom again. I was holding my breath. 

“Need a break?” she asked, sounding a bit concerned. 

“Yes, please,” I said, breathing out. “May rub my bottom a bit?” 

“Yes, you may.” 

I immediately got up and started rubbing my poor bottom. I tried to bend my head back to look at it, but it wasn’t that easy. 

Noriko-sensei chuckled. “Want some help?” She held up her phone, offering to take a picture. 

“Yes, please.”

She took a photo and showed me on her phone. The bottom in the photo was bright red! 

“Wow! My bottom is so red!”

“And no bruising,” she said proudly. 

“Yeah, I would have expected there to be, especially after the ruler.”

“There still might be, but I did try to avoid it.” 

“Either way, you have done a number on my bottom,” I said, pouting.

“And you still have ten swats with the ruler left to go,” she said, raising her eyebrow at me. 

I automatically reached back and rubbed my bottom. “You know… if I had known this would be the punishment, I would probably have tried a little harder to make class on time.”

“In other words, Mila-chan needs to have her bottom spanked more often,” Noriko-sensei said. She grabbed my arm and forced me to bend back over the desk. 

She finished by giving me the last ten swats with the ruler more quickly. It was hard to stay in position, and I felt like she put more force into the last swats. When she finished I was dancing while rubbing my bottom fiercely. 

“Owww! You lit my ass on fire!”

“Maybe next time you will come on time! And do your homework.”

“Yes, Sensei,” I muttered. 

Noriko-sensei held out her arms to me, which was not very Japanese at all, and I walked into her embrace. She hugged me really tight, stroking my back. It felt nice. This experience had brought us even closer. I hoped that if things worked out with Blake, she would still be okay with me getting spanked by Noriko-sensei from time to time. She wasn’t a lover to me, but a mentor and a friend. I gladly accepted her discipline and guidance. 

“Thank you, Sensei,” I said, still enveloped in her embrace. 

“You’re welcome, Mila-chan.”


“Mila! Finally.” Kate opened the door for me and let me into the hallway. “You’re late!”

“I know! I’m sorry, Kate. I brought you a bottle of wine, though,” I replied handing it over to an eager looking Kate. 

“Oooh, this looks nice.” She said, checking out the label. “Oh, alright. I forgive you, but Blake might give you a spanking.” She winked at Blake who joined them. We both giggled at her expense, while Blake looked embarrassed. 

“I look forward to it,” I said and smiled at Blake. “So… is there any food left?” 

“Oh, we didn’t eat yet. Kate burned it,” Blake said.

“Hey! It was an accident.” Kate pouted. “We just ordered pizza. It’ll be here in about twenty minutes.” 

“Nice, I love pizza!” I hugged Kate.

“Who doesn’t,” Kate said, grinning. “Oh… but… I thought since it’ll take twenty minutes, I would eh… well… I have something to do in my room. So you guys just… you know… entertain yourself.” 

My gaze followed Kate’s back as she left the room in a hurry. She was being very cryptic. 

Blake turned to me, looking a bit nervous.

“Hey… can… can I talk to you for a bit?”

“Sure,” I said smiling.

“Follow me.” 

Blake took me with her into her bedroom. I had never been in her room before. It was nice. Very minimalistic, but stylish at the same time. She sat down on the bed and patted the mattress next to her.

“I just wanted to talk about what happened earlier. I am really sorry if… if I made you feel uncomfortable.”

“You didn’t,” I assured her. 

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely.” I smiled and put my hand on hers. “But… I did want to ask you something.”

“Yeah? What?”

I took a deep breath. 

“Blake… I have… feelings. Like… for you. And I was wondering if maybe you had feelings for me too? Or am I just a tight ass to you?” I winked at the last part.

Blake chuckled. She smiled at me, and her eyes crinkled. 

“Mila, I have feelings for you. You are more than just a tight ass to me. That’s just a bonus. I like butts, and yours is really nice.”

I laughed. “Thanks. Well… if you wanted to spank my bottom, you could. I wouldn’t mind that at all. Though perhaps not that much tonight.”

“Yeah, might be a bit soon? I wouldn’t want to move to fast for you.”

“No… it’s not that,” I said, hesitating. “It’s just… my Japanese teacher spanked me for being late, and forgetting my homework.”

“What? For real?” Blake raised her eyebrows.

I nodded. “And she said I should tell you if I wanted to start something. She said to be honest about it. If we went out, would you mind if Noriko-sensei spanked me sometimes?”

“Are you romantically involved?” she asked.

I shook my head. “Not at all. She is married, and I am pretty sure she is monogamous.” 

“Then I wouldn’t mind. As long as it’s with your consent.” She smiled at me. “But I am monogamous too. If I start going out with you, then I wouldn’t be seeing anyone else, and I would hope you wouldn’t be romantic with anyone else either.”

“I only want to be with you,” I said looking into her beautiful eyes, and for good measure, I leaned in and kissed her. She kissed me back, and for a moment there was a lot of kissing. We laid down on the bed, making out. Blake reached out and grabbed my bottom.

“Owww…” I muttered. “Sorry… a bit sore.”

“Poor, baby. Can I see?” she asked. She looked very eager. “I want to make sure you are alright. And maybe… maybe I can rub some cooling cream on for you.”

“That would be lovely,” I replied grinning. “How do you want me?” 

Blake smiled. “How about across my knee?”

I tried a story generator…

I was trying to get any ideas for the X-mas exchange, and so I decided to play with a story generator. The result was actually kinda funny. So… I present to you….

The Snow that Flurried like Shouting Reindeer

Santa looked at the Stingy newspaper in her hands and felt cross.

She walked over to the window and reflected on her dark surroundings. She had always loved cold Norway with its shaky, smoggy snow. It was a place that encouraged her tendency to feel cross.

Then she saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Charlie . Charlie was a hilarious devil with tall hands and red butt.

Santa gulped. She glanced at her own reflection. She was an admirable, incredible, mead drinker with curvaceous hands and beautiful butt. Her friends saw her as a doubtful, determined do gooder. Once, she had even brought a burnt puppy back from the brink of death.

But not even an admirable person who had once brought a burnt puppy back from the brink of death, was prepared for what Charlie had in store today.

The snow flurried like shouting reindeer, making Santa irritable.

As Santa stepped outside and Charlie came closer, she could see the gorgeous glint in her eye.

Charlie gazed with the affection of 9573 courageous helpless horses. She said, in hushed tones, “I love you and I want a resolution.”

Santa looked back, even more irritable and still fingering the Stingy newspaper. “Charlie, Is that real leather,” she replied.

They looked at each other with concerned feelings, like two cautious, curious cats rampaging at a very caring holiday, which had piano music playing in the background and two sympathetic uncles hopping to the beat.

Santa regarded Charlie’s tall hands and red butt. “I feel the same way!” revealed Santa with a delighted grin.

Charlie looked worried, her emotions blushing like a melted, mutated map.

Then Charlie came inside for a nice drink of mead.


Ally’s First Spanking


This story contains consensual F/f discipline spanking.

I first wrote this to someone else because I lost a bet, but we also decided to enter it as part of a contest with other writers. Some of you might have read it already, but some have not. I hope you enjoy these new characters. I hope to write more about them some time.


Ally parked her car in a tiny town down a sideway from Interstate 55. She had been visiting her grandparents in New Orleans and was driving a new car home. Her grandmother had given her the car! Her father said not to take it, that it was a piece of junk, and that her grandmother hadn’t been driving it for years. But Ally thought this baby was awesome and it was free. She was a college graduate withs student loans and low-paying job she hated. She couldn’t afford a new car, but she needed one. Her grandmother told her to come visit and not tell anyone else in the family, it would be their secret. She would stay the owner and keep paying for the insurance and Ally could drive it. It seemed like a sweet deal, and it saved her a train ride home, because she could just drive.

     So now Ally found herself in a small town in what appeared to be in the middle of nowhere. She needed a break as she had been driving for hours.

“That your car, ma’am?” A man had asked her outside the local shop.

“Yes, it is,” she replied proudly.

“It sounds like the engine needs checking,” he said, looking worried.

“Oh.” Ally frowned; she could not afford any heavy repairs. “Yeah, I’m going to do that,” she lied. She had no plans having this car checked out for a while. Her grandmother said it was fine, and why would her grandmother say that if it wasn’t true. Cuz your grandma is old as dirt, she don’t know what she’s talking about, her father would say.

    She sat down on a bench outside in the sun with a strawberry slurpy. While she was there, she might as well check her new app SpankR. It was an app that told you if another spanko was nearby. She had set the filter to woman seeking women in the hopes that she could find a girlfriend who would spank her. But she would also be open to find someone to play with. She didn’t really think she would get lucky with finding another lesbian spanko in this little town, but she checked the app anyway. She was taken aback when she saw that there was another female spanko called BikerSpankR only 30 meters away from her. She looked around her. Out here in the smoldering sun there were no women. She hoped BikerSpankR was a real woman and not just some dude catfishing! She got up, thew away the rest of the slurpy, and went into the store. In the distance she could see the top of a woman’s head behind a shelf.

As she got closer and saw the rest of her body. Her dark-brown hair was tied in a low ponytail and she was dressed top to toe in a leathery motorcycle gear. Her leather jacket open showing off a thin tank top showing off a chest that Ally could appreciate. She was hot! Could this be BikerSpankR? She hoped so! She acted on her impulse and sent BikerSpankR a message:

AllySpankee: Hello. How are you? 🙂

There was a ping in the hot woman’s pocket. It had to be her! BikerSpankR took out her phone and read the message, then she looked up, probably seeing the close proximity to Ally. She looked straight at her and raised an eyebrow. Ally blushed.

“Eh… I was only checking if it was you,” Ally mumbled and looked down feeling embarrassed. “I didn’t mean to eh… you know… stalk you.”

“I see,” said the woman, her eyebrow still raised, but she smiled slightly.

“Yeah, I’m just taking a break from a long drive and so I thought I would check the app, you know… to see if there could possibly be others in this tiny town.” She scratched her neck.

“Well, I sure hope you are not using that phone while driving, young lady.”

“No, I wouldn’t!” Ally said quickly, though the truth was she sometimes opened Spotify on her phone while driving, and she probably shouldn’t. “So… you just passing through?” she asked, she could feel her face blushing.

“Yeah, I’ve been to New Orleans with some friends.”

“Oh, me too. I was visiting my grandparents. My grandma gave me her car.”

“That old one outside?” BikerSpankR asked, looking doubtful. “I don’t know if that is safe to drive, are you going far?”

“Not too far. I’m having it checked out,” Ally lied for the second time. She was a little disappointed that BikerSpankR didn’t like her new car. She probably had a couple of hours left of driving, but she didn’t want to say that now that her car’s condition was being questioned.

“Good, you really should have it checked out. Don’t drive it too far, okay?”

“I won’t,” Ally replied.

A guy came approached the woman; he was wearing his own motorcycle outfit.

“Steph, we’ve got a motel not far from here. Are you coming?”

“Yeah,” BikerSpankR replied, or Steph as was apparently her name. She smiled at Ally. “I’ve got to go, but you can add me as a friend if you want. I don’t bite.”

“Thanks,” Ally said, smiling. She waved at the super-hot biker chick as she left the store, feeling a little disappointed.


After she had eaten a bit and had a bathroom break, she got back into her car, winced at the start up sound, and continued her long drive home. Instead of driving back where she came from, she decided to follow another side road North, thinking that she would get back to the highway at some point. She wanted to see more of the greenery and not speed down the intersection. She was on a small road somewhere when her car started making funny noises.

“What the?? Not here, dammit,” she scolded her car. The car responded to its “talking to” by smoking from the hood.

“You have got to be kidding me!”

Ally just managed to get to the side of the road when the car just gave up on her. It made a weird sound like THUMP, THUMP, THUMP and then after a CLANG the engine died.


Ally got out of the car, the hood was smoking heavily, and she coughed when she tried to open it. This was not good, and she didn’t even know where she was. She had never had a car before, so she opened the glove compartment to check if there was a book or some documents that could give her a clue. If not, she would check online. The glove compartment was empty. She looked under the seats, she checked if it was over the sun visors, she checked the backseat, the trunk, nothing. That is when she realized there wasn’t even a spare tire! Nor did she have any documents to prove the ownership of the car.

“Dangit, grandma! What the hell?”

She grabbed her phone from her pocket to search online what to do in a situation like this, when she saw she had a message from Steph, aka BikerSpankR. At least she had cellphone reception here!

BikerSpankR: Thanks for adding me as a friend. It was nice to meet you today. Did you get your car checked out?

Ally sighed, then replied.

AllySpankee: Hi. No problem! It was nice to meet you too. Eh… about the car… I didn’t get it checked and it broke down! You don’t know who I should contact, do you?

She bit her lip, hoping Steph know what to do.

BikerSpankR: What do you mean you didn’t get the car checked, young lady? You said that you would.

AllySpankee: Well… I meant like… in the future some time. But I probably should have because now my car has broken down and I don’t know what to do.

BikerSpankR: Where are you? You can’t have gotten that far.

AllySpankee: Hold on, I’ll check.

She checked her location on her GPS and sent it to Steph.  

BikerSpankR: Wait there, I’ll come and help you.

AllySpankee: Really? Thanks!

BikerSpankR: Uh-huh. You make my palm tingle, little girl. I think we need to have a little talk.

Ally could feel her face turning red. The hot biker chick from the store was coming to help her, and she had most definitely made a spanking reference! She felt butterflies in her stomach and her butt cheeks clenched! And she called her “little girl” which kind of embarrassed her, but she also kind of liked it. And this woman was coming to help her. Would Steph maybe also spank her? Was she in real trouble?! Pull yourself together, Ally! What is this? A spanking story? That’s not realistic. You don’t even know this person. She is just being nice. She opened the car door and sat inside with the door open, waiting. She was glad that the sun was going down soon, it wasn’t so hot anymore, and she was only wearing denim shorts and a tank top. She kicked off her blue converse and ballerina socks and laid down on the seat, relaxing.

She didn’t know how much time had passed when she heard the sound of a motorcycle in the distance. She sat up and looked outside. The sky was a light pink as the sun was setting. Ally quickly got out of the car to greet, Steph.

“Thank God you’re here,” she said, approaching Steph as the other woman took off her helmet. “I have no idea what to do in a situation like this.”

“Don’t you think you should know that when you get a car, young lady,” Steph asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Umh… maybe. But my grandma said the car was fine,” Ally replied, defending herself.

“Did anyone other than your grandmother comment on the car?”

“Well…” Ally hesitated.


“My dad kinda said never to take the car because it’s a piece of junk.”

“I see…”

“But I love this car! I have fond memories of it!”

“Well… I need to tell you something about cars, Darlin.”


“They don’t last forever. Especially not if they are not taken properly care of, and this car has not been taken care of.” She studied Ally with a sympathetic look. “Was the car everything you thought it would be?”

“No…” Ally admitted. “It makes weird noises, there are no documents and no spare tire!”

“Then why did you take it?”

“Well, I didn’t know when I took it.”

“You didn’t check?”

“No… because… my grandma just said to take the car and she would continue being the owner and pay for the insurance and stuff. I wouldn’t have to worry. It was a free car!”

Steph put her face in her palm and sighed.

“I should have listened to my dad,” Ally said, pouting.

“Maybe you should call your dad.”

Ally frowned, she didn’t really want to call any of her parents and tell them about what she had done. She hadn’t lived with them in years, but they had pretty much forbidden her from taking that car. She kind of felt like she would be in trouble.

“Go on,” Steph pushed.

Ally picked up her phone and called her dad. She kind of hoped he wouldn’t answer, but of course, he picked up immediately.

“Hey, baby.”

“Hey, daddy,” she said, remembering too late she was selective about when to call him “daddy” and not “dad”. It gave her away.

“What’s wrong?”

She took a deep breath and told him the whole story. Then she held the phone away from her ear as he belted out, “Dangit, Allison! I’ve told you; your grandma is coocoo for cocoa puffs! You can’t take everything she says at good value.”

“But.. dad…”

“That car was not in any driving condition, it doesn’t even have any insurance. I cannot believe you drove that thing! You could have been in a terrible accident!”

“But grandma said…”

“Grandma says a lot of things. Last week she called me and asked when I was coming home from college. You have to get it into your head, baby, she is not all there anymore. That car was going to the junk yard.”

Ally bit her lip, she felt tears prickling. Her father didn’t normally yell at her, and he sounded pretty mad. Steph held out her hand to Ally, asking for the phone. She then took over the conversation, assuring Ally’s father that she would arrange for the car to be picked up and that she would help Ally to get home safely. When she hung up, she looked at Ally and shook her head.

“Sounds like somebody was warned against driving that car,” she said, looking stern. “Actually, I believe you were expressly forbidden from taking the car.”

“I’m a grown woman. Do you always listen to your parents?”

“My parents were meth addicts, so no.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“But your father knows cars and he knew that car was not at all safe.” She shook her head. “Your dad says you live in Memphis, so do I. I’m going to text my friend and ask him to see if he can get you a helmet and a jacket. You can ride home with me.”

“You live in Memphis too?” Ally asked surprised. What a coincident!

“I do. You can stay in my motel room for the night.” Steph looked at her phone. “But I think we have some time to deal with your irresponsible behavior before sundown.”

“Eh… do… do you mean…” Ally stuttered.

“Well, AllySpankee, your profile says you feel you need some old fashion discipline, and I must say that I absolutely agree with that assessment.”

Ally’s eyes went wide.

“Yes, but…”

“Do you not think you have earned yourself a spanking? Or maybe you don’t want me to spank you?”

“No, that’s not it at all. I do,” Ally said quickly. She did want Steph to spank her, or at least she thought she did. However, she had to admit the thought made her nervous, especially since it would be a punishment. “It’s just that we’re outside.”

“In the middle of nowhere. Nobody around for miles, my dear. If I spank you at the motel we’re staying at, a lot of people will know about your punishment.” She put a hand on Ally’s shoulder. “Out here we have privacy.”

“Umh… okay…”

“Let me just make this very clear, Ally.” Steph said, looking serious. “You do not have to accept any punishment from me or anyone. There is no pressure. I just sense that you want this, and I am offering to discipline you.” She smiled at Ally. “I mean… you did find me through SpankR.”

Ally nodded.

“Do you think I deserve a spanking?” she asked looking up at Steph.

“I am very careful about using the word “deserve” when it comes to spanking, because it should always be consensual, even when used for discipline. I don’t want anyone to feel pressured to accept a punishment spanking if they don’t want that kind of attention; however, if I was topping someone and they did something like this…” she shook her head, “you bet they would have earned themselves a spanking!”

“I guess I have been kind of silly,” Ally mumbled. “I should have just taken the train home.”

“True,” Steph admitted. “But then we would never have met. If I believed in such things I would say “everything happens for a reason”, but I choose to think of it as an unfortunate yet happy coincident.”

“Should we use a traffic light safeword system? Are you familiar with that?”

“Yes, I know how it works.”

“Then I think we can start in the back of the car.”


“I think we will start off with a good hand spanking, and then you can bend over for my belt.”

Ally gasped, and then she looked helplessly as Steph opened the back door and sat down in the middle. She patted her lap and beckoned Ally without saying a word. Ally knew what she wanted, so she slowly approached the car and crawled into the backseat where Steph took her by the arm and guided her over her lap.

“What if someone comes?”

“Nobody will come, honey. If they do, we will hear and see them.”

“Will you stop if someone comes by?”

“Of course, I will. And you also have your safeword remember?”


“Now, honey, I am going to put my left arm around you waste like so,” she put her arm around Ally’s waste, “and I’m going to rub you a little bit before we start.” She put her hand down on Ally’s bottom.  “I don’t always do this, by the way, but it is the first time we are doing this, and we don’t really know each other.” She rubbed Ally carefully over her bottom and her back.

“Thanks,” Ally said, relaxing a little. “I was a little nervous about meeting people with this app, although this wasn’t really how I imagined it.”

Steph chuckled.

“I’ve never done this before, but I have been wanting some…  eh… some discipline.”

“Well, you will be getting some discipline, little girl. Trust me. I hope you are aware that it is not going to be a fun or sexy spanking.”

“Yes, I know,” Ally replied. “But my friends on the app, UKbrat and AmsterSpank, they say discipline helps with guilt, and also with stress. They say it makes them feel better.”

“Well, you should have some guilt to get rid of, don’t you? I think it is time to start this spanking.”

Ally winced. “Well, I supposed it’s better to get it over with.”

“Good girl.”

Steph raised her hand and brought it back down hard on Ally’s denim shorts. She let out a little whimper, but the blow wasn’t full force. Steph was starting slowly, building up speed and force gradually. Ally could just register a sting from one swat when another hit its target. Her bottom was starting to sting a little, but she tried to lay still. If this spanking was anything like in the spanking stories, she would feel the need to squirm later on.

“This car has not been fit for driving in a long time, young lady,” Steph scolded, whilst delivering a steady supply of stingy swats to the seat of Ally’s shorts.

“Oww…. but… my grandmother…”

“Your grandmother has dementia. That is what you father told me over the phone.” She stopped spanking Ally for a moment. “And you know that. You knew you should have listened to your dad, and not someone who can’t even remember what she had for breakfast.”

“But… it was a free car with no strings attached,” Ally mumbled.

“I can see we’re not learning a lesson,” Steph said. “That’s okay, so far we’re only on the warmup.” She yanked down Ally’s shorts and underwear, revealing a pink bottom. “Not the color I want,” she commented. She brought her hand sharply down on Ally’s bare bottom.

“Ow!” Ally whined. “That hurts.”

“Yes,” Steph said. “Spanking hurts. Who would have thunk it?”

She then started spanking Ally again, now with much more force and speed. She peppered the other woman’s bottom with hard swats.

“Just.” SPANK! “Because.” SPANK! “A car.” SPANK! “Is free.” SPANK! “Does not mean it is safe to drive!” SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!

“Yes, ma’am!”

Ally was now wiggling over Steph’s lap in the backseat. She seriously hoped nobody walked past, because they would definitely hear her getting spanked.

 “No matter how many nice memories you have of it, it is not worth losing your life over!” SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!


Steph was focusing on Ally’s sit spots, making sure to turn the brat’s bottom properly red.

“Do you hear me???” Steph scolded.

“Yes! Oww… yes, I hear you,” Ally said. “I’ll never drive it again!”

“Well, we know that!” Steph said as she stopped spanking and started rubbing Ally’s bottom. “You know why? This car is finished. When it gets picked up in the morning, it will be taken to a junk yard.”

Ally sobbed a little. She felt upset that the car was being destroyed. She had had a car for a day. For one day she had a car that was all hers. But mostly she felt a little guilty for the trouble she had gotten into.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean to cause so much trouble and make you help me.”

“It’s not about causing trouble, hon, it is about you putting yourself in danger,” Steph said, continuously rubbing the red bottom over her lap. “You could have gotten yourself killed. That is why your father was so angry. You’re his daughter, he could have lost you because you didn’t listen to his advice. What if the car had broken down on the interstate and caused a fatal accident?”

“That would have been really bad,” Ally agreed.

“It would, indeed. And even if nobody got killed, you wouldn’t have had any insurance!”

“Well, that’s because my grandma told me she had insurance.”

“But you knew your grandmother wasn’t all there,” Steph said, swatting Ally hard.

“Oww…” Ally pouted. “Alright… maybe I didn’t want to believe that there was something wrong. I just really wanted my own car! My job right now sucks.”

“Uh-huh, well now you don’t have a car, and you have a spanked bottom!”

There was a long silence before Ally said, “Things could be worse.”

“You’ve been wanting this for a while, huh?” Steph chuckled.

“Yes,” Ally mumbled.

Yes, and the car brought me to you, she thought. She didn’t say it out loud, but she was very grateful she had broken down in the middle of nowhere. The spanking hurt, but this attention from Steph felt really special, and Ally was going to get to sit behind her on her motorcycle all the way home to Memphis. Perhaps Steph would want to meet again.

“I think we are ready for the last part of the spanking,” Steph said, patting Ally’s bottom. “Up you go.”

Ally pushed herself up to a sitting position. Her bottom felt hot and sore against the car seat under her. “Ow…” she said, rubbing her bottom with one hand.

“You have earned that sting, young lady. Now let’s get out of the car, I need some space to swing my belt!”

Ally felt the hair on her neck stand on edge.

“Yeah, about that… umh… don’t you think that I have learned my lesson?”

“No. I promised you a hand spanking and the belt,” Steph said firmly. “No scoot. Out of the car.”

Ally hurried out of the car. She pulled her shorts back up to prevent them from falling to the ground. It was almost dark outside now. They still had enough light, but it was disappearing fast. She moved over so that Steph could get out too. It took her a little longer to get out as she in the middle and the car’s backseat wasn’t that big. Steph was a little taller and her legs a little longer. When she finally managed to crawl out and straightened up, she started unbuckling her belt while Ally watched with wide eyes. She pulled the black leather belt out of the loops and folded it in two.

“Come here,” she commanded and pulled Ally with her to the front of the car. “Pull down your shorts and panties again, and bend over the hood.”

Ally knew better than to make a fuss, so she pulled down her shorts and underwear. It was less embarrassing now that she had already gotten her bottom spanked soundly over Steph’s lap. But the bending over part was humiliating. If someone show’s up now, I am going to dig myself a hole and never come back up! But nobody came, they were all alone. She bent over and leaned against the hood of the car, her shorts and panties around her ankles, presenting Steph with a red bottom.

“Good girl, we’re almost done.”

“Eh… Steph, do you think I will be able to sit comfortably on your motorcycle?”

“Let’s hope so, but I can’t make any promises.” Steph placed herself behind Ally on her left side. “I’m going to give you ten, and that is me being nice because you haven’t had the experience before.”

Ally sighed. “Okay.”

“And in the future, you will be driving safe do you understand?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Steph let her left-hand rest on the small of Ally’s back. “Please keep your hands on the hood of the car, I don’t want you to reach back when I’m swinging an implement. I don’t want to hurt your hand.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Okay then.” Steph tapped the leather belt a couple of times lightly against Ally’s warm, red bottom, before she raised her hand arm and brought it hard back down.

WHACK! The belt whipped her bottom leaving a burning sensation. It wasn’t long after the first lick had register that she got another, and then another. WHACK! WHACK! It was hard not to get up or not to reach back, but Ally focused on staying bent over and keeping her hands on the hood. However, she did wiggle her butt a little after every lick to shake of the sting. WHACK! WHACK!

“Oww… it stings!”

“Yes, it does,” Steph commented. “You should think about that the next time you want to be this reckless. She rubbed her hand over the marks on Ally’s bottom. “Almost done, you have five more.”

“From now on any car you drive will be safe, it will have an insurance, and a spare tire. Understood?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“And when you come home you will take the time to learn what you are supposed to do in emergencies, so you don’t have to ask a stranger. Because not every stranger is me.”


“Owww… I’m sorry, I’ll do better!”

“Yes, you will!” WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

Steph delivered the three last licks with the belt quickly. She then helped Ally stand up straight and immediately pulled her into a tight hug. Ally who had been crying slightly towards the end accepted the embrace and hugged back, burying herself into Steph’s shoulder while the other woman rubbed her back, comforting her.

“Good girl,” Steph said, patting her a bit on her bottom. “I’m going to give my friend a call and he’ll come over with a helmet for you.”

“Oh, I can’t just go without for now?” Ally asked and immediately felt stupid when she saw the top in front of her raise an eyebrow. “Oh… I mean… eh… sorry,” she mumbled looking down.

“Uh-huh.” Steph pushed her chin up with her index finger forcing her to look into her eyes. “We are not driving without a helmet.” She let go of Ally. “Excuse me while I make the call.”

After Steph had made some phone calls, she took Ally back into the back seat for some aftercare. Ally got to snuggle close, while Steph held her. The brat then dozed off a bit in her arms while they waited. She didn’t know if this was normal for a first meet with someone on the SpankR app, but she was very pleased with her find. Maybe this was just the first of many adventures with BikerSpankR and AllySpankee. It certainly felt more than just some random hookup, and maybe their relationship would develop as they traveled back home together. Ally couldn’t wait to get back on the app and tell UKbrat and AmsterSpank about her experience! As she laid in the backseat with her head in Steph’s lap, she felt a lot less stress than she had a in a while. She didn’t have a car anymore, but what she did have was a stingy bottom and a feeling that everything was going to be okay.

Annabelle (part 33)

A/N: This is part of a F/f spanking discipline story. All characters are adults and the story was written for an adult audience.



“The O’Neill family?”


“Come right this way. We’ve arranged a private room for you.”

They followed the waitress through the dining hall. She waitress held a door open for them.

“Your mother is already waiting for you.”

“Our mother?”

Annabelle and Lydia looked at each other with a puzzled expression. They entered the room and saw a redheaded woman sitting by the table, waiting for them. She turned around, and Annabelle’s mouth dropped. Leda got up from the table and held her arms open.


“Led… eh… mother!” Annabelle said, playing along whilst the waitress was still in the room. “What are you doing here?”

“Oh, my babies! I wanted to surprise you!” Leda sounded completely different from what she usually sounded like. She was a good actress. She grabbed both Annabelle and Leda and hugged them tightly and kissed their faces. “Honestly darlings, you’d think you two could send your mumsy a letter once in a while! Your father and I have missed you so much!”

The waitress left the room and closed the door.

“Oh good!” Leda rolled her eyes. “So typical of Lucas to get me to play the most annoying person in the world. His idea, not mine.” She smiled at Annabelle. “It’s so good to see you. Good job getting so far.”

Annabelle looked sad. “But Eylion is still at school…”

Leda stroked her cheek. “I know. It’s been hard.” Her eyes looked glazed. “It was awful how they just came and took you, and we only allowed a short goodbye.”

She gestured them to sit down by the table where food had been laid out.

“Eylion has her own part to play, Annabelle. It’s hard for me as her mentor, I wish she was here with us now. But I know my Eylion will be able to do an important job from the inside. It won’t be long and she’ll be out too. I’m sure of it.”

“Did you come here alone? Does Gwen and Aisling know I’m here?”

Leda bit her lip a little nervously. “Do you want the honest truth?”

“Yes, please,” Annabelle replied, wanting nothing but the truth. There had been too many secrets.

“Alexis and I… well, we… ” Leda looked like she was a naughty apprentice in trouble. “We sort of haven’t told them you escaped yet.”

“What?! Leda!”

“I know!” Leda winced. “I know it’s terrible! It was all Alexis’ doing. She made me not tell. We’ve been paying attention to your movements on the map in secret. When we saw you approaching Dragonsdale Alexis arranged for me to come here and look for you at the inn. I just met Lucas and he told me of your plan, and he invited me to play the overbearing mother.” She rolled her eyes. “Honestly, that man is impossible.”

“I thought you were a couple,” Lydia commented.

Leda who hadn’t taken much notice of Leda other than hugging her for show, raised her eyebrow at Lydia. Lydia shrunk in her seat.

“Oh, sorry…”

Just at that minutes Lucas Storm entered the room.

“My girls, how lovely. All waiting for daddy, hmm?”

All three women winced at the awkward comment.

“Lucas, let’s not pretend to be a happy redheaded family when we’re alone. It’s so embarrassing,” Leda said, waving her hand over the stew on the table. A ladle floated in the air and started serving them.

“You don’t like being my wife?” He asked, sitting down next to her. “Oh wait… you are my wife!” He smirked at her.

“What?!” Annabelle almost choked on her water as she took a sip. “You two are married?”

Leda glared at the man who claimed to be her husband.

“Technicalities,” she said, disapprovingly. “We’re not together.”

“We could be,” Lucas said, winking at her.

“No, not really, ” Leda replied. “We could have been together if you hadn’t…” she stopped.

“Botched it?” he asked.

“Never mind.”

“Leda, you know I never wanted to hurt you. Maybe you could give me another…”

“Let us not air our dirty laundry in front of Annabelle and Lydia,” Leda said, cutting him off.

There was an awkward silence, broken by the clatter of spoons against their bowls. Leda took a deep breath.

“Did you two meet any trouble on the way?” she asked Annabelle and Lydia.

“Not really,” Annabelle replied. “We hid from some mortals by the blue lake, but only because we didn’t know if they were friends or foes. Most likely they were just travellers themselves.”

“That’s good,” Leda said smiling. She looked at Lydia. “And you… you decided to leave your post at the school, I see?”

Lydia nodded seriously, and she blushed a little. “I understand if you don’t trust me, Leda,” she said, looking serious. “My family ties and my role at the school does make me suspicious.”

“It does,” Leda agreed.

“But I can assure you, I am not my family. I have never had cruel intentions towards any of the students. The order was going to get rid of me, I don’t know what plans they had, but they wouldn’t have let me just go.”

“No, I suppose they think you might know things you shouldn’t?” Leda asked.

“Probably, but I know more than they suspect,” Lydia replied seriously. “I’ve been wanting out for a while, but it’s dangerous without contacts. Annabelle leaving was my ticket, and… well… I figured she could use my protection on her journey.”

“That I agree with, and she probably could use some discipline too,” Leda said, winking at Annabelle.

“Hey!” Annabelle was about to argue, but Lydia cut her off.

“Oh, she does,” Lydia chuckled.

Annabelle blushed.

“That is nothing to be embarrassed about, Annabelle,” Lucas said, winking at her. “We have all been through what you are going through as an apprentice. You magic is starting to develop, you crave independence and you rebel, but at the same time you need someone to hold you back and teach you to be safe. It is part of growing into your magic. Magic can be dangerous, and it doesn’t mix well with stupid decisions.”

“Old people can be really stupid too,” Annabelle argued.

Lucas, chuckled. “I agree a hundred percent! But older people have more control over their magic, and they are less likely to injure themselves with magic. Magic is also a great responsibility, those of us who have this gift should use it for good, and so we are perhaps sometimes harder on magicians than we would be on mortals.”

“But… the order, they don’t use their magic for good.”

“No, even the old and skilled can be corrupt, and that is a problem. This conflict has been going on for a long time, Annabelle, much longer than you have been alive.”

“But…” Annabelle looked to Leda. “But I thought Alexis was a member of the order, if this conflict has been going on for a long time…”

“It has, Annabelle, but the order was never supposed to be about power and control. Alexis helped form the order two-hundred-years ago, it was meant to be an order for all witches and wizards with different political opinions. It was a place to unite and come to agreements that would benefit all of us. There were systems put in place to make sure no group within the order got too much power, that they could always limit each other. They were supposed to compromise and make decisions together. However, little by little things have changed, and the power balanced has been corrupted. The order is not what it once was, and it does not work the way it was intended to work. The conflict within has existed for a long time, but only now have the balance been destroyed. Alexis could no longer be in it, if she had tried to stay, it would put her in danger.”

“She has formed a new group, hasn’t she?” Annabelle asked, looking to Leda and Lucas. They both stayed silent.

“Hasn’t she?” Annabelle repeated. “And you’re in it? And Gwen and Aisling?”

There was an uncomfortable silence as Leda and Lucas tried to come up with a way to not answer Annabelle’s question, but they were saved by a knock at the door as a waitress came in to ask them what they wanted for dessert. When she left, Leda took a deep breath.

“Okay… that is enough secret talk. Let’s just enjoy our meal, and then Annabelle and I will talk in private later.”

Annabelle wanted to argue, but she knew it would be no use if Leda had decided to change the topic. For the rest of the meal they talked about their trip, what they had seen, and what problems they had come across. Leda asked Annabelle about what new spells she had learned. Lucas promised to teach her some fun spells, but he didn’t want to say what they were in front of Leda.


After supper, Leda and Annabelle left Lucas and Lydia downstairs and made their way up to the Annabelle and Lydia’s room. When they got inside, Leda checked Lydia’s protective charms, before she and Annabelle sat down to talk.

“Leda, we overheard Kendra Onbush saying that you guys had disappeared. She said Gwen and Aisling’s house was empty, that you had disappeared. Where is everyone?”

“Oh, that… well… we were warned that our houses were under surveillance.” She shrugged. “It didn’t really come as a surprise. They could ,of course, not overhear anything on the inside, but they had people outside, watching us. It didn’t feel safe. We decided to move to a safe house. We’re all together, we’re all safe.”

“But why?” Annabelle asked. “Because Alexis is leading the opposition to the order? That is her new group, isn’t it?”

Leda raised an eyebrow. “You are being very nosy.”

“I deserve to know things,” Annabelle argued. “Are you staying with Andromeda?”


“Well, would you mind telling me why I should go to Andromeda’s house?”

“Because it is the safest place for you.”

“But you guys have a safe house? Why can we not go there?” Annabelle asked. She wanted to be reunited with her mentors.

“Annabelle, things are rather complicated right now.” She took a deep breath. “Alright, Alexis has a new group, and the three of us are working against the order. But that does not mean that you are invited to join, in fact, you should stay away. This is politics that you do not understand, and these are people who can seriously harm you. You would be much safer with Andromeda. She left the order years ago because of the corruption.”

“But… but I want to be with you guys. I can help.”

“No you cannot, Annabelle. You are a witchling, and the witches and wizards in the order can be very dangerous.”


“Annabelle,” Leda cut her off, raising an eyebrow. “No. You cannot come with me. I understand that you want to, but you can’t. Tomorrow, you will continue your journey to Andromeda, and Lucas and I will take you there. We will continue presenting ourselves as a family while traveling, it will look less suspicious as the order are looking for two young women traveling alone. Once you have reached Andromeda, I will let Gwen and Aisling know that you escaped and that you are safe. It is much less likely that they will kill me if I can assure them that you are in safe hands.”

Annabelle frowned. She knew there was no way Leda would take her back with her.

“Okay… but tell me this…”


“Who am I?”

Spanko Art!

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Annabelle 1



Annabelle (Part 32)

A/N: This episodes contain F/F lesbian spanking between adults.
This is part of a longer series. Link to all episodes and other stories can be found here.

Over the next couple of days, Annabelle and Lydia’s journey took them further and further away from the castle, and they both felt a lot calmer. In the beginning, they had been very on edge, and they felt like they could meet the enemy every time they heard the voices of someone else. For the first three days, they had been walking in the forest, and for the most part, they were alone. If they heard someone, they would hide quickly and wait until they passed. On the fourth day, they came out of the forest, and they were approaching Dragonsdale.

Lydia had cleverly used transfiguration spells to disguise them a little. Annabelle had agreed to let Lydia make her hair blonde, agreeing that it went well with her blue eye-colour. Looking at herself in the mirror, she had reminded herself of Aisling. It felt like ages since she had looked into those piercing blue eyes. Lydia had changed her hair-colour to a beautiful copper, which reminded Annabelle of Leda. She knew that it was because she missed them so much that these things bothered her, but it made her annoyed with their disguise. The plan was to act like two mortal women, hoping that the presence of other witches and wizards would cover up their magical presence.

“Good, we made it out of the forest before full-moon,” Lydia said as they rechecked the map.

They sat on a fallen tree at the edge of the forest. Dragonsdale was visible in the distance.

“Why? What happens at full-moon?” Annabelle took a canteen with water out of the bag and took a sip.

“Werewolves usually head for the forest at full-moon,” Lydia said nonchalantly.

“Werewolves?! You kept that quiet.” Annabelle dropped the canteen to the ground. It spilt some of the water. “Oh, shoot,” Annabelle said, picking it up. Water had not been difficult to find, but she didn’t want to waste the clean water they did have.

“I didn’t want to worry you, honey.” Lydia put an arm around Annabelle and kissed her on the cheek. “Besides, it is not like they’re a match for us witches. It’s just that they completely lose their minds at full-moon, and they were so aggressive and persistent. If we met one, it would slow us down.”

“We didn’t meet any vampires though,” Annabelle added, handing over the canteen to Lydia who took it gratefully and drank.

“Well, if there were any, they would know better than to approach us with anything but good intentions. Werewolves are not so smart.”

“Is that why the order mainly tell us to hate vampires?”

“Well, they are intolerant to other species in general, but especially those with power. Vampires cannot match our magic, but they do have power.”

“They say that they’re animals,” Annabelle said, frowning.

“Yes.” Lydia nodded seriously. “I used to believe that for a very long time.”

“You did?” Annabelle looked at her, shocked.

“Yes, of course,” Lydia said, smiling slightly. “That is what I was told growing up. My family lied to me all my life, and it wasn’t until I was in my late teens when I actually met a vampire I realised that there was something wrong with what I was told. It is very common for people to believe things, even outright lies, if the information comes from their own community. ”

“Oh,” Annabelle said, before contemplating her own attitudes towards vampires. “I suppose I used to think badly of vampires too. When I met Christophe, he was really hungry and tempted to have a little snack.”

“What?!” Lydia gasped.

“He’s not a bad person, but he nearly lost control. He ran off when he heard Aisling calling for me.”

“Why would you be out in the dark all by yourself? Your magical abilities aren’t the best.”

“Thanks…” Annabelle muttered.

“You know what I mean,” Lydia said, pulling her close and kissing her lightly.

“Oh, alright. I will forgive your totally unfair comment,” Annabelle teased. “It was right after I met my mentors, and I was told to be back before dark, but I was late home.”

“Bet your mentors were pleased,” Lydia said sarcastically.

“Not exactly,” Annabelle said pouting slightly. “Aisling spanked me!”

“I would too,” Lydia agreed.

“Hey!” Annabelle protested.

“Well, I would.”

“I only got some swats on the outside of my shorts.”

“Oh?” Lydia smirked. “You see that is where Aisling and I are different because I would have pulled down your shorts.”

“In the forest?”

“Sure… I might even have gotten a nice and bendy switch to spank you with.” She gave Annabelle an evil grin.

Annabelle narrowed her eyes at her teasing girlfriend.

“Anyway… Gwen and Aisling forgot to tell me that Christophe wasn’t usually like that and that they weren’t all bad, so Eylion and I… well… we tried to get revenge.”

“Uh oh. What did you do?”

Annabelle giggled.

“We snuck out in the middle of the night and hid garlic all over the forest where his clan was living,” she said with a smirk. “We even smeared garlic paste on our bodies so no vampire would want to bite us.”

“Of course you did,” Lydia snorted. “Were you caught?”

Annabelle nodded, looking down embarrassed.

“We got caught by the vampires, and Eylion used a communication spell to summon Leda and ask for help. Let’s just say our mentors were not pleased.”

“I’m sure.” Lydia raised an eyebrow. “And I’m sure your shorts did not stay on that time.”

Annabelle shook her head, blushing. “No… That was a painful lesson!”

“I bet.” Lydia patted her bottom. “I’m sure you were pretty red and sore after that.”

“Yeah… and sorry.” Annabelle batted her eyelashes. “It is so upsetting to think about… I think I need someone to console me.” Annabelle pulled her lover closer and kissed her neck.

“Whoa there, missy. We’re out of the forest now. Your canoodling session will have to wait until we make it to the inn in Dragonsdale.”

“Awe. Spoilsports.”


Approaching Dragonsdale, Annabelle could immediately tell why she had heard so much about it. It was a harbour city by the ocean, much bigger than the village she was used to. Dragonsdale was a place of trade, and from what she had heard of it, there were many more wizards living there. The city was built around a hillside around a big official-looking building. Down by the harbour, there were massive ships with big sails. And from the harbour, canals were going into the lower part of the city, with beautiful small, wooden bridges over them. Annabelle was amazed. She had never seen anything like it before.

“This is amazing!” She didn’t know where to look; there were so many things to look at at the same time. “This place is so cool!! I want to explore!”

Lydia smiled at her. “That might be possible, but right now we should find the inn we’re staying at.”

“What was it called again?”

“The map said it was called The Purple Seahorse.”

“Oh yes, how could I forget a name like that,” Annabelle muttered.

“It’s by the harbour somewhere.”

“Do you think it’s nice?”

“Honestly? No, I don’t. I don’t think it’s unsafe, but I think Alexis chose it because nobody will think to look for us there.”

Lydia stopped at pointed to a shop. “Let’s go in here and ask for directions. I’ll ask the shopkeeper.”

Annabelle shrugged and followed her inside. It was a small shop with all kinds of products, everything from furniture to pottery. Annabelle decided to stand by the side and not move, so she didn’t bump into anything. Lydia went to find the proprietor to ask for directions.

The moment Lydia disappeared out of sight, a group of boys entered the shop with mischievous-looking grins.

“Go one then, John, I dare ya,” said a grubby looking teenager. “Take it.”

The boy named John looked nervous. “Lads, we don’t even need this stuff.”

“That’s not the point, man,” said another, redheaded boy. “You want in the gang, you has gots to prove yerself.” He pointe to a vase. “Take it, Johnny.”

They didn’t even try to hide their theft from Annabelle, who stood watching the entire thing. John, his hands shaking, reached out for the vase when they heard someone approaching from the back of the shop.

“I don’t know where it is, lady. Maybe if you tried the pub down the street.”

Hearing the shop owner approaching, the boy pulled back his hand quickly, accidentally knocking over the vase. It crashed to the floor, breaking. The boys disappeared out the door before the shop owner, and Lydia appeared.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He asked Annabelle furiously. “Be careful.”

“It wasn’t me,” Annabelle argued.

“Who else would it be? A ghost?” The shopkeeper growled. “Well, witch, fix the vase you broke.”

“I’m not a witch,” said Annabelle quickly. “I’m not.”

“Of course you are, you could fix this no problem.”

“No, she can’t,” Lydia cut in. “Sir, we not witches.”

“What is going on here?” A man came out from the back of the shop and approached them. He was tall with dark brown hair, the same shade Annabelle’s would have been if she had not been in disguise.

“Master Storm, these women are most unhelpful, and that one,” he pointed at Annabelle, “made a mess.”

“No, I didn’t. It was someone else,” Annabelle repeated, she was getting frustrated now. Her satchel fell off her shoulder and landed on the floor.

“And they’re refusing to use their magic to clear up.”

“We’re not witches,” Lydia repeated crossly.

The man called Master Storm quickly picked up Annabelle’s satchel and held it out to her. Without thinking, she took it, and their skin briefly touched. She knew immediately she had made a mistake, as she felt his magic. He was clearly a wizard, she could feel it, and he would no doubt feel her magic.

“These women are not witches, trust me, I would know,” Master Storm said. He waved his hand and fixed the broken parts.

“Let’s go,” Lydia said, beckoning Annabelle. Annabelle hurried with her out of the store.


Outside, Lydia quickly grabbed Annabelle’s arm and started walking down the street.

“What happened?” she asked her crossly. “I told you to stand still and wait for me.”

“I did! It wasn’t me!” Annabelle retorted. “It was a group of teenagers. They were going to steal the vase. Just for the fun of it, and then they ran off when you guys came back. Don’t you believe me?”

Lydia took a deep breath but kept walking. “Yes, of course, I do. I’m sorry, Annabelle, I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions.” They turned a corner. “I was just reminded inside the store that we never came up with names we could call each other here in Dragonsdale. I mean… we can’t call each other Annabelle and Lydia, can we?”

“Good point! Well, how about….” Annabelle stopped abruptly. Right in front of them stood the wizard that helped them in the shop.

“Ladies,” he said winking.

Annabelle stood still, not knowing what to say. Goddess knows how he managed to get past them so quickly. It was Lydia who broke the silence.

“Thank you for helping us in there, sir. We didn’t mean to be rude, but we really needed to get going. Please forgive us.” She tugged at Annabelle’s arm, signalling her to move.

“Wait, hold on a moment.” He said, stopping them.

“Don’t I know you from somewhere?” the man asked Annabelle.

“No,” Annabelle said truthfully. She had never met this man. She looked nervously at Lydia.

“Are you sure? You seem so familiar?” He smiled at her. Studying her face. “Your eyes… it’s so weird. They remind me of…” He shook his head. “No, no, you’re right. You can’t be related to her.”

Annabelle wanted to ask who he was talking about. She was curious about why he thought he knew her. Did this man think he knew someone who was related to Annabelle? But she couldn’t ask now. How could she explain to Lydia?

“But I think we know each other, don’t we?” The man said to Lydia. Lydia’s looked really uncomfortable, it was obvious that she knew who he was, and she had counted on her disguise.

“I don’t think so,” she tried looking away.

“I’m Lucas,” he said, “Lucas Storm.”

“Doesn’t ring a bell.”

“But… aren’t you Lydia Evergr…”

“No.” Lydia cut him off, giving him a stern look. “That’s not me.”

Lucas smiled at her, his eyes crinkled a little at the corners.

“Ah, I see. Given old Granny the slip, have we, young lady?” He gave her a big grin and laughed. “You don’t fool me, kid. I can see you have gone through some trouble to disguise yourself, but I am good with faces, and I’ve been around your family when you were a kid. Remember? I gave you a book once. You asked your aunt for a potion book, but she refused. The next time I visited, I secretly gave you a book about plants and elementary potion-making. You must’ve been around eight; very young, but you were very eager to learn new things.”

Lydia looked down, but her body language gave her away. She obviously knew this man, but she was conflicted, she didn’t know if she could trust him. Lucas reached out and put Lydia’s hand in his.

“I give you my word. I will not betray you. You don’t have to tell me what you are doing here, as far as I am concerned, you never were. I don’t have much to do with the order these days anyway. If it makes you feel better, I will swear an oath.”

Lydia looked at Annabelle who shrugged. Lydia held out her hand to Lucas, and he took it.

“Will you swear to never speak to anyone in the order about meeting us here?”

“On my magic, I swear.”

Sparks of raw magic appeared around their hands.

“Very well,” Lydia said. “I have given “granny” the slip. And it is of utmost importance that she does not find out where I am.” She gave him a serious look. “It would be dangerous if she were to find us.”

“So you’ve realised that your family is not… well…”

“Good people?”

“Yeah,” she said, smiling weakly. “My mentor used to be involved in the order, and that is how I got involved,” he explained. “I’m not interested in working with them anymore. I haven’t for a while.”

“Do you know where The Purple Seahorse is?”

“The inn?”

“Yes, we’re staying there. Apparently, we have a reservation.”

“Ah… Alexis putting you up?”

“How do you…”

“The Purple Seahorse is where Alexis arranges meetings when she doesn’t want the order to know. I’ve met her there myself.” He smiled at them. “I’ll take you there. If you want, I’ll disguise myself and get a room there, and we can pretend to be travelling together.”


The Purple Seahorse wasn’t too shabby. It was just shabby enough for rich people not to stay there, but just fancy enough not to draw riff-raff. The inn was located down by one of the canals that led to the ocean. When they arrived, they had changed both Lucas and Annabelle’s hair to match Lydia’s disguise. Now they were all redheads. And Lucas, who was a master warlock, had stepped into a back alley, changing into more casual clothing that didn’t give away his status. He had also grown a small beard rather quickly, with the help of magic. They decided to present themselves as a family. Lucas would be their father meeting with his two daughters who studied in the city. When they arrived, the name “O’Neill” showed up on the map next to the building, and when they went to the front desk and asked for a reservation under that name, they already had a room ready for them. Lucas got an extra room for himself, even though he lived in the city.  When Annabelle and Lydia got into their room, Lydia cast protective charms all over, making sure nobody could come in without her permission, and nobody could hear any conversations held within the room.

“Why did Lucas Storm think he knew you? Have you met?” Lydia asked her once she was done.

“No, never,” Annabelle replied. “I haven’t met a lot of people since I arrived.”

“Since you arrived?” Lydia asked, confused.

“Well… I mean, since… since I moved to the area,” Annabelle said, catching herself.

“Where did you live before?”

“Eh… I… oh many places. I never really settled.”

“Annabelle, I want the truth. Back at the castle, in the passages, you told me a little about your past. You said that after your father died, you lived with your stepmother, and then you hinted that you weren’t who you said you were. People believe your name is Annabelle Brown, and that you are related to Alexis, but you’re not related to her, are you?”

She shook her head. “No…”

“Who are you? Is your name even Annabelle Brown?” Lydia looked a little disappointed. “Annabelle… don’t you think I deserve to know the truth? I mean… I’m your lover. We’re in this together.”

“You’re right.” Annabelle took a deep breath. “My name is Annabelle. That is true. But my family name is not Brown. I’m not even sure if Alexis has anyone in the family called Brown.” She forced herself to look into Lydia’s eyes, knowing it was time to tell her. She would have to tell her everything. “I’m not related to Alexis, not by blood. I met her months ago after she had been kicked out of the order. I was living with Gwen and Aisling at the time.”

“Why did you lie about being her relative?” Lydia ask. She took Annabelle’s hands into her own.

“Because Alexis didn’t think it was wise to tell people the truth.”

“What is the truth?”

“I wasn’t born here… as in…” She thought for a while. How would she explain? “You know of portals? Portals that go to other places where only non-magical people live?”

“Yes.” Lydia nodded.

“I lived there,” Annabelle said. “I lived on the other side of a portal, with non-magical people.”


“I grew up with my father, my mother had died in childbirth, or so I thought. We were wealthy, and I had a pretty good life until my father married. My stepmother never cared for me, but she pretended to for my father. But when he died, that all changed. She squandered his wealth, fired the help, and I became a servant for her and my step-sisters. They were all horrible to me. I had no one. I couldn’t do magic, and I didn’t know I was a witch. Witches and wizards, vampires and werewolves, those things only existed in stories. But then one day I found out that my stepmother was going to make me marry a man in exchange for his financial help, so I ran away. He was a terrible person, and I could never marry anyone like that. I took Albert, my horse, and we galloped into a forest and up a hill, and there I found a cave or something. I was only going to hide there, but it was deep, so I decided to see how deep, but it kept going. It was a tunnel, and eventually, I ended up somewhere entirely different, and Aisling found me and took me home with her. She and Gwen taught me to use my magic.”

“That’s… eh…” Leda hesitated. “That all sounds crazy.”

“But it is the truth,” Annabelle said, looking worried. Did Lydia not believe her?

“And Alexis told you to hide this information?”

“Yes, they all did. Gwen, Aisling and Leda too, they didn’t think it wise to mention where I came from.”

“Did they say why?”

“No, but Gwen told me once that she didn’t think my father was my real father. She said that something is not right about the story.”

“Yeah, I think it sounds weird too. A witch living on the other side, and nobody even knows about the child? There is a registry, you know. To keep track of witches and wizards who have gone through the portals.”

“And Alexis recognised me when we first met. I mean… we had never met before, but it felt like she thought she had seen me. Just like Lucas, he believes he has seen me, but he hasn’t. I was wondering if maybe he knew some of my real relatives. ”

“So you think they know something about you or your family?”

“I don’t know. It’s all so frustrating,” Annabelle said. She held up her locked to Lydia. “This locket. Leda, Gwen and Aisling gave it to me. They said it was normal to give a witch a gift when she gets her powers, but the locket is old. They knew it was special when the order came to get us they told me to keep it safe. If it is so special, why would they give it to me? And then Eylion and I found out that the locket was the key to the passages at the school.” Annabelle handed Lydia the locket and let her exam it. “They gave me the locket before we even knew that we’d have to go to this school, even before I had met Alexis. Why did they give it to me? Where does it come from? And did they even know what it could do?”

“This is highly suspicious. They must have thought you ought to have it.”

“Yeah. But was it because they thought it belonged to me? Or because they suspected, even before it became public knowledge, that the order would send us to this castle? Either way, it seems far fetched.” Annabelle sighed and frowned. “I’m mad at them.”

“Why?” Lydia asked, brushing some of Annabelle’s hair behind her ear.

“Because… they kept secrets from me. I don’t know what the truth is, but I know that they know something, something that I should know, and they are keeping the truth from me.”

“Maybe they don’t know the whole truth themselves yet.”

“But even if that were true, they still must have theories, and they should have shared them with me. They made Eylion, and I leave the room when they wanted to talk about the order, they even made us leave the house.”

“Well, if they talked about you and things about your past, I agree they should have included you in the conversation.”

“Yeah, they should have,” Annabelle said as Lydia pulled her into a hug. “I’m sorry I haven’t been completely honest with you, Lydia.”

Lydia kissed Annabelle lightly on the lips. “Thank you for telling me the truth, honey. It means a lot that you trust me.”

“Of course, I trust you. You’re special to me.” Annabelle stroke her hands down on Lydia’s body. She gave Lydia a hungry look. “Anyway… let’s not worry about that now… I believe you said there could be some canoodling once we got to the inn.”

“Did I?”

“Uh-huh, you did. And we’re not meeting Lucas until supper. We’ve got some hours to kill.”

“Well, we have had a long journey,” Lydia teased. “I think maybe what we need is some sleep.”

“But darling,” Annabelle said, biting lightly on Lydia’s earlobe. “I sleep so much better after you’ve fucked me.”

Lydia gave her a sharp smack to her bottom. “Naughty girl! I think I will have to spank you for that!”

Annabelle took Lydia’s hand and led her over to the bed. She pushed her lover onto the mattress and climbed on top of her. She pulled off Lydia’s shirt and bared her chest. Lydia smacked Annabelle’s backside hard.

“No, no, naughty girl, I get to be on top, and I believe I said I would spank you.”

Lydia got up, grabbing Annabelle’s backside. She lifted the younger woman up and placed her on the floor before her. Lydia, still only topless, started undressing Annabelle until she was completely naked. Annabelle let it happen, not saying a word. And when Lydia tugged her arm, she obediently placed herself naked over her lap.

Lydia rubbed Annabelle’s naked skin gently.

“I’ve been wanting you all day.” She smacked Annabelle’s backside. It was hard and stingy, but not too painful.

“Ow! Then why… am I getting spanked?” Annabelle asked. “Or is this a good girl spanking? Because I’ve been such a good girl.”

Lydia chuckled. “Oh, I don’t think so… I’m pretty sure you’re my naughty girl.” She gave Annabelle another smack. “And naughty girls need a little spanking, don’t they?”

Lydia started spanking Annabelle more briskly. She gave her sharp spanks that left Annabelle’s skin pink, and occasionally she would stop and rub her bottom gently with her hand, letting it slide very close to Annabelle’s sex. Over the last couple of days, experimenting with Lydia, Annabelle had learned that spanking could be both painful and pleasurable at the same time. Together, the lovers had explored their bodies and their tolerance together. Annabelle let Lydia take the leave, but the older woman was happy to let her explore her body as well.

“Now, little girl, are you going to be naughty from now on?” Lydia teased, stroking her long fingers over Annabelle’s pink skin. Her hand moved downward toward between Annabelle’s legs, and her fingers gently tickled her sex. Annabelle moaned and spread her legs a little.

“We still have naughty thoughts, I see,” Lydia said, slapping her lover’s pink backside sharply a dozen more times.

Annabelle squirmed over her lap in pleasure.

“Please, Lydia…”

“Please what?” her lover asked eagerly.

“Please fuck me. I’ll be good, I’ll show you how good I can be.”

Lydia helped Annabelle up so she stood in front of her. She sat on the edge of the bed looking up at her younger lover, as she stroked her hands over her thighs.

“Very well, darling. If you are ready to let me take charge…. I might be nice to you.” She pointed to the bed. “Get on the bed on all fours.”


After their break in the bedroom, Annabelle and Lydia made their way downstairs to meet Lucas for supper. When they entered the dining room of the inn, they looked around for him, but they could’t see him anywhere.

“Umh… excuse me, ma’am,” Lydia asked a waitress.

“The O’Neill family?”


“Come right this way. We’ve arranged a private room for you,” the waitress said.

They followed the waitress through the dining hall. She waitress held a door open for them.

“Your mother is already waiting for you.”

“Our mother?”

To be continues…


Leda and Eylion – part 3

A/N: This story contains F/F discipline spanking of an adult person. It is completely fictional, it does not reflect real life. 

This is the third part of a three-part story. If you haven’t read the first two parts, or if you want to reread the whole story, links to those parts are below. I have properly edited them now.

Part 1

Part 2


She placed the book on a desk, keeping it away from the bucket to make sure she didn’t accidentally burn it. She was responsible. She then threw paper into the bucket and stood a distance away from it, but making sure the bucket was at a lower level so that she could see into it. Seeing the target of a spell was always useful. She held up her hands, focusing her magic.

“Dreiki logi eða viðr logi,” she said, quite loud, thinking she had a better chance of making something happen if she used more power in her voice. What happened next was quite unexpected…


Huge flames shot from her hands and missed the bucket by a long shot. They hit the four-poster-bed which burst into flames, eating up the drapes and blackening the detailed wood-carved frame. The flames seemed even more vicious than what was normal, which probably made sense as they were magic flames. Eylion’s eyes widened, and she felt her stomach drop. Leda was going to kill her. This was a little more than a tiny magical accident; this was a disaster.

“No! No, no, no, no. Eh… what the hell do I do now?” She thought hard, feeling herself panicking.  “Focus, Eylion, you idiot.” She smacked her palm against her forehead, thinking. “Fire stop!” she yelled, holding up her hands towards the flames, which unsurprisingly did nothing. “Cease fire! Argh… crap, crap.”

She ran over to the spellbook and looked for the water page, but she couldn’t find it. She heard running outside in hallway just as the posts of the bed came crumbling down, the flames hungrily incinerating the expensive wood. She wondered how long a servant would have to work to afford such a luxurious bed; there was no saving that now. All she could do was to prevent the flames from spreading, destroying more of Leda’s valuable belongings. She flipped through the pages, frantically, trying to find a spell that would help her get rid of the fire. She heard another crackling sound from the flames, and she only had time to look up from the book when Leda came rushing through the door followed by Gwen and Aisling. The redhead raised one hand, palm open, and closed it, snuffing out the fire. It took her less than two seconds. When she turned to look at Eylion, the younger woman was still gaping in shock. The panicky feeling in her stomach that came when the spell went wrong hadn’t had time to leave her yet.

“I… eh…. fire,” she muttered, speechless, pointing at the incinerated pile of wood that was once a beautiful, hand-carved four-poster.

“Would you care to explain?” Leda asked, but her stern tone said that was wasn’t asking, she was demanding an explanation.

“I’m eh… you… you can put the bed on my tab,” was all Eylion managed to say. She felt really guilty having ruined Leda’s property.

“I don’t care about the bed,” Leda replied angrily.

“Are you sure? Because it looked kinda expensive,” Eylion pointed out.

Leda’s face was reddening, which, admittedly, scared Eylion. She was skating on very thin ice.

“I told you not to try the spells by yourself,” Leda scolded. “I warned you that it could be dangerous.”

Eylion frowned, knowing that Leda was right. She looked from Leda’s reddish face to the other two, who both looked at her with a disappointed look. She had been caught red-handed. She knew she had disobeyed, and there really wasn’t a good excuse.

“I’m sorry,” she muttered. “I didn’t mean to, ya know, burn the house down.”

“You could have hurt yourself.” Leda’s expression softened. “Fire magic is not something an untrained witch should experiment with alone.”

“But… the one with the fire symbol worked pretty well,” Eylion argued, looking up from her shoes, her blue eyes looking innocent. “I thought since I mastered that spell, the other one would work just as well, but then the flames were so big, and they completely missed my target.” She pointed to the metal bucket.

“What spell?” Leda asked, picking up the book, finding the chapter on fire.

“Here,” Eylion said, pointing to the one at the bottom of the page.

Looking at the page, Leda sighed. “Eylion, do you understand this language?”

Eylion shook her head. “No, ma’am.”

“So you used a spell without understanding the meaning of the words?”

Eylion was starting to feel stupid. “Uh-huh.”

“When trying to light a bucket of paper,” Leda said, trying to control her anger. “It might not be a good idea to summon dragon fire.”

“Dragon?” Eylion’s eyes widened.

“Also known as forest fire,” Leda continued. “That is what the spell says it is, which is probably why the spell was at the bottom of the last page about fire spells; because, it was the most powerful of them all.”

“It would seem,” said Gwen, “That the girl was lucky she only managed to set fire to the bed.”

“Indeed,” Leda agreed, still keeping her gaze on Eylion, her arms folded.

Aisling stepped forward. “Now, hold on.” She turned to Leda. “The girl might have acted foolishly, but she is a twenty-year-old witchling without any training. You were the one giving her a spellbook that teaches how to make dragon fire.”

“Yeah!” Eylion started. “She di…”

“Quiet,” Aisling cut her off. “Don’t think you’re out of the woods yet, young lady. You disobeyed and used a spell without even understanding the meaning behind the language. You have behaved very irresponsibly.” She turned once more to Leda. “You shouldn’t have left her alone with a spellbook. What do you think Andromeda would have said if she knew?”

Leda winced slightly. Her former mentor would have had something to say, alright, and most of that would have been said with Leda over her knee! Leda might be nearing one-hundred, but her former mentor would not hesitate to correct her if she saw the need. Witch-relationships were complicated that way; you could always count on your mentor to take you to task for things, even at Leda’s age. She would never, of course, admit that Andromeda still had that kind of authority in her life.

“You’re right, Aisling, of course, you are.” She closed the book and picked it up. She looked at Eylion and said, “You have betrayed my trust, Eylion. I’m not even sure what to do with you. You have lost your reading privileges, missy! I am taking this book, and you will not get to read any spellbooks for at least a week. You can spend your time learning about plants.” She walked over to the door and held it open. “Now kindly take your things and move them into the guest room down the hall, and try not to set the bed on fire.”

Shocked that her lecture was over, Eylion didn’t even think to argue. She had been convinced that she was finished in Leda’s house, that she would be kicked out. Without saying a word, she quickly picked up the few things she had and carried them down the hall to her new bedroom. This one was slightly smaller, and it didn’t have an en-suite bathroom, but who was she to complain, it was more than she had ever had in her entire life.

After she had placed all of her things on her new bed, she looked around to see Leda’s back. She had followed her into her new room but was now leaving her. She was probably going to the library to put away the book. Eylion wondered if she locked the library door when she wasn’t using it. Maybe she could sneak in at night. She felt slightly guilty for thinking of breaking her reading ban so soon, but even if she had made a mistake, she had never felt this powerful. She exited the room and joined Gwen and Aisling, who were both staring at Leda at the end of the long corridor. They also seemed a bit puzzled by her behaviour; maybe they thought Eylion should be kicked out.

“Umh… so… are we still going to the forest tomorrow?” she asked, her head down like a naughty puppy. She still felt bad about disobeying, and she felt embarrassed that she had made such a colossal mistake as using a spell without understanding what it meant first.

“Sure, hon,” Gwen said, surprising Eylion with the gentle kindness of her voice, “if Leda still wants to go.” Her gaze followed Leda. “I should follow her. Excuse me.” She hurried down the corridor, her brown curls bouncing off her back.

“You don’t really deserve to go,” Aisling told her, her arms still firmly folded as she gave Eylion a stern look.

“I know,” Eylion agreed, looking ashamed. “I honestly feel really bad,” she said truthfully. Her stomach still ached. It was probably the aftermath of the terrible shock as she thought she would be kicked out on her butt, and she also felt terrible guilt, remembering the disappointed look on Leda’s face when she said that she had betrayed her trust.

“You should.” Aisling pointed to the bedroom. “Now, go to your room and stay there for the rest of the evening. I will tell Leda to send you some food later this evening, but you will not leave, do you understand?”

“But… this room doesn’t have a bathroom.”

“You may use the bathroom, but otherwise you will stay in your room. You are on punishment.”

“But…” Eylion wanted to argue. She hardly knew Aisling, and this wasn’t even her house. Who was she to tell her she was being punished? But seeing the look on Aisling’s face, she said, “Yes, ma’am.”

She returned to her room with mixed feelings. She had thought Leda would kick out her, for sure. So far, she had been nothing but trouble, but Leda hadn’t told her to leave. Why? Maybe she was just too shocked right now, and maybe once she had calmed down, she would realise how much trouble Eylion was, and tell her to pack her stuff. Her recent behaviour, after she saved her from the fire, was odd. Why did she just leave all of a sudden, and why would Aisling, a person she only just met, and who didn’t even live with Leda, tell her that she was on punishment? She felt like arguing, not because she didn’t deserve a punishment, but because it shouldn’t come from Aisling. She had no connection to Aisling; it wasn’t Aisling that she had disobeyed. She knew, however, that if Leda wanted to punish her, she would have to take it. She owed her too much; she respected her too much. Leda was going to help her with her magic, and that could change her life. Once Leda had taught her the basics, then maybe, just maybe, someone might want to apprentice her. If she got lucky.


“What was all that about?”

Leda turned to see Gwen come into the library.

“What do you mean?”

“An irresponsible brat almost burned down your house, and all you do is tell her that she can’t read your books for a week? She has never had access to any books like that her entire life, she can wait.” Gwen raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow at her. “What has gotten into you? Why didn’t you give her a proper punishment?”

Aisling came into the room. She stood upright, folding her arms in front of her.

“I told the little urchin that she was to stay in her room for the rest of the day. Don’t forget to feed her,” she said, winking at Leda. “Also, what the heck? Why didn’t you wallop her behind?”

Leda rolled her eyes at them. “I have already told you, I am not apprenticing her. I don’t have that kind of authority over her. I don’t really know what kind of relationship we have, or what is appropriate.”

Aisling approached her friend, putting a supporting hand on her shoulder. “She is a young person living under your roof. She has to follow your rules, or there will be consequences.”

“I know that,” Leda said, “but I haven’t made up my mind about what those might be yet.”

“Spank her,” both of her friends said.

“She did something really dangerous,” Gwen pointed out. “And next time she might end up really injuring herself. I cannot believe that you of all people are hesitating on this. It’s like you are this whole new person. You are different now. Insecure. This girl has changed you.”

“I’m not insecure, I just want to do the right thing,” Leda argued.

“Most witchlings that age get spanked, we all sure did,” Aisling said. “Gwen definitely did! She still does!”

“Hey!” Gwen pouted, but she also smirked a little.

“I know it is common for mentors to spank their apprentice if they disobey. I would if she were my apprentice because there would be an understanding. She would have to accept my authority as her mentor and thereby accept my discipline.” She rubbed her temple. All of this gave her a headache. “I only meant that seeing as she is not my apprentice, I don’t feel like I have the authority to spank her.”

“I think you should apprentice her,” Gwen reassured her. “You know you want to. If you didn’t, why are you doing all of this?”

“Because, Gwendolyn, she doesn’t know how to control her magic. She doesn’t have anyone to teach her, and she can’t afford to pay for school.”

Gwen rolled her eyes. “Come on, Leda! You know you could pay that girl’s tuition and not notice a thing. It doesn’t have to be you who teach her. You would have saved so much time by just paying someone else to do it, but you chose not to. You have invited her into your house, you have bought her clothes and actually spent time with her, getting to know her. How can you have done all this, and not even considered the possibility that you could mentor her?”

“What about you, Leda?” Aisling said with a look of concern.

“What about me?”

“You’re lonely.”

“I am not lonely,” Leda argued, frowning.

“Yes, you are,” Gwen shot in. “Your lover left you…”

“Do not talk to me about that man. My life is richer without him; thank you very much.”

“Then, Andromeda moved away.”

“Well, she has a life of her own. She had things to do. I’m a hundred-years-old, Gwen. Andromeda cannot spend her life looking after me.”

“But she was the most important person in your life, and you miss her.”

“I do miss her,” Leda agreed, looking sad. “She’s my mentor; it is a special bond.”

“It is, but I can tell that the girl makes you happy.” Gwen put her hand on Leda’s shoulder, gently. “I mean… she’s not a lover…”

“Of course not! She is twenty-years-old!”

“Right. She is not a mentor, nor is she a lover; she is something new. A new experience for you. The next step, perhaps? You are fond of her, I can tell.”

Leda looked like she was about to say something, but she didn’t find the right words. “I… I have to think about this,” she said, looking at the two women, now smiling at her. “I’m confused.”

“Thinking is a good place to start,” Aisling said, patting her on the back.

“I think I’m going to go for a walk.” She looked up at the other two. “Can you… eh…”

“We will babysit the brat for you. We’ll keep her away from flammable objects and such.”

“Thanks,” Leda replied gratefully. “That girl is a danger to herself sometimes.”


Leda put on a black cloak and went outside for some fresh air. Being the heir to one of the more wealthy families in the village, Leda’s home was situated on a massive piece of land, with an idyllic, beautifully kept garden ready for her when she needed a walk and a think, and Leda needed to think. She decided to walk towards the goldfish pond, as she always kept some snacks in her pocket for them. The fish amused her as they bopped their heads up to get her treats, tickling her fingers. As she reached the pond, she sat down, pulling out a box from her pocket.

Gwen was right, she thought, as she opened the lid of her little container of fish food, and drizzled in over the water where the hungry wish were waiting. She was absolutely right in that Leda could have just paid someone else to help Eylion. If it was all about education, then Leda could have her on her way to the academy right now. Even if they usually didn’t just take people in mid-term, Leda could pull some strings and make it happen. There were plenty of people who owed her favours. But she had chosen to help Eylion herself, she had taken her into her house, and she had spent time with her. Why?

“Well, I suppose I enjoy her company a little,” Leda thought to herself. “The girl is trouble, that is for sure, but I feel more excited now. It feels nice having a purpose.” She took in a deep breath, thinking hard. “The girl is strong too. She is not lazy; she is eager to learn, and she never gives up. She will fight for what she wants.” She smiled, thinking of the determined look on Eylion’s face as she took on the more experienced witchlings. She had no chance of winning that fight, but she was not going down without one. And the passion in her eyes when she asked if she could read her spellbooks, the girl truly wanted to learn. Leda knew she would do anything to make sure that Eylion had a fair chance at becoming a sorceress, just like the other girls. Life had not been fair to her, and she deserved a chance.

“Mistress Clagarian?”

Leda turned and saw a blonde woman approach her. She looked familiar. Leda knew who she was, but she especially took notice of her blue eyes. She had seen eyes like hers before.

“You’re from the Oswald family.” It was a statement, not a question.

“I’m Marietta Gresham,” the woman replied, “but yes, I was born into the Oswald family.” She smiled weakly, but she also blushed slightly. “I… I came because I heard rumours that my cousin was involved in something the other day. Clarissa?”

Leda raised an eyebrow. “If you consider seriously injuring another witch, knowing she wasn’t able to retaliate, as being ‘involved’? Then yes, she was.”

“Yes, well… Clarissa claimed she was attacked, but I know that was not the case.”

“You do?”

“Yes, I do,” Marietta replied. “I know that Eylion, the other girl that is, she… her magic is not very well developed.”

“And how do you know this?” Leda inquired, suspicious of this woman. Why would Clarissa Oswald’s cousin come to speak to her about this incident, knowing it was not Eylion’s fault?

Marietta looked down on the ground. She seemed almost ashamed. “I just know, that’s all. I came to see if there was anything I could do for her. I know her father is missing. She probably needs money, and…”

“Why do you want to give Eylion money?” Leda asked sceptically, but she noticed tears forming in Marietta’s eyes. Suddenly understanding hit her. This person knew Eylion’s name, she knew about her powers, she seemed concerned for her, and she wanted to give her money. “Are you… you’re not her…” she tried to form the question, and Marietta’s fearful eyes gave her away.

“Are you her mother?”

“No!” Marietta shook her head. “It’s not me, I swear.”

“But you know who her mother is? Is she alive?”

Marietta nodded sadly. Leda noticed a symbol embroidered into her cloak; it was a rose. It looked just like Eylion’s brooch.

“Eylion has a brooch that looks just like the rose on your cloak. It belonged to her mother.”

“It… it was my sister’s brooch. I’m… I’m her aunt.” Tears ran down her cheek. “But she cannot know, I don’t want her to know.” She wiped her face with her sleeve. “Please,” she pleaded. “She is far better off not knowing.”

“Not knowing her mother is alive and that her family doesn’t care?”

“I feel terrible for what my family did. My sister was finishing her apprenticeship, and she was engaged to her husband, the pregnancy would have ruined everything. Only a handful of people within our family even knew they didn’t even tell me, but I eavesdropped. I was only sixteen at the time, and I couldn’t really stop them from doing it.” She looked at Leda with pleading eyes. “Once in a while I would go to the Shambles, in disguise, and I gave her father money. I made sure she had enough.”

“He spent most of it on alcohol,” Leda retorted.

Marietta nodded. “I know, but I always made sure to buy food, and I hoped he would save some of it to buy her something.”

“And now what? Have your family decided to take her back?” Leda hated the idea. It would devastate the poor girl to know that she was born to a woman of the Oswald family and that everything that Clarissa had was also rightfully hers.

“No, I don’t think they would do that. Even if the story came out, they would deny it. I’m here because I want to ask you well… I know you said you wouldn’t apprentice anyone from our family, I understand, but please consider helping Eylion. I just want to do right by her in some way. I have the money. I can make it worth it. Just name your price, I’ll pay.”

“I don’t need money,” Leda said coldly. She had mixed feelings. On the one hand, she understood that this woman could do little when she was sixteen, and she knew that the help she had given Eylion all her life was more than any other person in her family had given her, but she was also disgusted with the information she had just been given. A mother giving up her baby like that, for what? A family reputation? If she regretted her actions, it was still she who made a mistake, not Eylion. It would seem that Eylion was being blamed and punished for her own birth. Thinking of Eylion, it made her sick to her stomach to think that her mother didn’t even want to know her.

“I will apprentice her,” Leda said, making the woman look up, eyes full of tears. “But I’m doing it because I genuinely care about Eylion, and I want her to succeed in life.  I do not need money, nor do I want it. If you want to help Eylion, you will set aside money for her in a trust that she can access when she is done with her apprenticeship.” She got up, and feeling sorry for the Marietta she gently wiped some of her tears away with her thumb. “I’ll teach her everything she needs to know, and I will provide for her until she has finished her apprenticeship.”

“Thank you!” Marietta let out a sigh of relief. “I cannot explain how much this means to me. I have lived with this incredible guilt since I was sixteen.”

“But you did not help her once you were old enough,” Leda pointed out.

“No, I… I guess I’m no better than the rest of my family,” said sadly. “I’m a coward too. I know that.”

“You did something, which is more than what can be said for her mother,” Leda said, comforting the younger woman. “Will you set aside money for her future?”

Marietta nodded. “My husband has many contacts at the bank; he can arrange a trust for her tomorrow. If you agree to apprentice her, she’ll have a large sum waiting for her by the time she is done with her apprenticeship.”

“It is a very big secret that you have shared with me,” Leda said, worried. ” A mentor shouldn’t really keep something as big as this from her apprentice.”

“But think about the damage it will do to her? She is much better off not knowing. She has her mother’s brooch, I stole it and gave it to her when she was just a toddler, and she can look at that and think that her mother loved her. Isn’t that much better than to be told that her mother is alive and has never tried to see her? My sister is married; she has other children, she has never been anywhere near the Shambles since her little rebellious streak when she got pregnant. She never talks about her, and she has never tried to contact her in any way.”

“I’m not my sister, but I’m not…” she started crying again. “I didn’t do much for her either. I’m not brave enough. If I were, I would have tried to find a way to be in her life and look after her. When I was a teenager, I would sometimes disguise myself and walk through the Shambles. I’d see her with her father or the old woman next-door, and when she got a bit older, she would play with the other children in the street. But when I was around twenty, and I was about to become an apprentice, I was seen. My family thought it was just a one-time thing and told me never to do it again. They said that if people found me in that part of town, it could ruin my opportunities. So I stopped. Her father would meet me somewhere else to pick up the money I had for him.”

“I will keep the secret, for now. I cannot know what the future will bring, you understand? I agree with you that Eylion would be devastated knowing her origins, and she had come to terms with her mother’s death, but if there comes a time where she questions the story she has been told, I cannot promise that I will not tell her the truth. These kinds of secrets are hard to hide, surely your family knows this? The truth usually finds the light of day, some way or another.”

“I understand,” Marietta agreed. “But right now, she is worried for her father, not her mother. And if she has already accepted that she will never have a mother, perhaps it is better to leave it.” She frowned. “Please don’t think that I am trying to protect my sister. I’m not. I just really do not think that the truth will make Eylion happy. There are people in my family who would do anything to keep it a secret. They would deny it, maybe even try to ruin Eylion’s reputation, which will make life hard for her. Eylion would not be happy knowing she is related to them. Trust me on this.”

“I do,” Leda replied, and she meant it.


Determined to tell Eylion as soon as possible, Leda went inside. She went in the kitchen door where she came from, but when she entered the kitchen, it was empty. Feeling like something was off, she made her way up the old servant stairs to the upper floors.

“Gwen? Aisling? Where are you?”

By intuition, she made her way towards the room Eylion was supposed to be staying in. It was empty. It made her feel uneasy. Where was the girl? She went back into the corridor and saw Gwen hurrying towards her.

“I can’t find her,” they both said at the same time.

“What do you mean you can’t find her,” Leda asked. “You were supposed to look after her.”

“Yes, and we went to her room to check on her, but she was gone. Aisling went to check the library.”

“She’s not in the library,” Leda said, shaking her head. “I put extra protection on that room to keep her out. She wouldn’t even be able to get through the door.” She bit her lip nervously, something she rarely did. “Do you think she ran away? Maybe she didn’t want to stay here.”  It broke Leda’s heart even to think the thought. Was this it? Would she never see her again?

“Don’t be silly. She was happy staying here. She asked if we could go to the forest as planned,” Gwen said, comforting.

“She is not in the house,” Leda said, reaching into the wards with her hands. “I can’t sense her magical energy in the house.”

“Do you use your wards to spy on your guests,” Gwen asked, suspiciously.

“No, I most certainly do not,” Leda said, offended that Gwen would even ask such a thing. “But it is a big house with a lot of valuables, as the mistress of the house, I need to be in control of who is here. I have had intruders before. Anyway, that is not important, what if Eylion really has run away? She will never know that I wanted to mentor her.”

“You want to mentor her?”

“Yes! Of course, I do.”

“But you said…”

“Never mind what I said, Gwen. I say a lot of things. We need to find Eylion.”

She took a moment to think. Where could Eylion be? She couldn’t have gotten far, but she was probably not right outside.

“Brooms!” She exclaimed. “We need brooms. Eylion can’t fly yet.”

“She could have taken a broom.”

“I will kill her if that is true,” Leda threatened. “No, she wouldn’t be that stupid, surely. But we’ll be able to find her easily from the air.”

Gwen and Leda ran downstairs to the entrance hall where Leda had a cupboard where guests could put their broomstick when they came to visit. They both grabbed their broom and ran out of the house, not sure where Aisling was. No sooner were they outside, they kicked off the ground and gained height. They soared a hundred feet up in the air when Gwen shouted:

“There! I see her. She is with three others.”

Leda looked in the direction Gwen was pointing, and sure enough, that was Eylion, facing Clarissa and her gang.

“No, not again,” she muttered, knowing Eylion must have looked for them to get back at them. “Come on. We must stop them before they kill each other.”

From the air, they could see as the spells started firing. Clarissa cast some ugly hexes that Eylion managed to duck, but Leda knew that she would never win this fight if she did not intervene.

“Is that Aisling?” She called to Gwen as she saw a woman running on the ground below them.

“Yeah, it is.” She answered back. “She must have gone out to look for her on foot, but she’ll never make it there in time to stop them from doing real damage.”

They flew as fast as the brooms would take them towards the group of girls, and Leda winced several times as she saw some really bad curses being cast towards her future apprentice. Then a spell hit her, and she fell to the ground.

“STOP!” Leda roared as she came close enough for them to hear her. This distracted Clarissa and her gang, because they stopped hurling hexes just long enough for Eylion to get up from the ground, run towards Clarissa and deliver her a solid knuckle sandwich.

“My nose!” Clarissa cried, holding her nose, blood coming out.

“Oh my,” Gwen said, shocked, just as Aisling joined them, panting.

“You’re welcome!” Eylion said, smirking mischievously. “It looks much better now.”

“You!” Clarissa raged. She readied another curse, a pretty bad one, but Leda cast a protective shield between them, and Clarissa’s curse fizzled out into nothingness.

“Enough!” She glared at all four of the girls. “This has got to stop. You are going against the code. Witches never use magic against other witches unless it is to protect themselves or others from harm.”

“She started it,” Clarissa argued, holding her hand over a bleeding nose. “That little runt. She came to find us; she wanted the fight.”

“You had it coming, you filthy cow!” Eylion yelled, not even denying she was the instigator. Her rage was real, and her magic caused sparks around her. “If you think that I will let you get away with… Hey!” She was interrupted by Aisling lifting her off her feet and hauled her over her shoulder.

“Let me go! Aisling!”

Aisling gave Eylion’s bottom a solid SMACK. “Enough, brat. Not another word.” She looked at Leda. “I should remove this one from the situation, Leda.”

“Just a minute, Aisling, we’ll all go. I don’t intend to be here long.”

“My family will hear about this!” Clarissa said, angrily. “They will want to take action.”

“Fine,” Leda said, crossly. “Then tell them to contact me when they want to chat.”

“You? Why would they contact you.”

“If they have a problem with my apprentice, they can talk to my lawyer and me. They know where to find me.” She turned around and started walking. Then she stopped. “Oh, and one more thing, Miss Oswald, keep in mind that I know which curses and hexes you cast at my apprentice. I am sure those will be considered a lot worse than a punch to the nose, wouldn’t you agree?”

Then, Leda, Gwen and Aisling walked back, with Eylion hanging very limp and unusually silent over Aisling’s shoulder, not saying a word.


When they got back, they all stopped outside the front door of Leda’s house. Eylion was still silent when Aisling placed her down on the ground. Had she heard Leda right? What did she mean “her apprentice”? Her bottom still stung a bit from the slap Aisling had given her. Her palm was hard! She looked up at the three taller witches all looking at her with serious expressions, and for the first time, Eylion truly felt like she was in a lot of trouble.

“Get inside,” Leda said with a steely glare.

Eylion did not argue; she just nodded and hurried inside. The three older witches followed her. When they came into the sitting room, Leda pointed at a chair.


Eylion sat down. She still had not uttered a word. She felt confused, a little excited, and like she was in a world of trouble.

“Well, Eylion, are you happy?” Leda said as they had all taken their seats. “You have now physically injured a witch belonging to one of the most powerful families in the village.”

Eylion lowered her gaze to the floor.

“Answer me.”

“Would you like an honest reply?” Eylion muttered.

“Yes, please.”

“Well… ” Eylion took a deep breath. “Honestly… I feel really happy about giving her a good knuckle sandwich. She needed that.”

There was a loud snort, as Gwen tried and failed to conceal a laugh.

“Gwen!” Leda, admonished. “Do not encourage the girl!”

“Sorry,” Gwen giggled, holding her hands over her mouth.

Eylion smirked a little.

“Do you think this is funny, young lady?” Leda asked, seriously. “What will you do if her family comes after you?”

“But… will they? I mean you lied for me and said you were my mentor, right? So… they wouldn’t dare, would they? If they think I have your protection?”

“You think I lied?” Leda asked, her voice sounding softer.

“Well… yeah… I guess.” Eylion suddenly felt emotional, and she wanted to run out of the room, she wanted to hide. “You know what they say about me. I’m bad news, that’s what they say. They say my father is a drunk, and I’m just a lot of trouble. You’d be crazy to apprentice me.”

“Well, you are wrong, young lady, because I’m going to apprentice you,” Leda said, seriously. It sounded almost commanding and out of place. Eylion’s raised her eyes to meet with Leda’s.


“You heard me. I will be your mentor, and you will be my apprentice. You will stay here, and I will teach you everything you need to know about magic.”

“But… the work?”

“Oh, come on, Eylion. I was never going to make you repay me for buying you clothes.” At this, Leda actually rolled her eyes, and before she could stop herself, she was sharing her feelings with the younger woman, and her friends. Feelings that she had bottled up inside, and they needed to come out.  “I was never going to make you pay me back for the rent either. I told myself I just wanted you to stay so could teach you to control your powers, and I do, but the truth is that I’ve been feeling lonely and I like having you around.” She stopped to take in a slow breath. “I thought… well… I thought I would never apprentice anyone, I had convinced myself I would never want that, and then you came along, and you changed my mind. You have made a difference in my life, and showed me something I was missing. I just needed time to process how I was feeling, and… well… I am done processing now. I have come to my senses. So there.”

Gwen chuckled. “You are so predictable.”  Aisling, who always seemed like such a tough person, wiped a tear from the corner of her eye.

Eylion couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“So… so… I’m going to be an apprentice?”

“Yes,” Leda said, smiling at her.

“For real? I can be a real sorceress?”

“The best in the village. After me, of course.” Then she thought for a moment. She had always assumed that the mentor chose the apprentice, but Eylion had never asked her for an apprenticeship, and she was a free person. She did not have to accept.  “If that is what you want. Do you?”

“Are you begging?” Eylion wiggled her eyebrows, suddenly a lot more cheerful.

“Don’t push.”

“Of course I want to be your apprentice! I would be an idiot not to.”

“So…” Aisling interrupted, “I’m guessing then that you will have no qualms about discipline in the future?”

“Oh no, not at all,” Leda said, turning to Eylion. “If you accept this apprenticeship, that means submitting to my authority. You will follow my rules, and you will obey me or suffer the consequences.” She folded her arms.

“Fine,” Eylion sighed, knowing what was coming next.

“Good,” Leda smiled. “Now, brat, you can get ready for bed.”

“What? But it’s not late,” Eylion protested.

“It is if you have been a naughty, misbehaving witchling. Go get ready, I will be up in a bit, and then we will deal with your misbehaviour before bed.”

“But… but… what do you mean?”

“You disobeyed me.”

“Yes, but…”

“Not once, but three times….”

“What do you mean three times? I only tried the spells, and yeah, okay… I suppose sneaking out and punching Clarissa in the face was wrong, but that was it. Two things.”

Leda gave her a look of pity. “Young lady, do you seriously think that I do not have sensory charms protecting my library? You tried to sneak out some of my spellbooks when I was out for a walk after you almost burned down my house by trying to do magic on your own, I might add.”

“Oh… ” Eylion winced. “Uh oh.”

“Yes, uh oh, indeed.” Leda pointed to the door. “Now you get your butt upstairs, get ready for bed, and I’ll be up in a minute to deal with you.”

“But… when you say deal with me, what… ehm… what do you…”

“It means I’m going to spank you.”

“What? No, it doesn’t.”

“Your disobedience put you in danger, and now I’m going to put you across my knee.”

“You cannot be serious. You can’t spank me.”

“I am dead serious, girl.”

“But I have never been spanked before.”

“It’s about time,” Gwen mumbled, across the room, and Aisling snorted.

“Young lady, this is the witch way. Disobedient witchlings get spanked, so you better get used to it. Get upstairs and get ready.”

Eylion looked like she was about to argue.

“Now.” Leda gave her “the look”, it was a look she had stolen from her mentor and practised in case she needed it herself one day. It was the look that told the receiver they were in big trouble. It was the look she, herself, had been on the receiving end of many times, and usually right before she was about to get her bottom soundly spanked.

Eylion swallowed nervously. “Okay… I’m going. I’m going.” She hurried out of the room and could be heard as she ran up the stairs.

Leda turned to her friends, who both looked at her with approval.

“I’m proud of you,” said Aisling.

“I knew you would finally come around,” Gwen said, grinning. “I never understood your reluctance to apprentice someone.”

“You would if you had had my experiences with a bratty witchling,” Leda said, narrowing her eyes at Gwen.

“Are you talking about me?”

“Yes,” Leda said dryly.

“Leda, how many times do I have to apologise? I am sorry I turned you into a donkey. It was over seventy years ago. When are you going to let that one go?”


“What made you change your mind?” Aisling asked.

“Well… I just met someone, and we had a talk.” Leda didn’t really feel like sharing the information of Eylion’s parentage just now. She might share it with her friends in the future, but right now, it was fresh, and she wasn’t sure what to do with this new information. “Besides, I don’t think I needed to “change my mind”, I probably would have ended up apprenticing her anyway, I just needed to gather my thoughts.” She chewed her lip pensively. “I know this is the right thing for me. For us.”

“She will be a handful though,” muttered Gwen.

“Urgh… don’t remind me.” Leda dramatically held her hand against her forehead. “But I suppose she won’t be as difficult as you were that age, so I think I can manage.”


As Leda walked down the corridor towards the room Eylion was staying in she knew what she had to do. She was ready to be strict and firm as she delivered the punishment, and she was ready to take the younger woman into her arms and comfort her when it was all over. That was, after all, what Andromeda used to do whenever she had been punished; though Leda thought smugly, she, herself, would never have cast dragon fire by accident. Andromeda probably would have killed her. And she shuddered to think what Andromeda would have done if she had punched another witchling on the nose. She wondered what would happen if Eylion and Andromeda met. It would probably happen one day, but for now, Andromeda was far away, and there was no use worrying over something that could be years away. She would have to deal with it when it happened.

When she entered the room, she saw that Eylion had already gotten into bed, pretending to be asleep.

“Get up. I know you’re awake.”

“Oh, but I’m so comfy here,” Eylion sighed.

“Well, you are not going to be “comfy” over my knee, that is for sure.” Leda pulled the comforter off Eylion and found the brat in her pyjamas. She grabbed her upper arm and pulled her out of bed. Then she sat down on the edge of the bed, and she was about to pull Eylion over her lap when the younger woman winced in pain. Leda let go of her immediately.

“Are you okay? What was that?”

“My side hurts a lot from one of Clarissa’s spells. Can you please heal it before you make me hurt again?”

“I… of course, why didn’t you say anything?” Leda pulled her gently closer and pulled up her pyjama top. “And I’m giving you a spanking; I’m not going to injure you, just so you know.”

“I know, I’m just playing. Owwww!” She winced again as Leda felt her rib with her fingers.

“That is a fractured rib. Again. I just healed you from a similar injury. That Clarissa likes to break bones, doesn’t she?” She placed her hand over Eylion’s side and muttered a spell, numbing the area. “And I bet that trip over Aisling’s shoulder hurt too.”

“Yeah, it did, but I was quickly distracted when she slapped my butt! Hard.” Eylion pouted.

“She did? I didn’t see that” Leda commented, smirking a bit. “Bet that stung, didn’t it, missy? I happen to know she has a solid palm.”

“I think I have a red mark!”

“Well, we’ll soon find out if you do,” Leda said, casting the healing charm to fix the younger woman’s rib. “There we go, that should take care of that. Does it feel better? Do you have any other injuries?”

“My bottom stings a bit…” Eylion said pouting.

“Well, it’s going to sting even more. Tonight you are going to bed with a red and sore bottom,” Leda said, lifting Eylion’s chin with her index finger, so she looked directly into the brat’s blue eyes.

“But… what if I say that I am really, really sorry?” Eylion asked, giving Leda an innocent look.

“You will be really, really sorry,” Leda said, raising her eyebrow. “You can’t just say sorry to get out of punishment.”

“But I’m new to all of this. I’m not used to all these rules. Maybe we can start again, and then I’ll be better.”

“You will take your punishment, you will learn your lesson, and then we can start again, and yes, you will do better.”

“Come here,” she said, pulling the younger woman into her arms into a hug. She held her tight and let Eylion relax, leaning into her shoulder. “I care about you. You know that, right?”

“Do I?”

“Yes, you do. You are important to me. I never thought I would ask someone to be my apprentice, but I chose you. That is not something I would do lightly; it means something. It means that you are special to me.” She rubbed the younger woman’s back lightly. “And know that I’m not going to cuddle you like this every time you get in trouble, brat. You’ll find that the hugs usually comes after a punishment, but I realise that this is a first for you, and you are worried that I won’t like you when you misbehave.”

“Uh-huh.” Eylion nodded.

“I will not like the misbehaviour, but that doesn’t mean that I do not like you. Every mentor knows that witchlings mess up from time to time; it is just what they do. Taking on an apprentice witchling, teaching her, it takes a commitment. Part of my commitment to you is discipline.”

“I’m okay if you want to overlook that part,” Eylion mumbled into Leda’s shoulder, still hugging her.

“Most witchlings are,” Leda chuckled. “But unfortunately there must be consequences for bad behaviour. Magic is dangerous, very dangerous. I will teach you dangerous things, but I cannot do that if I do not have control over you. I am responsible for you and for what you do with what I teach you. A lot of young witches complain that they have more rules and restrictions than others, that we mentors are harder on them, but they do not realise the dangers of witches out of control.”

Leda pushed Eylion gently back up so they had eye contact.

“I am the mentor, you answer to me, do you understand?”

“Yes,” Eylion nodded.

“What you did today, practising unknown magic alone, using a spell you didn’t understand, it was extremely dangerous. You could have really hurt yourself, and we were lucky it was only the bed.”

“It was a really expensive bed,” muttered Eylion.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Yes, it does,” Eylion said, looking sad.

“Not to me, I won’t notice the expense.”

“But that bed probably costs more than…”

“Look at me,” Leda said, forcing Eylion to look deep into her eyes. “It doesn’t matter. You are much more valuable than any four-poster-bed. Much more valuable. And, to be honest, you’ll probably destroy more things while practising magic, but it’s just things, things can be replaced. I cannot replace you if you accidentally kill yourself by using magic in an unsafe way.”

Eylion nodded.

“So… can you please tell me why you are getting punished?”

“But we just…”

“We discussed one thing, yes, but let’s make a list. How many things have you done today that is cause for discipline?”

“Well… the fire spell and destruction of your property, that is one thing, I guess.”


“And sneaking out of the house to deliver Clarissa a knuckle sandwich. That makes two.”


“And what???”

“The library?”

“Oh, yeah… alright.” Eylion put her hands in her pyjama pockets and shrugged with her shoulders. “I might have tried to break into your library once you told me I wasn’t allowed to read any spellbooks for a week.”

“So that is three? Anything else I should know about?”

Eylion looked at Leda with glazed eyes.

“Come on… tell me.”

“Umh… last night… I snuck into the kitchen and stole food to store in my room. I’m sorry.”

“What? Why?” Leda frowned at this last piece of information.

“Cuz… there was so much of it, and sometimes I don’t have any. I just… I like to know I have some around, but… I shouldn’t have… well… ya know… stolen it.”

“Honey, you can take food from the kitchen whenever you want. It’s not stealing if you live here. A girl has got to eat.” Leda got up and put her arms around Eylion. “You don’t have to worry about food ever again, okay? You will never have to go hungry. I promise to feed you. Okay?”

“Okay. I’m sorry I was sneaky about it. I should have just said something.”

” Don’t be sorry about that. I understand. But if you need to store some in your room, at least tell me so I can put a spell on it, so it keeps fresh.”

Leda made a mental note to never even threaten to send Eylion off to bed without supper. She would never have actually used that as an actual punishment,  but sometimes people would make jokes about this. There had been times where Andromeda, jokingly, had said “Watch it, my girl, or I will make you go to bed without supper!” but she never meant it, and for a wealthy girl like Leda, it was never a threat. But for a girl like Eylion, who had experienced having to go hungry because there wasn’t any money for food, it was not a funny joke.

“Okay, I think we better just get on with it, hmmm?” She gently guided Eylion around to her right side and instructed her to get over her lap. The brat did as she was told without making a fuss. Seeing the brat lying there over her lap, bottom in the air, tore a little at Leda’s heartstrings. She knew discipline was important, but after hearing that Eylion had hidden food because she was afraid of starving, just made her want to hold her close and cuddle her. But nobody ever said delivering a spanking was easy for the mentor. With her left hand securely on Eylion’s waist and her left hand resting on her bottom, Leda said,

“Are you ready?”

“Umh… ya, I think so,” Eylion said, sounding a little nervous. “I just want this over with.”

“I will spank you on top of your pyjama bottoms first, but then I will pull them down and spank you on your bare bottom.”

“Must you? That’s embarrassing! And I am already embarrassed as it is.”

“You don’t have anything I haven’t seen before,” Leda reminded her. “And yes, I must. A proper spanking is given on a bare bottom. Embarrassment is part of the punishment, I’m afraid.” She patted the girl lightly on the bottom with her hand. “I also think you have earned some swats with a paddle, missy.”

“I’m not going to survive this, am I?” Eylion sighed.

“Oh, hush. I would never give you a punishment you couldn’t handle. This is meant as a correction; I’m not going to damage you.” She rubbed Eylion’s bottom with her hand. “Right then, my girl, I think it’s time we deal with you.”

And with that, she raised her arm and brought it down, swatting the younger woman’s backside. She started somewhat slow and not too hard, making sure that Eylion could feel it, but that she didn’t overwhelm her with pain from the very start. She intended to give the girl a proper lesson, but she would need to give her a warm-up. She slapped Eylion’s bottom, changing between right and left buttock. She gradually increased the force, feeling the younger woman squirmed a little over her lap. So far, she took her spanking well, but she knew there would be more squirming and protests once she bared her bottom.

She had some experience spanking people. She had spanked Gwen a couple of times. And she had some experience spanking her lovers in the past, but that was not for discipline. Not real discipline anyway. She once had a female lover who wanted to role play discipline, but that was different. She didn’t feel upset about spanking a lover, because they wanted that. With Eylion, it was different. Leda had to teach her discipline, so she didn’t use magic to cause havoc. Witches and wizard had immense power compared to the mortals around them. It was only too easy for a person to cause serious damage to others, or even to themselves. But Leda had been on the receiving end of discipline too! She had plenty of experience being spanked by Andromeda over the years. She had never been as naughty as Gwen, but that did not mean Andromeda never had to take her in hand. And whereas Gwen got minor punishments more often, when Leda messed up, she usually had done something to really displease her mentor. Andromeda had been a strict mentor, she was firm, but she could also be very loving.

After having given the girl a proper warm-up, Leda stopped. She put her thumbs in the waistline of her pyjama bottoms and tugged.

“No…” Eylion protested, bringing her hand back to stop her.

Leda grabbed her hand. “Stop. We talked about this. A proper spanking is given on a bare bottom, so you might as well get used to it.” She pushed the brat’s hand away and continued to tug down her pyjama bottoms to her knees. She could see pink skin under her white cotton panties before she lowered them too. She allowed the brat a little break and rubbed her hand over her bottom. It was only slightly pink, but she would make sure the colour was a lot darker before she was finished. She also rubbed the brats back for a while. She might be coddling her too much, but this was her first spanking, and Leda didn’t want to scare the girl.

When she could feel that the brat was calm again, she slowly started spanking her on her bare bottom. Her spanks her a little sharper now. Eylion yelped at the first one. It caught her by surprise.

“Ow. That hurt.” And then at another one. “Oh!”

Leda continued delivering stinging swats to the brats backside. “Nobody said punishment was a walk in the park. And you have earned this spanking!”

Her hand rained down swats to the young woman’s bottom with more force and speed now, and Eylion was finding it harder to lie still. Leda gripped more tightly around her waist as she held her tight and used her right hand to slap her reddening bottom.

“Oww! I’m sorry, I’ll be good,” the brat pleaded. “It stings!”

“It–is–supposed–to–sting,” Leda said, following each word with a sharp SMACK. She peppered the younger women’s entire backside, giving extra attention to the place where the bottom meets the thigh. It would sting when she sat down.

Then Leda stopped, and she rubbed the poor girl’s bottom softly. And again, rubbing her back, allowing her to calm down.

“I’m going to let you up now,” she said gently. “But… I still think you deserve some swats with a paddle. To really bring the message home.”

“Nooo… please. I have learnt my lesson!” Eylion whined as Leda helped her up.

Eylion stood before her, rubbing her backside furiously while Leda still sat on the bed. The brat had completely forgotten about how embarrassed she was about being naked from the waist down because she seemed not to notice her pyjama bottoms and panties had fallen off and were lying on the floor.

“Come here,” Leda said, grabbing Eylion’s arm and gently guiding her towards a corner in the room. “You will stand here, facing the corner while I go get something. Do not move, understood?”

Eylion opened her mouth to speak, pointing to the lower part of her pyjamas lying on the floor.

“You will not need those right now,” Leda said sternly. “Get in the corner, place your hands behind your back, and do not move until I say you can come out.” She gave Eylion a look that said she better not disobey.

The brat nodded and allowed herself to be guided into the corner.

Leda left her there, and once in the hallway, she looked back inside to make sure the brat stayed put. The girl stood obediently facing the corner, her red, spanked bottom on display.

Leda made her way back to Eylion’s first bedroom, where the remains of the four-poster-bed lay on the floor. Looking through the remains of what had been a really expensive bed (but she would never tell Eylion its cost), she managed to find a piece of wood that wasn’t completely burnt. She held the dark wood in front of her and levitated it, so it floated in the air in front of her. Then she used her magic to cut the wood in the shake of a paddle. She shaped the handle, so it perfectly fit her hand, and the board of the paddle was long enough to cover Eylion’s entire backside. The paddle was not very thick, but it was solid. The bed Eylion and ruined was good quality wood. She knew she was creating a very stingy implement that she would have to use carefully, and she would not use this paddle all the time. However, there was something symbolic about creating an implement of discipline out of the debris of Eylion’s mistake.

After using her magic to polish the wood smooth, she tested it on her thigh. It carried a sting, alright. She would have to be careful with this, but she had to admit, she did a good job. She brought the paddle with her back to the room where Eylion stood waiting for her. She was pleased to find a red backside facing her when she came back into the room. The brat had obeyed.

“Eylion,” she said, approaching the younger woman.

Eylion turned around to see the paddle.

“That?! You are going to hit me with that????”  She gaped in shock, and her hand instinctively covered her backside. “Where did you even get such a thing?”

“I just made it,” Leda said, examining her craftsmanship proudly. “I made it from some of the undamaged wood of the bed you burnt.”

“So… you made a paddle from the bed I ruined? And now you plan to spank me with it?”


“This is a very odd punishment.” Eylion pouted.

“Eylion,” Leda said, looking seriously at the girl. “Do you trust me?”


“Do you feel safe with me?”

Eylion though for a while.

“Well… yeah.”

“Do you think that I would harm you.”

“You spanked me, and you want to spank me with that paddle.”

“Yes, but you didn’t answer the question. Do you think that I would harm you? Do you feel like I have harmed you by disciplining you?”

“No… I mean… my backside hurts.”

“I bet it does. But do you feel unsafe?”

Eylion shook her head. “I feel very safe with you. I don’t think you will harm me.”

“Good… now that we have that settled.” Leda put the paddle down on the bed. “Look… any implement in the wrong hands can do a lot of damage. Yes, this paddle can harm someone. So can a hairbrush, or a belt. I could harm someone with my hand. And I especially could harm someone with my magic. The question is: Would I do that to you?”

Eylion shook her head. “No… no, you wouldn’t.”

“This paddle can deliver a sting, but it will not be used excessively, you have my word. It is meant for discipline, responsible discipline. It will not be used all the time, and when I do use it, I will not use it in any way that will harm you.” She gently brushed some of Eylion’s hair behind her ear. “Tonight you will receive six swats with this paddle, and then your punishment will be over.”


“And in the future… you will never attack someone with your magic. Do you hear me?”


“You can protect yourself or others, but you will never use your magic to attack another person first.”

“Yeah… okay…”

“And that goes for hitting someone as well!” Leda said sternly. “No punching people in the face. No apprentice of mine will shame herself or me by being the instigator of violence!”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Good.” Leda grabbed the paddle. “Then you, my dear, can bend over the bed. Your punishment is almost over. I will give you six swats with this paddle. They will hurt, but you have my word that I will never use it in malice.”

Putting her hand gently on the small of Eylion’s back, Leda gently guided her towards the bed and had her bend over.

Leda placed herself on the left side of Eylion, placing her hand on the small of her back. She held the paddle up, touching Eylion’s bottom lightly with it. The brat winced as she felt the cold wood against her already stinging backside. Then Leda lifted her arm.

SMACK! The first blow landed firmly, and Eylion winced. It hurt, but Leda had been careful not to use too much force.


“Ow! Owwie.” Eylion moved her legs, trying to shake out the sting in her bottom.



“Only three more to go now,” Leda said taking a break. She inspected Eylion’s bottom for bruises, gently rubbing her hand over the red skin. “Good girl. Almost done.”

She picked up the paddle and delivered the last three swats. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! After each swat, Eylion winced and let out a little squeal. After it was over, Leda threw the paddle on the bed and took Eylion into her arms. “Good girl, it’s all over now.”  There were a few tears running down the girl’s face, but from Leda’s own experience that was often because a punishment spanking could be an emotional experience. It wasn’t always the pain that caused the tears.

Leda brought back the covers on Eylion’s bed, and they both got in. Leda holding Eylion close, cuddling her and letting her cry a little.

“Did I beat you that hard?” She joked while wiping away her tears.

“No… I’m not crying because of the pain. It’s something else…” Eylion said. “Though my ass hurts a lot!”

Leda smiled at her. She kissed the brat on the forehead.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

Eylion sniffed.

“Well… I suppose… this is going to sound really stupid…”

“Try me.” Leda winked at her. “I have heard my fair share of stupid. I have known Gwen for a long time.”

Eylion giggled.

“Well… I got emotional because well… I suppose when you disciplined me, I finally realised that I’m going to be your apprentice. And I felt like I have someone now. I’m not alone.”

“Honey, you will never be alone again.”

“And I feel like with you on my side I have a future. I’ve never felt like I had much of a future. I never had anyone who took the time to discipline me because they want me to be the best that I can be. Life in the Shambles can be rough. We grew up thinking we were nothing and that we would always just be… well… nothing.”

“You are not nothing. You never were, Eylion. You are a very special person.”


“Absolutely.” Leda got up and tucked the covers around her new apprentice. “I have a very special feeling about this. You will be a great witch one day. You are not a nobody, you are important! Not just to me, you will be important to others as well. You and I will train, you will be a great witch, and you will show everyone who ever doubted you that they were wrong. I know this.”

“I’m going to be much better than that Clarissa idiot. I don’t care who her family is; she’s not better than me!”

“No, she’s not. She is an idiot from an idiot family!” Leda suddenly looked angry.

“Whoa! What was that all about?” Eylion looked surprised at Leda. She never thought she would hear anything like that from her.

“Nothing… I just… I don’t like that family. They hurt someone I love.”

The End.




To those who want me to get spanked…

I know a lot of you are patiently waiting for an update from me. I promise it won’t be long until updates will be my priority! In the meantime, Emma has written a story called Ash Getting Me Into Trouble (sigh). The real title is actually Emma Gets Distracted From Her Chores And Blames Ash, but… she won’t admit that.

Anyway… it turns out that Emma and I went to the same university at the same time, and that we even knew some of the same people! So Emma wrote a story where we are both characters renting from the same landlady. It’s a really good story and you should definitely check it out.

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